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Product Blow Out Sale

I have decided that I am going back to network marketing.  Yes…I’ve already chosen the company I will be joining.  I will still be coaching and selling my coaching programs, however, after next month (November) I will not be AS available as I have been in the past for coaching and training.

I will be posting my experience on my new blog (I will post a link here this weekend) as I go through the process of starting my new business and building it.  So…please stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I have decided to run a product blow out sale.  If you look over on the left, you will see links to all of my products/programs.  Click on any of them to go see what they are about.  I have put rock bottom prices on everything!!  The rock bottom prices will be reflected at checkout.

Have a wonderful day!


OUCH…I’m Guilty

I am guilty of violating one of the main things that I teach.

If you’ve heard any of my free teleseminars or been involved in any of my coachings, you know that the one thing I teach everyone is FOCUS.  Pick ONE thing and focus in that ONE direction until you get really good at it then add in more.

Well…I have been trying to go in too many directions lately.   Coaching programs, teaching social networking, and building my own network marketing business.  Guess what?


I’ve always heard that you teach what you need to learn.  That is so true.

What I need to focus on right now is my primary business.  I will still be doing free teleseminars and videos, just not as often.  I will still be available for coaching, but only on a one on one basis and those spots will be limited.  To request coaching and a quote based on your specific needs, just email me at roxanne at roxannegreen.com and I will be happy to help you.   I will, however, no longer be doing intensive group coachings.

So…with that said, I have decided to take the next week and get everything in order.  I will be redoing a few videos in some of my courses to reflect current changes in social networks like facebook, google +, etc…

What does that mean for you?

You get to get three FOUR of my best selling programs for a SPECIAL DEEPLY DISCOUNTED INVESTMENT!

I’m not sure when I am ending these special rock bottom prices, so go get them while they are still available!!

Cash in on Your Passion

6 Week Social Marketing Course

Facebook Business Page Help

Social Marketing Group Coaching Special

Have an absolutely wonderful day!!