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NEW – Audio Notes from Roxanne

I receive a lot of questions from people about what I do to make money from home and how to work a home business, etc…  I’ve decided to answer these questions in audio format.  If you have a question you would like me to answer, send an email to me – roxanne at roxannegreen dot com and put Audio Note Question in the subject line.

Audio notes will be posted here in my blog and on facebook at my personal profile and business page.   Just click on the titles below to play the short audio notes.

Here are the first two audio notes:

Roxanne, How do YOU Make Money From Home? – Audio Note #1

Can I Really Make Money from Home? – Audio Note #2


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

Plan B…Do You Have One?

First of all, what is a “Plan B”?

A Plan B is something you put in place just in case what you are doing does not work out.  It’s kind of like insurance.  You pay your insurance policy every month on your home or vehicle and, if you’re like most people, you never use it.

There are so many people who have been totally blindsided by job loss in today’s economy.  If that happened to you, would you be OK?  What if you or your spouse got hurt and couldn’t work?  Would you be OK? 

What if I could show you how to have a “Plan B” so if anything ever happened to your current income, you would be OK?

The time to start bringing in some extra income “just in case” is NOW.

I’ve found a great way to turn an everyday expense into an income. 

If I could show you a way to make a few hundred extra dollars per month and it would not interfere with what you are doing now, would you like to hear about it?   If so, fill out the form below.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

How Can I Make Money from Home?

I get asked this all the time. “ How can I stay home with my kids and make money.”

Let me answer that question with a question.

Who is the best person to teach you that…someone who has been doing it for the past 12 years or someone who has never done it?

I’ve been successfully staying home with my family for the past 12 years.  I always make enough to take care of us when my husband has been out of work due to medical issues.  That’s been a lot.  Since 2005 he has had 3 hernia repair surgeries, a broken thumb, and a brain hemorrhage.  Am I a millionaire?  NO.  Do I pretend I can show you how to be a millionaire?  NO.

I would probably get more of you to sign up for my $12.95 class showing you how to make money from home if I said “Sign up, do nothing and make millions” but I’m not THAT person.  I would NOT do that to you.  I could probably get you to give me $500 if I scammed you.  But I’m not THAT person.  I would NOT do that to you.

Why do so many of you fall for the scams?  Because you think you can take the easy road.

Why are there so many scams out there?  Because those of you who fall for them are too embarrassed that you fell for them to turn them in.  Turning them in would be admitting that you fell for the scam.

There is no easy path.  I’s called “working” from home, not “get paid to sit on your ass & do nothing”.  If you are willing to put  time and effort into it, I can show you how to make money from home.  If you are willing to do what it takes and spend just an hour or so per day, I can show you how to make money from home.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

Is Social Spark a Scam?

I haven’t completely figured that out yet, but I’m working on it for you.  SocialSpark is a company that matches bloggers with advertisers.  Advertisers have products or services that they want to get the word out about.  They go to Social Spark to find bloggers who will review their products and/or services and get matched up. The blogger writes a review, gives SocialSpark permission to post it to their blog and they review it and post it.  The blogger gets paid a pre-determined amount for the post.

One HUGE problem that I see is they use Google Analytics to make the determination of which and how many offers the blogger gets.  As you may know, I do NOT like Google Analytics.  My visitor rankings are way higher than GA puts them at.  At the time of writing this post, my PR is 2.  It’s not easy to get to a PR2.  I write a post and within minutes it is indexed in the search engines.

I’ve been signed up for SocialSpark for over a week or so and have referred two bloggers to them but have received NO offers.  Supposedly offers come in on a daily basis.  But…the advertiser does not choose the blogger, Social Spark does.  And they do not take the entire picture into consideration when making you offers.  I’d hold off on this one for a bit.  It can be frustrating if you are counting on getting paid in the near future for writing blog posts.

There are many other ways to make money with your blog.  Don’t do this one unless you are an established blogger and just want to try something different like I’m doing.

UPDATE – Unless you are the type of person who likes to sit around, do nothing and NOT make money, do not get involved with SocialSpark. They have visited my blog via numerous google searches and KNOW that I can write a post and have it indexed ON PAGE ONE in google search results in a matter of minutes and STILL will not give me offers because they are too dependent on something that does not work properly (Google Analytics).


UPDATE 2 – It’s been a little over a month since I joined Social Spark and they are STILL not giving me offers.  Why?  Because they are depending on Google Analytics to tell them how good my blog is.  LOL…that’s a JOKE.  You most likely found this post because you did a search for information about Social Spark.  It’s on page ONE of the search results in google and has been since about 12 minutes after I wrote the post.  BUT…I still get no offers.  I don’t think they are a scam per se, but they are not a good company to try to make money with.  That’s MY opinion. 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

What Can I Do to Build My Business Online?

I get asked that a LOT.  Not many people are actually to the point where they are ready to hear the answer.

Are you done yet?  Have you been struggling long enough?  You’ve been trying to build a business online, but it’s just not happening.  You see it happen for others.  They are becoming successful.  But…you just aren’t sure what you are doing wrong.  It all seems so overwhelming.

When you’ve struggled enough and taken enough courses and classes and are ready to finally, once and for all, really turn your business around, let me know.   Shoot me an email and ask for helpTell me what you are doing, how long you’ve been struggling and what things you have tried so far.

Everyone struggles.  I found this online and I’m not really sure who first did it, but I am including in this post, an illustration that accurately represents the path to success.  I can help you shorten your “squiggle time” and break through them to success.

Today you have a choice to make.  Do you want to continue to struggle and continue to stay in your “squiggle time” or do you want to break free and finally get headed toward the success you deserve?  If you are sick of struggling and want to move forward, use the link above and EMAIL ME TODAY.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?