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Social Marketing Through Sickness

Well…back in upstate NY and back to spring colds.  Every time the weather makes a drastic change, I get sick.  This didn’t happen when we lived in KY because they don’t have the drastic temperature changes down there that we have up here.  It can be 80 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next.   And I get sick in that kind of weather.  Generally it’s not really sick, sick.  Most times it’s just a cold and laryngitis.  Laryngitis is always present.

In the past, when I did most of my prospecting offline and by calling leads, etc…  my business suffered.  This past week, my business hasn’t suffered.  Why?  Because I don’t need to speak or feel well to do social marketing.  I have had to reschedule a couple appointments that were to take place on the phone, but I’m still selling products, I’m still building my business.  If I’m feeling tired, I go sleep for a while.  Then, I social network when I wake up.  There is always someone online.

What about you?  If you couldn’t speak for a week or so, would your business suffer?  Or would you still be bringing in customers, clients, or business partners?  If you found yourself ill and didn’t feel well, would you still be able to work and prospect?

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The Grass Is NOT Always Greener

I’ve recently heard from quite a few people who have been led to believe that they should leave the MLM company they are working with and go into affiliate programs to sell leads. What is wrong with this picture? If someone can’t make an income in an MLM company by calling leads, what makes them think they can be successful SELLING leads? And who are they selling leads to? They are selling them to people who are desperate for success in their company just like they were a few weeks before.

If you are buying leads from these unscrupulous companies, be sure that you know ahead of time that the ones selling the leads are the only ones making money. However, they are making money by taking advantage of good people.

Sometimes it’s a “system” that people will try to sell you. They will tell you that they can teach you how to have success in your company. When you follow their “system” and have no success, they talk you into leaving your company and joining their affiliate program to sell their system. The problem is…the ones talked into selling the leads through the affiliate program are there because they weren’t able to achieve success using the “system” taught to them.

If they had just learned to simplify and focus in ONE direction, they would see that they could have an amazing amount of success. Jumping from one program to the next or one downline to the next has never worked for anyone. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there who look for those who are struggling and prey on them like vultures.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
What will you do with it?