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TrafficWave.net visitor review

A little over a week ago, I decided to try a few different traffic sources because I like to see what I could best offer to my team if they want to use paid traffic.

One source I found was TrafficWave.net.  They claimed to deliver high quality visitors, not just traffic to your website.  I purchased 10,000 visitors as a test.  I wanted to see the rate of visitors as well as the quality of them.

According to their website, they say traffic may be slow at the start of a campaign, however, I didn’t expect a snail’s pace here.  I got a whole 12 visitors the first day, 11 the second day and, over the next week, averaged 15 visitors per day.    They are trickling in and only a miniscule amount are from the US or Canada.  The “visitors” they are delivering are HORRIBLE.  According to my website stats, they are bouncing on the page and off within seconds like they would from a surf exchange.

After a week of this, I emailed to ask for a refund.   I was told that all visitors WILL be delivered and I could not request a refund yet.  Here is their refund policy:


In the unlikely event that number of visitors ordered is not able to be delivered, Buyer may claim a pro-rata refund. In cases where refunds are claimed, we reserve the right to require proof that the proper number of visitors were not delivered. Stats, data and other information from third party counters are not sufficient to establish a claim. These counting systems tend to yield an improper count. If TrafficWave.net LLC disputes Buyer’s claim, Buyer must provide TrafficWave.net LLC with RAW server logs from the site and time period in question as this is the only reliable method of counting a visitor.

I am now wondering how long I have to wait before requesting said refund.  At this pace (I’m generously averaging 20 visitors per day for calculation purposes) it will take OVER FIVE HUNDRED DAYS for them to deliver all 10,000 visitors!!  I wonder if they are aware that’s well over a YEAR!!

TrafficWave.net is also an autoresponder provider.  Maybe they are better at that, I don’t know, but they are a terrible source of paid traffic and I would not recommend anyone waste their money on them.


 *** UPDATE:  From August 21 to August 31 – 10 days – a whole 121 visitors!!!  WOOO HOOO…we are rocking now!!  Seriously…if you are thinking of buying traffic from these people, THINK AGAIN!!  They are averaging 12 visitors per day so it will take over 833 days (Well over 2 years) to deliver 10,000.  That is CRAZY!!!!  ***

Double Down Casino on Facebook


*** This post was actually written on March 16, 2011***


I work from home.  A lot of the work I do requires me to write and/or edit code on websites.  Sometimes I like to take a break.  When I take a break, I generally play Double Down Casino on Facebook.  If I’m trying to figure out why my code isn’t right, sometimes it’s easier if I go do something else for a bit and then come back and look at it again with “fresh eyes”.  I should be able to go play a slot game and not have to concentrate on anything.  I consider it a business expense because it helps me think and if it were not for taking these little breaks, I would have spent way more time “beating my head against a wall” trying to figure these things out.

But…there’s always a but…it got to the point where I would notice that I got 5 in a row and didn’t get the credits I was supposed to get.   I noticed that the game was “glitchy” and it would stall for a second or two then credits would be missing.  I noticed bonus rounds weren’t adding up right.  I started having to actually pay attention to the game.  After all, I’ve purchased credits to play this thing.  So I started watching.  I see that in a bonus round, the amounts I’m supposed to be getting aren’t adding up.  The game ended up stealing over THREE AND A HALF MILLION credits from me…just on that one bonus round!!  I was pissed.  I made a screen shot to prove it. I wrote to DDC and explained what happened.   I made sure to note that I am a PAYING customer and I have PROOF of what happened.

The email I received back from them was basically calling me a liar:

Hi Roxanne,

The behavior of our slots games during the
bonus round appears, from our end, to be
functioning correctly. However, the way it
works is confusing, even to me.  

The total number of chips won during the
bonus round will appear at the end correctly.
During the bonus round, the cumulative total
only adds a couple pots up at the beginning
and then it will add the remainder at the
very end of the bonus round. During the middle
of the bonus round, the cumulative total is not
accurate. (Emphasis added)

Hope that helps.

DoubleDown Casino

WOW…I was FLOORED when I read that.  What a load of BS they were trying to feed me.  So…me being me…I made a video of me playing the game.  The first two videos of the bonus round showed MAJOR glitches in the game, but they did not prove my point because I did not get past the first two pots before getting the leprechaun to end the bonus round.

Third time’s the charm!!  Here is the video to prove that they don’t know what they are talking about.

This was a week ago.  I showed them my proof video.  Between the time I emailed them and got their bogus answer and the time I made the video, I went to their facebook page and started commenting on their wall.  Whenever someone would complain about them, I would simply say “PLEASE go rate them ONE star if you don’t like something and note in the comments why you rated them that way.  This way they will be forced fix the games.”  Well…apparently they did not like that because they removed my posts and blocked me from posting on their wall.

So…when I emailed them the link to the video, I told them I wanted 3 things:

1.  Give me back the last $39 that I spent on credits and filed a dispute on
2.  Add 10,000,000 credits to my account

3.  I want a PERSONAL apology – in writing to this email address AND by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Well…within an hour I got a phone call.  They had viewed the video and now knew that I was NOT lying when I said I lost credits.  The rep made certain promises.  He agreed that I should NOT have been blocked from posting on their page.  He agreed that they were wrong and he said he couldn’t add 10,000,000 credits but agreed to add 5,000,000 to my account.  He also agreed that I know what I’m talking about and future emails notifying them of lost credits due to glitches in the game would be addressed right away.

In return, I would not upload the remaining two videos showing major glitches in the game, I would not follow through on the paypal claim against them and I would not write this blog post.  Well…they didn’t keep their part of the bargain.   The ONLY thing I got was the 5,000,000 credits.  Mind you they OWED ME over 3,500,000 of those due to the previous glitch in the game PLUS what the game stole that I couldn’t prove because I didn’t do screen shots.  So they GAVE me NOTHING, however, the rep kept saying “Well, we GAVE you 5,000,000 credits”.  I stopped the paypal claim and didn’t upload the other 2 videos.  And…until today…I had not written this blog post.  The problem, however, is that they have NOT unblocked me from posting on their page and they have NOT addressed my emails about missing credits since then.  They have ignored me since they got me to stop the paypal claim.

So…I have warned them…I will get this post to page one of the search engine results when someone searches for “Double Down Casino”.   They have NO IDEA the power of the internet.  We do not have to stand for being mistreated by ANY company.  they thought if they blocked me from posting on their facebook page, I wouldn’t be able to get the word out.  Boy were they wrong.  If you are here because you searched for DDC and found this post…go watch the video.  Look at my proof.  If you want the other 2 videos, just comment below and I will be happy to provide them for you.  If you’ve been cheated by them, comment here.  That way others will know what they are like and not spend money with them.  Hit them in the pocket where it really hurts.

Have a great day!!!




DDC is pissed.  I find that funny.  If they just learned to take care of their customers instead of treating them like crap, this wouldn’t be happening.


On Mar 29, 2011, at 2:01 PM, Roxanne Green wrote:

It’s unfortunate that you do not respect a paying customer.

On 3/29/2011 1:56 PM, Cooper DuBois wrote: it’s unfortunate you do not respect my right to privacy.


On Mar 29, 2011, at 10:02 AM, Roxanne Green wrote:

I’m sorry…I do not censor my posters.

On 3/29/2011 12:58 PM, Cooper DuBois wrote: Susan Vaughn posted my email and phone number on your blog. please remove it.

On Mar 29, 2011, at 9:43 AM, Roxanne Green wrote:


With all due respect, if you even REMOTELY think that I am going to be bullied into removing the truth, you better think again.  There is a constitutional right called “Freedom of Speech”.  You are a militant dictator who does not value his customers and I will be happy to share your bullying with my readers.  The post will not be removed and will eventually get to number one in the search engine rankings.  You have no clue as to the power of the internet.  Unfortunately, you can’t stop me because I’m only telling the TRUTH.  If I were spreading lies, it would be different, but I’m not.  I’m only saying what I can prove.

Good luck in shutting up all of your upset customers.


On 3/29/2011 12:33 PM, Cooper DuBois wrote:

I’m sorry your email has not been answered yet. We’ve grown a lot with users and when we have a hickup, we get 100x more emails than when we used to. We are digging our way out of the hill of emails. We’ve hired more customer service representatives. We are also working hard everyday to improve the game experience.
I read your blog. The usual procedure is to ban users that do this and you have been banned form playing our game until it’s removed.


On Mar 29, 2011, at 6:10 AM, Roxanne Green wrote:

You keep ignoring me and the traffic to my blog and upset commenters just keep rolling in….Can you say VIRAL!!!  Stop ignoring me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 21:26:08 -04 Roxanne Green wrote:

Ignoring any customer is ALWAYS a bad idea, however, ignoring one with the brains to make your life miserable is even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK.  A few things about this email correspondence…

We’ve grown a lot with users and when we have a hickup, we get 100x more emails than when we used to. We are digging our way out of the hill of emails.

OK…so you have 100x more emails than you used to.  SOMEONE read my email and SOMEONE could have responded.  How do I know that SOMEONE read my email?  Because I put tracking on it to see if it was opened.  Over a week to answer an email is ludicrous.

I read your blog. The usual procedure is to ban users that do this and you have been banned form playing our game until it’s removed.

OK…will give them that I told them unless they give me the credits I am OWED, this post will stay up.  I am asking for something they STOLE from me.  They are resorting to BLACKMAIL.  We have banned you from our game until you remove the truth about us.  HELLO????  In what world is that even remotely right?

On 3/29/2011 12:58 PM, Cooper DuBois wrote: Susan Vaughn posted my email and phone number on your blog. please remove it.

I’m sorry…I don’t EVER edit comments.  I moderate them to keep out spam, but would NEVER edit or censor what someone can comment here.  This is a safe place for everyone.  If someone wants to vent, they are welcome.  If someone has a complaint about me or my blog, I will allow the comment and reply to it.  I am NOT a militant dictator and I take the opinions of MY readers VERY seriously.  If this man didn’t want his “right to privacy” disrespected, he wouldn’t screw over so many people, now, would he?  Looks like “Captain Fantasy” needs to come back to the world of reality.


I received this email today and wanted to share it with my readers.

Hi Roxanne,

I live in Washington State and have filed a complaint against DoubleDown with the Washington Attorney General’s Office.  I spoke with them today and they said that if they receive enough complaints, they may consider a class action against this company.  But, they need organized, substantiated complaints.  My complaint is based on the fact that they collect lots of money ($500 in two days from me) for slots, and falsely advertise huge jackpots, which they are resetting and not awarding.  On their company website, they are bragging how they are taking the entire company to Mexico for spring break.  This is totally unregulated……. Please have people focus their complaints on how much real money they have lost and how customer service is not accessible and nonresponsive.

I don’t want my name on anything on your blog, but if you could post this info about the Wa ATG office with the following link for a complaint, it would be very helpful.  I hope you’ll file too!

Thank you!


They need to be sure and include address info for Double Down Interactive, which is as follows:

SEATTLE, WA, 98103-8901

This is their registered business address, although online articles state that they moved to 505 Union St., Seattle, in November.  (I don’t have that zip code.)