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What Excuses Do You Make?

Are you making excuses? I hear so many people saying they can’t do this or that because of the economy. Or maybe it’s some other excuse why you can’t/won’t do what you need to do to become successful. Just today, I had a gentleman who read my previous post and replied with this:

I will never want to gain because of a mistake you made. (There are some who may.) You may have got lost in your attempts and that is forgivable.

Press on and He will be with you. Give and it will be given to you!

When I replied and explained that my special low price offers were not made out of guilt, even though I am guilty of not following my own advice.  The offers were made due to the fact that I will be focusing in a different direction and want everyone who had used the “can’t afford it” excuse in the past to be able to afford these programs.

After receiving the explanation, this person replied with:

Hi Roxanne,

I see. Thank you. It appears that I did not fully understand you. My apologies.

You have been very kind to me and I will not forget all that.

I am kept busy with what I am doing and I will not use your kind offer.

AMAZING…sometimes people feel the need to justify the decisions they make.  Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s fear based, maybe it’s (insert any reason here).  When the first excuse gets blown out of the water, they feel the need to make up another.

It’s human nature.  Sometimes we voice these excuses to others and sometimes we just tell them to ourselves.  What excuses are you telling yourself?  Are you making excuses for your lack of success?  Are you making excuses for why you can’t/won’t get your life in order?

I have a dear friend who spends all day long on the computer.  She plays facebook games for hours.  GAMES!!  But…she will be the first one to complain she has no money and no time.  If she took just an hour or so per day out of her numerous hours of play time, she could be earning an income online.  But…she doesn’t.  She would rather make excuses and complain about money.

So…what are the excuses you tell yourself?

Could you find an hour or so a day somewhere to start your own business?  Maybe you already have one like the gentleman I referred to earlier, but aren’t making any money.

No one can help you until you are ready to help yourself.  Make a decision today to stop making excuses and start making a better life for yourself and your family.   Either visit my previous post and check out the programs I offer or use the email link on the right to email me and tell me your situation and ask how I can help.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  What will you do with it?