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Wish You Could Live the Laptop Lifestyle?


No matter what people tell you, there are only two ways to make money online.

1.  Sell something


2.  Find others to join your team in selling something

You can do #1 without #2, but, in order for an opportunity to be legal, you can not do #2 without #1.

When you sell something, you earn commission.  Some companies will pay you 5%, some will pay 30%.  Some even pay as high as 40%.  How is that possible?  Well…generally, the product goes from the manufacturer through a bunch of middle men (who mark up the price at each step), and eventually is sold to the end consumer.

Generally, when you buy into a home based business, the product goes from the manufacturer through the company to the end consumer.  This way, the end price can be marked up, but there is no mark up from the middle men, so the company can pay you a commission for bringing them the end consumer.

I’m sure you’ve heard that some colleges are offering online education.  Convenience learning is a huge market in this day and age.  People love the idea of learning from the comfort of their home.

The products that I sell are online education for people who want to market their businesses on the internet.  Because they are made and delivered electronically, the manufacturing and delivery costs are very low.  The company, charges an affiliate fee of $20/mo., which covers these costs.  The commission that I make is 100% on what I sell.

100% is unheard of in the affiliate marketing arena.

To find out more about what I do from home, VISIT HERE

Tomorrow, I will tell you a little about the team of wonderful people that I work with to build my business.  We are called the eBananas.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let me know.

What is The Cloud Online

The Cloud or Cloud Computing is not a new concept.  It is just recently becoming more prominent.  My number one advice to computer owners is to get an external hard drive.  An external hard drive allows you to store all of your important files on it.  In the event of a computer crash your information stays safely on the external hard drive.

In very simple terms, The Cloud acts like an external hard drive.  You do not, however, have a physical external device attached to your computer.   You can access The Cloud from any computer, anywhere you are.  I can’t recall the number of times that I’ve been out at doctor appointments or sitting in waiting rooms somewhere with my laptop and wished I had a file from my external hard drive.

Had I stored those files on The Cloud, I would have been able to access them anywhere that I had an internet connection.  I would not have had to wait until I got home to access the file.