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Systems are Important for Marketing Online

Over the years my business has evolved.  My goal has always been to help the most people possible make money and have successful businesses.  The problem I ran into is that I love working one on one with people.  When I do courses or generic trainings, I don’t feel like I’m thriving.  However, when I do a VIP day or work one on one with my Elite coaching clients and see them succeeding, THAT is my personal fulfillment.  My personal happy space.

What I’ve found is that most people are scared or just unable to make the financial commitment it takes to join the Elite coaching or schedule a VIP day.  So…I began looking for a system I could plug people into that was in line with what I teach.

Many of you know that about 6 or 7 years ago I worked with a wonderful trainer named Kim Klaver. Some time ago, Kim approached me about a new affiliate marketing company that was just getting started that had the systems in place I was looking for.  However, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to hear it. Many of you know I was involved with a “system” for quite a few years and ended up getting burned pretty badly. I wasn’t interested in promoting anyone’s “system”.

I did a lot of research and ended up joining Kim in Empower Network Here’s why:

1.  You can use Empower’s blog & training to promote your current business.

In other words, this system is “stand alone”.  It’s not connected to any MLM other than it’s own affiliate program so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to funnel you into their deal.  There is no conflict with your existing company.  You are not required to sell or promote anything Empower.  You pay for the blogging platform (EVERYTHING is set up for you, you just blog).  You pay for the training.  I’ve gone through it.  These guys are brilliant and have some of the best training for the masses.  (Of course, you could always sign up for a VIP Day and my monthly Elite Coaching instead if you want.  😉 )

2.  You can use Empower’s blog & training to promote EN’s products and services.

Only if you WANT.  This is definitely not a requirement to use their system.  However, if you want to make 100% commissions when someone purchases their own system or training, you would want to be an affiliate of EN and promote their products.

3.  Use Empower’s blog & training to train your downline.

The training for marketing and everything is right there.  Just plug them in and off they go!


How will YOU use Empower?


More MLM SPAM on Social Spaces

Today seems to be “MLM SPAM day” on social spaces.  I did a couple screen shots to share my “favorite” SPAM with you.  These showed up in my newsfeed today among MANY others.



HHMMM…you thought the ENTIRE GROUP would be perfect for the 2 – 5 people you supposedly could invite??  Interesting…



MLMspam57EVERYBODY gets paid and NO ONE is left out?  WOW…sounds like one of “those things” that will attract the people who want to sign up, do nothing and get paid.  ( I know for a fact that the person who posted this one is having NO success because they contacted me saying “social space marketing doesn’t work”.  It doesn’t work for THEM because they are doing it wrong.)



MLMspam58The same status was posted by two DIFFERENT people at the exact same time via HootSuite.  These people never even visit the group so they have no idea that their scripted SPAM is found out.  One of these two is also wondering why they are struggling so hard to build their business using social spaces.





And…the honorable mention goes to this next one!  This one goes one better than sign up, do nothing and get paid.  They are going to PAY YOU and you never have to spend a dime!!  Let me ask you…if no one ever spends a dime…WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM????


This is only a very small fraction of the spammy status updates that came through my newsfeed today.  Are you marketing like this?

STOP RIGHT NOW!!  Go listen to my Social Space Marketing Call or sign up for my upcoming Social Space Marketing 4 Week Course.   Learn how to market your business without being a spammer.


Overcoming Objections & Making A Profit in Your Business

QandAsmallThe following two questions and answers are compilations of questions I received from many of you.  These are the two most popular questions I’ve received so I’ve decided to answer both of them today. 

Q: I’ve looked at your courses on the left side of your blog and I don’t see anywhere that you teach “Overcoming Objections”.  Why is that? 

A: I teach attraction marketing.  Therefore, you will never have to overcome objections because you will not get objections.  Those who want what you are offering will come to you.  You don’t have to go out and “pitch” anyone.


Q: How long does it take the average network marketer to begin making a profit?

A: You are not going to like my answer on this one.

The average network marketer sponsors 2.5 people.  A very high percentage sponsor no one.  Therefore, the average person in MLM will not make any money.

It’s very easy to get discouraged when so many people are teaching ineffective marketing methods.  They teach their people what they were taught and so on.  This is what leads to very high attrition rates in our industry.

This is why it’s so very important to learn the right way to market your business.

But…People Don’t Like Network Marketing


I am struggling with following your advice on something.  In your 6 week course you told us not to be ashamed of MLM and we should go ahead and put in our profiles that we are network marketers.  But, so many people think bad of what I do and I don’t want to chase them away.  What do you suggest?


Hi J.L.,

The only people who will be looking at your profile are people who already know, like and trust you because you are going to use the attraction marketing methods I taught you.  If you have clearly defined your target market, those people will only be curious enough to learn more about you AFTER they like what you are saying on social spaces. 

So…don’t be ashamed of who you are and what you do.  Embrace it and put it in your “About Me” statement.