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Seemingly Intelligent People Are Losing Thier Minds

I am amazed at the number of seemingly intelligent people who are acting like they don’t have a shred of common sense. If you are offended by this statement or this post I apologize in advance. This is not meant to “trash” anyone. It’s meant to educate.

In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of emails that go something like this:

THEM: I started a home based business and was told that I would be able to quit my job in no time. But here it is, a year later and all I’m doing is spending money instead of making it.

ME: What are you spending your money on? Why do you think you are not making money?

THEM: I’m spending money buying products from my company so that when I do sponsor someone, I will qualify for bonuses. I’m also spending money advertising. I’m not making money because nothing works me.

ME: First of all, there are MANY free and low cost ways of advertising. You do not need to spend a lot of money advertising. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what those ways are, yes…you will spend money to learn. You need to either spend time learning it on your own or pay someone to help you. It’s that way with anything. If you want to be a teacher, you pay to go to school to learn how. If you want any career and not just a job, you pay to go to school to learn how to do it. If you don’t already know how to build a business, you have to pay to learn how. The question then becomes – Do you pay someone thousands to learn or hundreds? Just like going to college, it’s an investment in your future.

THEM: Why should I pay more money to learn how to market? Nothing has worked so far.

ME: That’s exactly why you should make the investment into learning how to market. Once you learn it, you can implement it forever. Think of it as an investment into your future, not spending money on something that is getting you nowhere like you’ve been doing.

I really am surprised at the number of people who honestly think they can start a home based business with NO EXPERIENCE OR EDUCATION and be replacing their income in no time. It seems these same people would think they could become a doctor just out of high school with no education.

What is Holding You Back?

I got asked a question the other day and wanted to answer it here on my blog.  Thank you CJ for the question and permission to answer it here in a blog post.


I am trying to build a home based business but seem to be getting nowhere.  No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get ahead.  Everyone says the economy is too bad and no one is spending money right now.  Do you think that’s what the problem is?  If so, what can I do about it?


CJ, In order to help you, I need a little more information.  I don’t think the economy is THAT bad.  People are spending money on things they WANT.  There are a lot of businesses thriving right now.  Please answer the following questions for me.

1.  What steps are you taking on a daily basis to build your business?

2.  How many hours per day do you spend on your business?

3.  Is this business your only source of income or do you have a J.O.B. as well?

4.  What is your goal with your business?  Specifically, how much money do you want to be making a year from now and what do you have to do to achieve that?


1.  I am online most of the day talking to people.

2.  I spend 5 to 6 hours per day while my kids are in school on my business.

3.  I do not have a J.O.B.   My husband works and I am a stay at home mom to 2 school age children.  I am hoping to bring extra income into the house so we can give our children a better life.

4.  In a year I would like to be making $10,ooo per month.  In order to do that, between everyone I talk to and everyone they talk to and so on, I need to help 400 people become regular users of my products.


What steps EXACTLY are you taking during that 5 to 6 hours online per day?  I see that your facebook wall has a lot of Farmville and Frontierville posts.  It is very easy for us to fool ourselves into thinking we are being productive when we are really doing a lot of non-productive things.

You have the perfect situation.  You have time while the kids are in school to be working on a business.  You say that you talk to people online.  I’m curious how you are doing that.  I took a look at your public profiles on a couple social spaces and see no reference to the fact that you work from home.  Let’s start with that.  Public online profiles should always reflect the fact that you are working your own business.

In order for you to build this group of 400 people, you probably need to personally bring in at least 50 people over the next year.  Some will just be users of the products and some will want to do this as a business.  That means you need to find about 4 people per month to become regular users of your products.  In order for you to find these 4 people per month, you will probably need to actually present your products and business to around 20 people per month.  That’s less than one person per day.  If you make a goal of presenting your products and/or business to just ONE person per day, Monday through Friday, that’s 20 people per month.

I recommend spending 2 hours of FOCUSED time each day doing activities that will cause people to ask you about your business.  I taught a class recently that shows you exactly how to market online and cause people to come to you and ask “What do you do?”.  This is when you show them your business.  Check out the deeply discounted investment on my Social Networking Group Coaching Program.  This will help you to use the social spaces to actually market your business instead of playing games wondering what you should be doing.

Now…what is holding YOU back? 

I’m not going to go any further into the email correspondence with CJ.  I think you get the picture.  Many of us waste a lot of time each day.  We sit and wonder what to do and end up doing things like playing games or watching videos or just surfing the net.  Why not invest a few hours into learning the PROPER way to talk to people online so you can use your time more effectively?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  What will you do with it?