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Social Networking To Build Your Business

IMAGINE…People asking to buy your product/service or join your business instead of you asking them.

IMAGINE…Never having to “pitch” your product, service or business again, but instead having people wanting to know more about what you do.

Find out how a clearly defined target market and a clear, concise “About Me” statement can help you use social spaces to make sure you never have to “prospect” again.

On this free call, I will show you how to get your product, service or business in front of the right people so you can stop spinning your wheels and finally become profitable.

Stop wasting time on marketing methods that are not working. 

Your time is valuable.  Why waste it?

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What is the Best Social Space to Use to Build a Business

QandAsmallHere is another great question sent in by a newsletter reader.  If you have a question, send it to me at roxanne at roxannegreen.com and put NEWSLETTER QUESTION in the subject line.


You teach social networking to build a business. What is the best social space to use?


J.V. in NJ

Hi J.V.

This is a tricky question.  Social spaces are all over the internet.  The most popular ones are facebook, twitter and pinterest.  But…don’t forget blogging and forums and OPB (other people’s blogs).  The best social space for you will be determined by YOU based on the knowledge you gain about each one.   I give an overview of each one and how to use it in my Social Network Your Way to Cash Self Study Course.

Have an Awesome Day,
Roxanne Green

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business

QandAsmallI have gotten this question from many of you.

Q. How do I use Pinterest to market my business? I don’t understand how “pinning” pictures is supposed to help me in business.

A. Pinterest is about WAY more than pinning pictures. I can look at someone’s pinterest and get a complete overview of who they are and what they are like.

On August 28. 2012 at 7 pm EST, I will be doing an in depth class on how to market your business on Pinterest. We went over the basics in my 6 Week Social Networking Class, but will go more in depth here and cover lots of tips and tricks to maximize your reach on Pinterest.

SIGN UP HERE for the webinar.

Have an Awesome Day,
Roxanne Green

How Do You Find Your Target Market

First, let’s define “Target Market”.  Your target market is your perfect client, customer or business partner.

In order to find them, you must first define them.  Think of your perfect customer, client or business partner.  What do they look like?  What do they do?  What qualities do they posses?  Be specific.  The more specific, the better.  “Someone who wants my product/service/to join my business” is NOT specific enough.  You must define who that person is.  For example, if you have a product that helps regulate blood sugar, your target market would be someone with diabetes.  You might find them in a diabetes support group.

Once you have CLEARLY defined your target market, you can find them easily by asking yourself “Where might this person “hang out” online?

Now that you know who they are and where they hang out, go find them.  DO NOT pitch your product/service/business to them.  Simply interact with them online.  Make sure your profile clearly states what you do and who you are looking for.  Let them ask you once they get to know you.

Want to find out more about social networking to build your business?  It’s not too late to join my 6 Week Social Network Your Way to Cash course.  It’s already underway, but you can listen to the recordings.  (Week two was delayed a week due to a family emergency on my part, so the course will run one week longer than expected.)

It’s Not Too Late…

It’s not to late to join the 6 Week Social Networking Your Way to Cash Course. We had our first class last night, but it is recorded so if you want to get started, you can still join in.

Here is what a couple class participants have told me so far:

WOW Roxanne, I learned so much in the first class.  I can’t wait for the rest of the course.

~ Carol J.

Roxanne, you have a gift for teaching things in a language that is easy for everyone to understand.  Thank you for not “sugar coating” things and telling us the truth about how social space marketing really works.

~ Karen G.

Why not sign up and get started?  It’s such a low investment into your future.  This course will be run again, but will never be offered at this low investment again.  Grab it now.

I hope to see you in our next class.

Have an Awesome Day,
Roxanne Green