Hi Roxanne,

I am so happy I decided to work with you.  In the past two weeks I’ve sponsored 3 new people into my business and have 4 new customers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Carol J.


I’ve known Roxanne Green through her work for Tom “BIG AL” Schreiter for several years and this Pro really knows her stuff! She’s a tremendous help and resource to me! Take her classes if you have any interest in growing your business online!

Sue Mazza



You really should raise your rates. I am so happy to finally be doing the things that actually WORK instead of everything I’ve been doing to try to build my business.  I can already see that people are treating me differently now that I have learned how to social network. I’m glad I decided to work with you.

Neil S.


Roxanne has made learning to work online simple for someone like me who sometimes just doesn’t get it.  She can explain things in a way that simple and understandable.  Have found her more than willing to answer questions and to be helpful.  Love it “When people say what they mean and mean what they say.”  That is Roxanne.

Phyllis Turpen


Roxanne has been a valuable source of business knowledge for me over the years I have known her.
She is very committed to her work as well as the people she coaches.
You can’t go wrong with her, I truly recommend her to anyone, serious about building a profitable business.

Tilly M.


I’ve known Roxanne for a little around 10 years. During this time we grew from being Professionals to having a friendship. In the beginning, we were in different marketing companies then somehow got into the same company. Since then we’ve always kept in touch both professional and personal.

When I was in a slump in my business, I needed help. I could have gone to my sponsor or upline, but I asked Roxanne. She was “sideline” to me and I didn’t know if she would help since there wasn’t a financial gain for her but she was having a LOT of success. Roxanne has a very unique way of getting through to someone, different from all the other coaches I’ve talked with. Most of the coaches, from my own experience, want to know what’s in it for them…

“Should I get him to join my biz op then “help” him? What’s the most money he has so I can “really” help him? What other products/services can I “push” to REALLY help (even though he doesn’t need it)?” Ever have a coach ask you a variance of these questions? Did you ever feel the other coach(es) were silently asking themselves those questions?

Roxanne is different. She actually DOES care and only offers her products, and services ONLY if there’s a “right” fit. Not an “assume the sale” fit.

Roxanne Green is the ONLY business coach I would recommend! Her products and services work, and she’s not afraid to show you how.

Thanks Roxanne!

Scott Lucas


Roxanne Green has worked in a home based virtual assistant capacity for FortuneNow.com from 2006 to 2012.  Roxanne was responsible for various tasks including, but not limited to:

Customer service via telephone and email
Website support services (Built and maintained online member site and product catalog)
Search engine optimization
Social networking plan implementation
Fulfillment and shipping of orders
Formatting and sending of mass emails
Email list management

I am very pleased with the service Roxanne has provided my company over the past six years.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


I hired Roxanne to help me get my business organized and up and running.  She is excellent at getting people headed in the right direction.  I will definitely be retaining her services in the future as needed.

Karen Johnston


Roxanne Green has worked in a home based virtual assistant capacity for my company in the UK from August – December 2012. Roxanne was responsible for various tasks including, but not limited to:

Website support services
Search engine optimization
Social networking plan implementation
Email list management

I am very pleased with the service Roxanne has provided my company over the past five months.

Bernie De Souza


Roxanne worked for me in a virtual assistant capacity from September to November 2012 to help me with a few projects.  She helped me with my social media strategy, phone calls and website challenges.  Everything she has done for me up to this point has been appreciated as I respect her knowledge and abilities.

Jerry “DRhino” Clark



You know how you can get stopped by a single block, something that may be so simple but without which you cannot move forward?  Well, I was stopped by being unable to formulate my “about me” statement for Facebook, Linked-in, and whatever other social spaces I care to use for my network marketing business.

After a V.I.P. day with Roxanne, I had the statement done and can go forward with my blog and Facebook work.  We also identified a couple of my target markets.  I was way off on one of them and Roxanne showed me how to find that out.  Also, she helped me be confident in identifying target markets that mirror my every day life interests.  I find her coaching sessions very valuable as well as her online technical expertise.  I’m looking forward to moving ahead on my particular unique brand of marketing that is not only different from everyone else, but is most fun for me to do.  Roxanne has helped me increase my confidence in being successful in my business.

Thank you, Roxanne!

Wendy Weber, the Singing Network Marketer



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