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Using Facebook to Market Your Business

OK…here goes…

Your facebook profile or page is the ONLY place you should EVER reference your business.

When you go to other pages, profiles, or groups, NEVER, EVER, EVER…under any circumstances…pitch your product, service or business opportunity.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Don’t do it EVER.

If you learn to set up your profile properly, you are then free to simply socialize and be interesting and others will come to you to ask about your product, service or business.

I was looking at a diet group that I found an interesting post from tonight.  Here is a disclaimer that was on the page when I went to join:

There have been a rash of people joining weight loss support groups for the sole purpose of advertising their product and they have been joining then banning the group administrators in order to do this. I will not allow this group to be an advertisement for every product out there, or allow people to use our membership as a target audience. So if you see something like this send me a PM so I can take care of it.

This IS a support group and it is open to all, you do not have to be on (any particular program) to be in the group. … I will not allow anyone to join this group with the sole purpose of pushing other weight loss products. It is OK to mention what works for you but anyone who messages members or asks people to contact them to sell to them will be deleted from the group, no questions asked.

UPDATE: 9/19/12

NO IT WORKS Distributors will be accepted in this group. Sorry but your fellow distributors have ruined it for you with their unethical conduct. Legitimate people who use or have used these products but do NOT sell them are welcome.

BRAVO!!  The owner of the group should not have even remotely felt the need to say this.  This should be common sense.  But…unfortunately, there are many “gurus” out there teaching people less than ethical marketing methods.  I am very saddened by what I see from some “professional” network marketers.

Learn how to work social spaces properly or get off the computer!!


Stop Making Excuses and Get to Work

The Economy Sucks!!

Honestly I’m so sick and tired of having people blame the economy for their lack of effort in building their business.

Seriously…NASCAR racing season is going to be ending soon.  Have you seen the people in the stands this year?  Every time I watch a race, the stands are full of people and there are all kinds of RVs parked there for the weekend.  Do you have any idea what people pay for tickets to these races?  The AVERAGE cost of a nascar ticket is $88.  Even if the stands aren’t completely full, there are a LOT of people spending $88 each to attend a race.

Football season is starting.  The average cost of a ticket to a football game is $75.  Next time you are watching a game, look at the stands and see all of the people spending $75 each to attend that game.

So many people eat out these days.  I am actually amazed at the number of women who don’t cook.  Depending on where you live, you are spending an average of $50 or more for dinner for a family of four.  EVERY DAY!!

The average family spends $75 a month on cable television.  How does cable television help you make money?

The average network marketer spends $500 to get started, $100/month on products and $2,000 or more on training (where the majority of them learn ineffective marketing methods).  The average network marketer does not even make enough money to pay for their products.

What can we learn from all of these statistics?

People spend money on things they WANT.  They spend money on things they perceive will make their lives easier or better.

So…in the words of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter…”If building your business was a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”


Social Networking To Build Your Business

IMAGINE…People asking to buy your product/service or join your business instead of you asking them.

IMAGINE…Never having to “pitch” your product, service or business again, but instead having people wanting to know more about what you do.

Find out how a clearly defined target market and a clear, concise “About Me” statement can help you use social spaces to make sure you never have to “prospect” again.

On this free call, I will show you how to get your product, service or business in front of the right people so you can stop spinning your wheels and finally become profitable.

Stop wasting time on marketing methods that are not working. 

Your time is valuable.  Why waste it?

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2.5 People…Really?

QandAsmallHere is the next awesome question I received. Keep them coming.


You said in a previous answer that the average network marketer sponsors 2.5 people and it’s because many sponsor no one. Why is that? Why is there so many people who sign up and do nothing?

Discouraged in NJ

Hi Discouraged,

Great question. In this industry, the only way for it to work for the company and the big income earners is if there are a large number who do nothing but buy products each month. Many companies are not set up to be “customer friendly” so people have to join to get the “good prices”.

The majority of people who do bring others in don’t really know how they got those people to sign up. Then, they, as the upline, attempt to teach their people how to sponsor others. However, most times, they are teaching ineffective marketing methods. Occasionally, those ineffective methods work to bring in one or two people so those one or two get taught the same ineffective marketing methods and so forth. This is why most just give up and keep buying the products. Most MLM companies have great products.

However, if people are taught how to attract people the right way, that average would be much higher.


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Have an Awesome Day,
Roxanne Green

Overcoming Objections & Making A Profit in Your Business

QandAsmallThe following two questions and answers are compilations of questions I received from many of you.  These are the two most popular questions I’ve received so I’ve decided to answer both of them today. 

Q: I’ve looked at your courses on the left side of your blog and I don’t see anywhere that you teach “Overcoming Objections”.  Why is that? 

A: I teach attraction marketing.  Therefore, you will never have to overcome objections because you will not get objections.  Those who want what you are offering will come to you.  You don’t have to go out and “pitch” anyone.


Q: How long does it take the average network marketer to begin making a profit?

A: You are not going to like my answer on this one.

The average network marketer sponsors 2.5 people.  A very high percentage sponsor no one.  Therefore, the average person in MLM will not make any money.

It’s very easy to get discouraged when so many people are teaching ineffective marketing methods.  They teach their people what they were taught and so on.  This is what leads to very high attrition rates in our industry.

This is why it’s so very important to learn the right way to market your business.