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Birthday Sale on My Products

My 46th birthday is on Saturday.  About a month ago, I realized I was turning 46 and not 45 like I had thought.  Somehow I skipped a year.  LOL…  I’m actually excited to be turning 46.  I started over at 40 so I’m really going to be 6 years old.  🙂

Some awesome things are happening in my business.  I’m doing what I’ve always loved.  I’m teaching and helping others have success.  That is the most fulfilling feeling in the world!

I feel like I’m wasting my time when I’m just selling courses or coaching and people aren’t implementing what they are taught.  The majority of people I’ve worked with recently are implementing and having great success!  I love it!!

Have you been wanting to take a class or two of mine?  Now is your chance.  I’ve got some great new things coming up in the next month, so I’ve decided to discount the majority of my programs through Sunday (the end of my birthday weekend).  Check them out here.  Low investments will be reflected when you check out.  Enjoy!!