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Job Security – Does it Really Exist?

Companies are closing down at an alarming rate. The world is changing. Goods and services that were necessary just 10 or 20 years ago are no longer needed.

I remember 20 years ago, my daughter was just born, my son was a year old and the internet was dial up. AOL…that was THE internet provider. I got internet and very few of my friends had it. They didn’t want it. They didn’t know about the power of the internet. People thought it was just email. And that’s about all it was used for back then. The average person did not have an email address. These days, everyone has one and most people have a social networking account or two.

The internet is the new local corner store. Gossip and recommendations for products or services used to take place mainly in person. Now they take place mainly on the internet. If you want to recomment a product or service, you “like” it on facebook or review it on your blog or tweet about it. If you want to know what others think about a product or service, you “google” it, you ask your twitter followers about it or you ask your facebook friends about it.

Then, if you like a product or service based on what you’ve read, you can even BUY it on the internet.

This eliminates the need for a LOT of physical jobs. Not to mention the fact that there are way more information products these days than there were in the past. People are paying for information, training, and knowledge to better their lives. Schools and colleges are not teaching entrepreneurship. Well…some are, but not many. But, being an entrepreneur is the only way to have a secure future. It’s the only way that YOU can be in control of YOUR future.

How secure do you think YOUR job is now?

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JOB equals Just Over Broke

In my last 3 blog posts I went over how to get a JOB.  You may be wondering

“Why is Roxanne Green teaching me how to get a job?  She hates jobs.  She says J.O.B stands for Just Over Broke.  Why would she want me to get a job?”

Here’s the deal:

I believe that the best way to wealth is to become an entrepreneur and NEVER count on a JOB for security.  Believe me – I’ve had plenty of “Just Over Broke”s and there is nothing wrong with having to do that once in a while.  It’s just not a long term secure plan for the future.

With that said – in order to survive while you are starting your own business venture – you need some form of income.  You need to be able to sustain yourself and your family while building up your income from your business.  It’s just to provide a cushion.  Not a lifeline.

Now that the pressure is off, you can begin building your business.  I prefer a home based business.  I like to wake up in the morning when my body says it’s time, not an alarm clock.  Plus, you can work in an hour or two after your job when you are just starting out.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
What will you do with it?