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Is It Sharing or Selling?

What is your mindset?

It has been said that we have been doing network marketing since we were little so why not get paid for it.

I used to call my son the “Infomercial Kid”.  He would run into the kitchen or my office and say “MOM…guess what you can get for just 3 easy payments of XXX”.  He was always asking for the next greatest thing and telling me why I should get it for him.

He would be GREAT at network marketing/MLM/direct sales, right?

NO!!  He wants nothing to do with sales even though he is a natural salesperson.  He has been “wheeling and dealing” since he was little.  For example, this summer, he traded a cell phone and a gun for a snowmobile, then traded the snowmobile for a dirt bike with a blown motor, then traded the dirt bike for a chopper bike and then traded the chopper for a “crotch rocket” and then sold that for $1,000.  This entire process took about 2 weeks.  So…he started out with a cell phone and a gun and two weeks later had $1,000.  This is what he does when he needs/wants money.  He is now in the process of trading up to a truck.  He started with a mini bike that he traded something to one of his friends for and he is up to a nice four wheeler.  Another friend wants to trade his road bike for the four wheeler and then he hopes to trade that for a truck.

This kid was made for sales.  But…his mindset is that he hates sales.  WHAT?  How can that be?

There is a negative connotation around the word selling.  We do recommend and promote every day.   However, as soon as we add the business aspect in, everything changes.  OUR mindset changes.  We no longer think of it as recommending and promoting, but as making money.

I have a couple friends who are Direct TV customers.  They are always talking about how they get their Direct TV service for free because they get $10/month off their bill for each person they refer as customers.  One of them even told me how she got three people on a bus ride one day to sign up for their own Direct TV accounts and that meant $30 per month off her bill from people she didn’t even know.  She met them on the bus.

I approached this same friend and told her how network marketing would be perfect for her to make an income from home.  She signed up with me but did NOTHING.  Sponsored no one.  Had no customers.  She quit and told me that she just couldn’t do “this whole MLM thing” because it’s “too hard”.  I wondered how that even made sense.

It was around that time that I decided I needed to be able to teach my new people better ways of acquiring customers and business partners.  I needed to come up with ways that did not require the person to feel like they were “selling”.   That’s how I came up with using social spaces to market my business.  I never again had to ask anyone to buy my products or join my business.  I just get out there and be social (just like my friend did on the bus) and people were coming to me asking “How can I make money doing what you do?” or many just went to the website and purchased products.

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Isabel Celis Still Missing

It’s been about a month since 6 year old Isabel Celis went missing from her Tucson AZ home.  Police have released the tapes of the 911 calls and, frankly, I’m disturbed by them.  I just listened to them on Fox News’ site.  We never know what the media edited out of these tapes until we can get access to the full, unedited versions.  However, in my opinion, it’s not what the father, Sergio Celis, says on the tape, but rather the WAY he said it.

Picture this…your 6 year old child is missing.  You’ve searched everywhere for her and she is nowhere to be found.  I have two children.  I know the fear that runs through you when you can not find your child.   My son used to disappear in a split second and end up hiding somewhere.  Every time the fear just grabbed me and didn’t subside until he was found safe and sound.  As a matter of fact, as time went by, the more I searched, the more panicked I became.

So…when you hear Mr. Celis’ call to 911, it’s very concerning.  It actually gave me goose bumps.  He is very calm like it’s no big deal.  At one point he is even LAUGHING telling the 911 operator that he told his wife to “get her butt home” and laughs.  Then he seems bothered that his wife walks into the house hysterical.  I listened 3 or 4 times thinking that maybe he’s just nervous and being very composed, but there is NOTHING in his voice to even indicate that he cares that his daughter is missing.  It’s like he’s completely detached from the situation and even appears (IMO) that he is reading a statement.

In sharp contrast, when mom, Becky Celis, calls 911, she is hysterical.  She is distraught, incoherent at times and even shrieking during the call.

How can these two parents have such drastically different reactions to the disappearance of their daughter?  One acts like it’s no big deal and even appears (IMO) to feel llike it’s “no big deal”.  The other is hysterical, wants to find her and distraught that she doesn’t know where her baby girl is.

Arizona Child Protective Services (CPS) has said that Sergio Celis can have no contact with his other children.

That is very unusual.  The police, however, have cautioned the public not to read guilt into that.

In the beginning of this case, my thoughts were “Stop focusing so hard on the family and go look for the person who kidnapped this child”.  Now I’m wondering if my gut instinct was wrong.



Breastfeeding A Four Year Old?

When to stop breastfeeding is a highly personal decision.

I was appalled that Time Magazine decided to feature a mom on the cover who was breastfeeding her son, who appears to be about 4 years old.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not against the mother breastfeeding this child.  I am against the photo on the cover of the magazine.

The mom supposedly did this to draw attention to something called “attachment parenting”.  Take a look at the cover and tell me if this mother and child appear to be attached in any way OTHER than his mouth on her breast?  To me, the photo does not depict a loving, attached mom.  She (and the child, frankly) appears rather UNattached.

If you want to breastfeed your three, four, five, six, seven year old, that is YOUR business.  But…you do not have to do it in public.  By two or three years old, a child is old enough to understand that they would have to wait a few minutes to get “fed”.   If your child is older than two and you are using this “attachment parenting” excuse to continue breastfeeding, go to a room by yourselves and bond with your child.  Your child is NOT getting “attachment” by having a boob stuck into his or her mouth in public.  That is not a bonding thing.  It should be a private time between mom and child, not a public spectacle.

When you breastfeed a baby, you hold them and nurture them.  You don’t stand them on a chair and stick your boob in their mouth.



Happy Independence Day

Tomorrow is Independence day in the US.  July 4th.  I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about independence and what it means to me.  I am so blessed to be an entrepreneur.  What does that mean?  It means FREEDOM.  I work around my schedule, not someone else’s.  Oh sure…I have deadlines and certain times that clients need things done, but, for the most part, I am on MY schedule.  I live in a house on the bay and can take time to enjoy sitting out on the deck looking at the water.  As a matter of fact, that’s where I’m sitting as I write this newsletter to you.  My kids have had the good fortune to have mom home with them almost all of their lives.  They spent a few years in daycare and at sitters while I went to a J.O.B. but for the most part, I’ve been here for them and their friends while they were growing up.  Being and entrepreneur has allowed me to homeschool.  It has allowed me to be here for my husband when he comes home from work every day.  It has allowed me to be a second mom to most of the kids’ friends.

I’ve done a few different things over the years, but for the most part, I’ve been a network marketer, business coach and life coach.  When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher.  I let friends and family talk me out of it.   They said that teachers don’t make a lot of money.  They talked me into going to school for accounting.  LOL.  Those of you who know me well know that I would much rather be talking and interacting with PEOPLE than sitting in front of a computer working with numbers all day.  Don’t get me wront – I LOVE working on the computer.  I have that “computer geek” side to me.  I just love interacting with people while I’m doing it.  That’s why I’m starting another book club and teaching an internet marketing course.  I get to interact with and teach people.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Are you doing that?  Or did someone talk you out of it?

I was reading somewhere the other day about a guy who was told he could make money doing what he loves to do.  His passion was making toothpick models.  He had no idea how he could make a living doing that, but he started taking pictures of them and getting the word out.  Now people are paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for him to make custom toothpick models.  There’s another guy who was on Oprah who loved blowing bubbles.  You know…the soap bubbles with wands like the kids love…anyway…he is now traveling the world and getting paid to put on shows where he stands in a kiddie pool filled with soapy water and a huge wand and encases himself inside a bubble (among other things).  This just proves that you CAN do whatever you love AND make a living at it.  I am doing what I love.  Are you??

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Make it a great day!!!