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More MLM SPAM on Social Spaces

Today seems to be “MLM SPAM day” on social spaces.  I did a couple screen shots to share my “favorite” SPAM with you.  These showed up in my newsfeed today among MANY others.



HHMMM…you thought the ENTIRE GROUP would be perfect for the 2 – 5 people you supposedly could invite??  Interesting…



MLMspam57EVERYBODY gets paid and NO ONE is left out?  WOW…sounds like one of “those things” that will attract the people who want to sign up, do nothing and get paid.  ( I know for a fact that the person who posted this one is having NO success because they contacted me saying “social space marketing doesn’t work”.  It doesn’t work for THEM because they are doing it wrong.)



MLMspam58The same status was posted by two DIFFERENT people at the exact same time via HootSuite.  These people never even visit the group so they have no idea that their scripted SPAM is found out.  One of these two is also wondering why they are struggling so hard to build their business using social spaces.





And…the honorable mention goes to this next one!  This one goes one better than sign up, do nothing and get paid.  They are going to PAY YOU and you never have to spend a dime!!  Let me ask you…if no one ever spends a dime…WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM????


This is only a very small fraction of the spammy status updates that came through my newsfeed today.  Are you marketing like this?

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What to do if What You Are Doing Isn’t Working

Many times when building a business, we get stuck in a rut.  We keep doing the things that our upline or the trainers we listen to tell us work.  But…it’s just not working.  People aren’t buying.  They aren’t signing up.

It’s a viscous cycle that so many entrepreneurs are stuck in.

2013-05-26 11.13.39

Listen to upline or trainer calls  ==> Do What They Say & Have Minimal Success ==> Listen to more upline or trainer calls ==> Repeat

Are you stuck in a cycle like this?

When we get stuck in life, it’s important to interrupt the pattern.  Break out of it.  Break free.

Go back to basics.

What do I mean by that?

Sometimes we just need to wipe the slate clean.  Forget about everything we’ve learned so far and go back to the basics.  Many times, we THINK we are implementing what we learned, but in reality, we’ve put our own twists and spins on it over time.  I can’t tell you how many times someone has come to me after going through one of my trainings and said “I’m doing everything you said and it’s not working”  I go to their social space profiles and they are doing one or two things I said, but everything else is going totally against what I teach.

You can’t do it half assed.

If what you are doing isn’t working…go back to basics and start over.   When someone takes my training I tell them to forget everything they have learned so far and everything they have been doing.  Once we have a clean slate, we can move forward properly.

Are you ready to go back to basics?


Facebook Marketing Module Only

Some of my readers have emailed telling me the 4 course Social Space Marketing is just too much info.  It seems the general consensus is that you want just the Facebook module for now.

You asked…I delivered!  After checking out the course, CLICK HERE to order JUST the facebook module.  I’ll also include the beginning of week 2 where I answer questions from week 1.  This is a LIMITED TIME offer.  If the link is gone, I’m sorry.


If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Doing It Wrong

Social Space Marketing, that is!

It should be fun.  If it seems tedious and boring to you, then you are doing it all wrong.

I’ve been teaching social space marketing for a few years now and here’s the bottom line:

Those who implement what I teach are having fun and having success.

Those who do not implement, are not having fun or success.

When you do something day after day that is boring, you won’t continue with it.  But, if you can take the time to set things up properly and have fun from then on, you will look forward to doing the thing that is fun on a daily basis.

Sign up today and learn how to make social space marketing fun, easy and profitable!


**UPDATE**  Some of you who know the colored personalities have emailed me to say things like “I’m “green” and I don’t like to have FUN.  That’s a “blue” thing”.  Every one likes to have fun.  The definition of fun is simply different for different personalities.  You have to be having YOUR kind of fun.

Please leave comments here on the blog instead of emailing them to me so I can answer here.  Generally when one person asks a question, there are others who have the same question but aren’t asking.

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