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How Dare You Charge So Much?

I’m am doing something new with my newsletters and blog.  I will be answering readers’ questions.  Send any questions you have to me at roxanne@roxannegreen.com

I got an email yesterday that I am going to answer here.


You claim to love helping people, but you charge for information.  How can you say that?  I am flat broke and would love to hire you for a strategy session but there’s no way I can.  Why do you have to charge so much?

Upset in CT

Hi Upset,

That’s a great question.  Here is what I’ve realized over the years:

You have two choices.  1.  Pay for someone to help you. or 2.  Take the time to learn what you need to know on your own. 

I chose to go the 2nd route when I first started and decided that since I’m good at researching and pick things up quickly, I could do that.  Boy was I wrong!!  You can learn a lot for free.  But…there is a LOT that people just do not give away.  I realized that if I wanted to be successful, I needed to pay for information and I also needed a coach. 

We all get stuck at times.  Running your business is kind of like being in a marriage.  Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what is really going on.  When you are in the middle of a situation, you really don’t see it clearly.  A coach can get a view from an impartial standpoint.  They can see things that you can’t see.  The same person who sent me the email is on facebook.  I see him all the time posting quotes and not much else.  That is NOT how to use social media to build your business.  If he had spend a measly $12.95 for my facebook class, he would know that. 

Let me ask you…what is your business worth?  Is it worth 12.95 or even 97.00 or even 297.00 to get on track and be making a lot more than that?  What kind of investment are you willing to make into your business?  Because if you are not willing to invest in your business, don’t expect your business to give back to you. 

Every time you look at your iphone or your cable bill or how many times you eat out instead of cooking at home, etc… ask yourself where you can cut back so you can invest in your future.

The second part of my answer…I would LOVE to be able to help the world for free.  However, my family needs to eat and pay bills and have a roof over their head as well.  I would never recommend that you do what you love and not get paid for it.  I teach people how to make money doing what they love.  Not how to go broke and live on the street to do what they love.  How would you feel if I asked you to come to my house and do a whole bunch of work for me for free?  No meals, no money, nothing in return…just do it?  Now…what if 10, 20, or even 30 people were asking you to work for them for free.  Put in a few hours/day at each person’s house doing yard work.  You would think that is a ridiculous proposition. 

So, Upset in CT, I understand where you are coming from.  But…you must be willing to invest in your business or it may never show you a return.