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Get Rich QUICK!!

Get in now…the sky is falling and you need to join today so you can be STINKIN RICH tomorrow!!! Don’t delay!!! Every day you delay is another day you aren’t stinkin rich!!

We live in an “instant gratification” society. We want everything NOW. We just aren’t used to waiting for anything. We can get instant answers to just about anything thanks to the internet. Email is instant. Chat is instant. We carry cell phones so we don’t miss calls. We have microwaves and convection ovens to cook our meals faster.

Ice on demand

Print on demand

Movies on demand

Downloadable music, ebooks and information of all kids.

The list goes on…

With all of the instant gratification mentality, it’s no surprise that people fall for get rich quick scams. People are losing their life savings. They are willing to give up their hard earned money today for a promise of getting rich tomorrow.

It’s sad that #1…there are people out there scamming others out of their money and #2…people are actually falling for it!!!

Main Reason for Failure Online

I recently opened up some coaching slots. My intent was to offer this at a great discount to those who could FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.  If someone is unable to follow directions, it is a waste of my time and their money to hire me because they are NOT COACHABLE.

I sent an email to my list that clearly said

Many of you have asked me for one on one coaching.  I’ve decided to open up a few spots.  Unfortunately, I can not work one on one with everyone.  I can, however, fit a handful of you into my schedule.  If you want to apply for coaching with me, email roxanne at coachroxanne dot com and put “APPLICATION FOR COACHING” in the subject line.  Tell me what you are working on, where you are now and what you need help with.  Life or business…I can help.

Eight people replied.  Here are a few of the responses (the rest were similar);

  • I want to work with you.
  • Will you coach me for free please.
  • I love your trainings but have no money.  Can you work with me free?
  • Since I bought a course from you in the past can you teach me everything you know.

Now….I’m not in business for charity.  My prices are VERY reasonable compared to what others charge.  I have given away a LOT of free trainings in the past.

I am totally shocked at the online mentality of people.  Everyone wants something for NOTHING.  Life does not happen that way.  You spend time or you spend money.  Everything I’ve learned, I’ve paid for with time and/or money.  It makes me very sad when I see these people struggling.  Many of them I’ve been acquainted with for years.  And years later they are still wondering why they are not successful.

HELLOOOO???  Are you serious?

If just ONE of them had replied and actually followed the instructions in the email, I probably would have been so excited to find someone who is coachable that I would have given them a huge discount and given them way more value than they paid for.


I recently told people about a program online that costs ONE MEASLY DOLLAR for the first 30 days.  They walk you through step by step how to make money online.  There are videos showing you EXACTLY what to do and EXACTLY what to say.   If people can simply FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, you can be successful making money online.  I am amazed (I SHOULDN’T BE) at the number of people who replied to say “I can’t afford $1” or “I don’t have the time to do this”.  OMG…really??  Are you kidding me?  Some of those people who have no time are playing facebook games for HOURS every day.


A couple months ago, I had someone purchase a 6 WEEK self study course from me.  This course is clearly delivered in 6 WEEKLY lessons.  That was stated on the order page.  This particular woman had multiple failures to follow through.  First, she was directed by my payment processor to a page that clearly said



Just one more step.  In order to receive the modules, you will need to fill out the form below. 

My payment processor verified that she was, indeed, directed to this page.  My stat counter verified that her IP address visited that page immediately after payment.  She emailed me to say that she did not get access to the course.  The reason was that she did not follow directions and did not fill out the form.  I did not tell her that, I simply apologized and gave her access to the form to fill out.  She then emailed me to tell me that the links in my email do not work.  I verified that the correct links were in my autoresponder series and send her the link to the first weekly lesson.  At that point I suspected her email was stripping the links so I said “If you can’t get the remaining weeks, just email me.”  I did not hear back from her.  Now, at this point, I know for a fact that this person received module ONE.  However, she did not send in homework from module ONE.  This was her SECOND failure to follow directions on her part.  Over the next few weeks, I checked with my autoresponder periodically to be sure the lessons were being sent to her.  They were.  I did not hear from her so I assumed she was getting the lessons.  She did not send in homework from lesson one, which I know she received so her failure to follow directions and send in homework was not an indication of anything.

WEEKS LATER…after the entire course was sent to her and I took the course down to redo it….she emailed me to say that she never received anything beyond week one and she wanted a refund.  ???????  I was very nice and let her know that my terms are 30 days on refunds and since it had been well beyond the 30 days, I could not do that.  I offered her a couple different options, one being a free one hour coaching session (worth well over $500) .  She wanted NOTHING but a refund.  We have multiple failures to follow through on her part.

In conclusion, failure to follow directions and failure to actually WANT to better your life are the main reasons that you are not successful at making money from home.



How Dangerous is Lack Mentality?

I would like the opinions of my readers on this. Please comment after reading this post.

A while back I downloaded a free ebook online. The author was giving away the ebook and accepting donations for charity. Now, many people use an ebook as a lead capture. There’s nothing wrong with that. This particular ebook, however, was endorsed by people like Jack Canfield, Joel Comm, Marcia Wieder, Alex Mandossian, Byron Katie, Mike Dooley and a few others. I figured he was a reputable person.

All throughout the ebook, the author said extra bonus material is available at his membership site and linked to it. He even included an appendix where he listed all of the bonus material that was supposedly available in his members area. He even acted as if he was doing the reader a favor by including a “code” to enter to get a one month free trial of the members area. I don’t know about you, but I’ve joined many member areas where I got a free or $1 trial and found the material useful and continued on at $27, $97, even $147 per month. If the content is good and added to on a monthly basis, the membership is worth it. Anyone who wants to be successful in life knows that it’s very important to be learning on a consistent basis.

When I signed up for the members area, NONE of the bonus material referenced in the book was there. When I asked about it, as did many others in the member area, I got the brush off from the author. At one point he told me that the material in the bonus area is “better than the original bonuses”. I left the member area letting the author know that I was disappointed that he not only made false promises in his book, but on his sales page as well (the sales page listed the same material that the appendix in the book listed).

Yesterday, almost a full month after I voice my concerns, I received the following email:

The comments in italics were added by me. The remainder of the comments in parentheses are the author’s comments.

Hi Roxanne,

I saw your comment from ages ago regarding the other materials, and wanted to get back to you.

We’ve added the Faculty Hour now so you can call in once a week and ask any question on any topic of (author’s assistant name here).

And we are (finally!) launching a higher level of (member area) which will have the remaining resources (spread over three months though, so people don’t just join for a day then download and leave – it’s tricky with membership sites).

Curious – what’s your business/site? What are you up to?

(Author name)

I sat there for a minute after reading with my mouth hanging open in disbelief. Here is part of my response to him:

It’s an interesting comment you make about not making material promised in your book available right away because you think people will download it and leave. You are coming from a scarcity mindset. That surprises me based on what you’ve done by giving away your book. If you are always concerned about people ripping you off, that is what will happen. I heard of another trainer with a members area who allowed nothing downloadable in his members area for fear that a group of people would get together, pool their money and have one person join, download the material and pass it around. That trainer is long gone now. When you come from a lack mindset, you will continue to attract lack. Sure, you may have success for a time, but it will not last. I feel very sorry for you. Maybe you should consult with the people who endorsed your book and discuss this with them. I can’t imagine Joel Comm, Marcia Wieder, Alex Mandossian, Byron Katie, Mike Dooley or any of the people who gave you an endorsement agreeing with your philosophy.

Will there always be people who join, get the free stuff and leave? Absolutely. However, if you make the ongoing content good enough, they will stay even though they got the “good stuff” up front. I continue my membership with a few different sites because they provide great ongoing content. Most of them gave me a free trial and made a ton of great content available during that free trial. Those of us who are true entrepreneurs understand the importance of ongoing learning. That is who you want to attract.

I also suggested that if the author feels the material available now is better, he could provide the bonuses he promised in the book and then, in the next month step people up to a new level where the “better material” is available – incentive for them to hang around for at least a month, right?

So…what are your thoughts on this author’s lack mentality? Agree? Disagree? All comments are welcome!

**UPDATE** – I’ve received about 20 emails on this topic. Please comment here on the blog so we can all mastermind together if you have an opinion on this. Thanks!!**

Make it a great day!!

Financial Freedom Plan

I have a serious question for you.

If your boss told you that you could work 2 hours per day (10 hours per week) overtime and make $30,000 / year, would you do it? That’s $576.92 per week or $115.38 per day or $57.69 per hour. Would you do it? Would you find the time to work an extra 2 hours per day?

What if your boss said you have to work this overtime for one full year and then you will be paid the $30,000. Would you do it? Most likely, huh?!

You might be asking – what’s the catch? The only “catch” is that you have to actually work during those two hours. You can’t just be present and slack off. You must do the work that you do to create an income.

Still in? Great!!

This is exactly what it is like building a home based business. You put time and effort into it. You don’t make a whole lot the first 6 months or so. But then…then your efforts begin paying off. That’s when your income begins to come rolling in like a snowball collecting snow as it rolls down a hill.

The reason why most people don’t make money in a home business is because they are not willing to put in the time and effort up front. They have a J.O.B mentality instead of a financial security mentality.

When I say time and effort, I mean income producing activities. Too many people who start a home business do “busy work” like checking email, playing games, getting ready to get ready, etc… Your time has to be spent on the activities that will create that snowball rolling downhill. If you spend your time wisely, you can work a couple hours a day for 6 months and build a good extra income. After a year or two, you’ll be making well over enough to quit your job and be a full time home based entrepreneur.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
What will you do with it?