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Do You Think Your Job is Secure?

It is with much sadness I write this post to you today, Christmas, 2011.

I am the type of person who thinks she can “save the world”.  I always try my best to help others.  Today I ran into an old friend.  For the past few years, I’ve been talking with this friend about starting her own home business.  She’s my facebook friend and she sees my posts on there talking about creating an income from home.  For this post I will call her Nancy.  Nancy had a decent job.  She was making enough money to add to her husband’s income and help make a pretty good life for their family.

Every time I even mentioned helping her create an additional income from home, Nancy reminded me that she didn’t need a “Plan B” because she had a good job and her husband had worked for the same company since he graduated high school.

It’s been about 6 months since I talked with Nancy.  She told me today that things are really bad for her this year.  Her husband lost his job.  The company just went out of business.  No notice to employees or anything.  For a while they stayed afloat with their savings, his unemployment and her income.  Then, about a month or so later, Nancy’s employer fired her.  Because NY is an “at will” employment state, an employer can fire you at any time for any reason or for no reason.  When her unemployment hearing came up, the employer came up with all kinds of BS that were the supposed reasons behind her firing, although she had heard from other employees that the company just wanted to get rid of the higher paid employees to cut costs.    Needless to say, she did not get unemployment.

So…here Nancy and her husband are today with 2 kids and very little income.  His unemployment barely pays the rent and keeps food on the table and the electric on.   They have both been looking for jobs, but jobs are few and far between.  At this point, coming up with even $60 to start her own home business is out of the question.  They are looking for a smaller place because even though they get her husband’s unemployment, they make too much to qualify for any assistance from the state.  Therefore, they have to move to a smaller place so they can keep food on the table.

My mother always said “Hindsight’s 20/20”.  If Nancy had started her own business a year ago when she and her husband still had jobs, they would NOT be in this situation today.  At this point, there isn’t much I can do to help her.  She has to be willing to invest something into owning her own business.  I could have gotten her started for less than $100 when they had “good jobs” and “good income”.  But…unfortunately, Nancy didn’t think she needed to plan for “just in case”.

So…what is your plan?  What if your “good job” disappears?  What will you do?  Do you have anything in place to help out?  If you need a Plan B, contact me and I will be happy to help.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

How to Find a JOB in Today’s Economy

This post is PART ONE of a series

There are many people out there who are not good candidates to be self employed and need a job. This post is for you.

I don’t care how bad people claim the economy is. There are a lot of companies hiring. They may not be paying what you are used to. For example, you may have to work for $10 per hour instead of $12, but $10 is better than ZERO. Working for any amount of money is better than laying around on unemployment being a bum. So…let’s get started.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You have no job. Maybe you just graduated school or maybe you lost your job due to unforeseen circumstances. Maybe you are just looking for a new job because you hate the one you have now. Whatever the reason, you are looking for a new job.

First identify what you would like to do. Search online for companies in your area. Look through the phone book. Look around as you’re driving down the road and see if any companies come to mind as a place you would like to work. Let’s say you love shoes. Well…start with the local shoe stores. You may not make a lot of money, but you will probably get a really good discount on something you like to buy anyway. This post isn’t about making a ton of money, it’s about step ONE – getting a job and getting some cash flow. Once you find a job, you can always look for something better.

Once you’ve identified a few companies at which you would like to work, you are ready for step two. Go to each of these companies and fill out an application. DO NOT ASK IF THEY ARE HIRING. This is very important. All companies accept applications and resumes whether they are hiring or not. No one can tell the future. They don’t know if perhaps someone will die tomorrow, leaving them with an opening. Or maybe someone quits. Or maybe the punk kid who loves to defy authority will punch the boss in the nose and end up in jail, leaving an opening. See what I mean? This is why you never wait until there is an opening to apply.

When you hand in your application, ask if there is someone you can talk to about it. If no one is available right then, ask who the hiring manager is. Write down their name and direct phone number or extension. This person will be one of your new best friends.

Every 3 to 4 days (once per week MINIMUM), call the hiring manager. Let him or her know that you filled out an application (or submitted a resume) on whatever date you did it. Tell them you just wanted to make a quick call to see if any openings have come up. Keep this call short unless the hiring manager asks you questions. If that happens, answer the questions as clearly and quickly as possible. Don’t go off on a tangent or chit chat. If they are asking you questions, that means there is a reason for it. Maybe they know an opening is coming up.

You never want to “pop in” without an appointment. Here is why you should call as opposed to walking in. Let’s say you applied at a store where the hiring manager works in a visible position. You walk in and say “Hi – I’m Joe Smith and I filled out an application on (date). I wanted to touch base and see if you anticipate any openings coming up in the near future.” Mr./Ms. Hiring Manager is not prepared for you at that point. They will most likely be polite and say there are no openings right now. You go on your merry way and the person who is scheduled for the next shift doesn’t show up. The hiring manager thinks “HHMMM…I should call that person who came in to check on their application. But…I have 50 applications here and don’t remember his name. He has brown hair. I can picture his face, but his name escapes me.” and they go to the pile of 50 applications and may not come across yours before they find someone else willing to work.

However, if you call, managers are already predisposed to have a pen and paper handy when taking a phone call. When taking your call, they will write down your name. This extra step of writing your name down will help them remember it. Now when the person who is scheduled for the next shift doesn’t show up, the hiring manager thinks “OH – Joe Smith has been calling. Let me pull his application and call him. He seems like someone who actually WANTS to work.” Your NAME will be on their mind instead of your FACE. (CAUTION: This will only work if you call on a regular basis. If you call one day and don’t call again for a month, it will not work. You MUST be consistent.)

Don’t forget – you identified a few companies in step one. The more companies you have in the pipeline, the better. Let’s say you choose 10 companies. You can take one day per week and call all of them. Keep notes of when you called and with whom you spoke. If you do not actually speak with the hiring manager, keep calling on a daily basis until you speak with them directly. Add one or two new companies per week to the pipeline (or more if you are real serious about getting a job).

NEXT IN THE SERIES – You’ve Got an Interview, Now What?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
What will you do with it?