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Do People Really Make Money in Network Marketing / MLM?


The only people making money in MLM / Network Marketing are the ones who know how to market & sell.

The majority of network marketers buy product every month, go on conference calls and attend company conventions, but they are not making any money.  They don’t PRODUCE!

WHY?  These people want to be part of something.  Part of a community.  The problem with most MLM communities is that the majority of the “heavy hitters” will give you strategies but will never tell you everything you need to know to be successful.  Face it, in most companies, it’s better for them if you produce, but don’t hit it out of the park.

Then you have the  people who will tell you “It’s not selling, it’s just sharing products with others.”  and “It’s like recommending a good movie, book or restaurant.”

HELLO?  If that’s the case, why do people drop out of MLM but don’t stop recommending good movies, books or restaurants?

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Why Most Network Marketers Fail

There is a very high failure rate among those in network marketing/MLM.

One of the biggest reasons I see for failure is the “I can’t afford it” syndrome.

The average cost to join an MLM company is $500.  The average monthly product requirement is $100.  So, by month three, the average network marketer has invested $700 into his/her business.  At that point, they have exhausted their warm market.  This is the point where most people give up and quit. 

They claim they have invested too much money so far and “can’t afford” to invest any more into learning how to properly market their business beyond their warm market.


If anyone seriously thinks they can start a business for $700, not market it properly, and make it a success, they are nuts.

We need to stop marketing MLMs to people who do not have the resources to make it into a successful business.  This is why network marketers get such a bad name.  People who are building a business lie to their prospects and tell them it’s easy.  They tell them that they can “fire your boss tomorrow” among other things.

Are you ready to stop lying and learn how to attract those who can afford to build a business?  If you won’t put money out to make your business successful, don’t expect those you bring in to do it either.  You really can’t afford to NOT spend money on your business.  Your return on investment – IF YOU IMPLEMENT WHAT YOU LEARN – will be huge if you go to the right person to learn.


Is It Sharing or Selling?

What is your mindset?

It has been said that we have been doing network marketing since we were little so why not get paid for it.

I used to call my son the “Infomercial Kid”.  He would run into the kitchen or my office and say “MOM…guess what you can get for just 3 easy payments of XXX”.  He was always asking for the next greatest thing and telling me why I should get it for him.

He would be GREAT at network marketing/MLM/direct sales, right?

NO!!  He wants nothing to do with sales even though he is a natural salesperson.  He has been “wheeling and dealing” since he was little.  For example, this summer, he traded a cell phone and a gun for a snowmobile, then traded the snowmobile for a dirt bike with a blown motor, then traded the dirt bike for a chopper bike and then traded the chopper for a “crotch rocket” and then sold that for $1,000.  This entire process took about 2 weeks.  So…he started out with a cell phone and a gun and two weeks later had $1,000.  This is what he does when he needs/wants money.  He is now in the process of trading up to a truck.  He started with a mini bike that he traded something to one of his friends for and he is up to a nice four wheeler.  Another friend wants to trade his road bike for the four wheeler and then he hopes to trade that for a truck.

This kid was made for sales.  But…his mindset is that he hates sales.  WHAT?  How can that be?

There is a negative connotation around the word selling.  We do recommend and promote every day.   However, as soon as we add the business aspect in, everything changes.  OUR mindset changes.  We no longer think of it as recommending and promoting, but as making money.

I have a couple friends who are Direct TV customers.  They are always talking about how they get their Direct TV service for free because they get $10/month off their bill for each person they refer as customers.  One of them even told me how she got three people on a bus ride one day to sign up for their own Direct TV accounts and that meant $30 per month off her bill from people she didn’t even know.  She met them on the bus.

I approached this same friend and told her how network marketing would be perfect for her to make an income from home.  She signed up with me but did NOTHING.  Sponsored no one.  Had no customers.  She quit and told me that she just couldn’t do “this whole MLM thing” because it’s “too hard”.  I wondered how that even made sense.

It was around that time that I decided I needed to be able to teach my new people better ways of acquiring customers and business partners.  I needed to come up with ways that did not require the person to feel like they were “selling”.   That’s how I came up with using social spaces to market my business.  I never again had to ask anyone to buy my products or join my business.  I just get out there and be social (just like my friend did on the bus) and people were coming to me asking “How can I make money doing what you do?” or many just went to the website and purchased products.

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What is the Best Network Marketing / MLM Company?

I’ve been asked that question a lot lately. Here is my take on it:

There is no perfect MLM company. All network marketing companies have issues. Look at it like this…my husband is the perfect spouse for me. But…he may not be the perfect spouse for someone else. We are a perfect fit for each other. When you are looking for a network marketing / MLM company, you should look for the perfect one for YOU. Not because someone else said it’s the best, but because it’s a fit for you.

Here is what I feel are the things to look for in a company:

1. A product that is reasonably priced in the marketplace.

I spoke with someone the other day who had a very high priced product. I asked her why the product cost so much and she said “Well, first of all, it’s better than anything on the market and second, it’s sold through an MLM company so they have to charge more in order to be able to pay commissions.

WHOA!!! Stop right there…MLM companies can afford to pay commissions because they do not have the traditional costs of advertising that the average product has. All advertising is word of mouth. The price does not need to be jacked up to pay commissions.

Next, there is one question you should ask yourself in relation to your product. This is a question the government will ask if the company ever comes under scrutiny by them. Here it is… “Would you buy your product(s) for the price you are paying IF THERE WERE NO INCOME OPPORTUNITY ATTACHED?” That is the million dollar question. Think long and hard about that one.  Answer honestly.  There is no income opportunity. Would you still be buying the required monthly amount of your companies product(s)?

2. Low barrier to entry.

Can the average person join your opportunity?  Remember, average people are living paycheck to paycheck and most have under a few hundred dollars they can get their hands on.   Many opportunities out there cost anywhere from $250 on up to $5,000 to join.  That is a CRAZY amount of money to ask the average person to come up with to start an MLM / network marketing business.

3.  Products that appeal to the masses

What percentage of people use your products?  Think about this for a minute.

Let’s say you sell a nutritional drink.  Now, what percent of people in your neighborhood do you think use a nutritional drink?  Maybe 15% or so?

What about candles?  Maybe 20% or so?

What about diet products?  Maybe around 35 to 40%?

What about things like toothpaste, shampoo, household cleaners, laundry detergent, etc…  I’d say 100% of the population are already using these things on a daily basis.  That is a product line I, personally, am interested in.  I would rather have 100% of the population already using the same type of products that my MLM sells rather than any other percentage.  Here’s why…all I have to do is help people buy the products they are already buying at a new store.  I don’t have to try to convince the other 50 to 90% of the population to start using these types of products.

4.  Company History

This, to me, is very important.  Most companies do not make it past the first 3 years.  I, personally, would never join a start up MLM.  You don’t know what is going to happen to a company less than 5 years old.  Once a company makes it past the 5 year mark, it’s a good indicator that they will be around a while.  Some people claim that you shouldn’t join a company that is older than 15 or 20 years.  That is ludicrous.  If you have a good company, it SHOULD grow to be over 15 or 20 years.  It should continue to grow indefinitely.

So…where does your company fall in this short list of criteria?  Notice I really did not address compensation plans?  That is on purpose.  I believe that if these things are present in your company, obviously you have a company that is creating paychecks for it’s reps or it would not still be in business.  There are a few more things on my list of criteria that I took into account when looking for my MLM company.  If you are interested in hearing what they are, email me at roxanne at roxannegreen dot com and let me know when we can spend a few minutes on the phone and I will be happy to share the rest of the criteria with you.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?