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If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Doing It Wrong

Social Space Marketing, that is!

It should be fun.  If it seems tedious and boring to you, then you are doing it all wrong.

I’ve been teaching social space marketing for a few years now and here’s the bottom line:

Those who implement what I teach are having fun and having success.

Those who do not implement, are not having fun or success.

When you do something day after day that is boring, you won’t continue with it.  But, if you can take the time to set things up properly and have fun from then on, you will look forward to doing the thing that is fun on a daily basis.

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**UPDATE**  Some of you who know the colored personalities have emailed me to say things like “I’m “green” and I don’t like to have FUN.  That’s a “blue” thing”.  Every one likes to have fun.  The definition of fun is simply different for different personalities.  You have to be having YOUR kind of fun.

Please leave comments here on the blog instead of emailing them to me so I can answer here.  Generally when one person asks a question, there are others who have the same question but aren’t asking.

Fake It Till You Make It?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Fake it till you make it”.  Should you pretend to be successful even if you aren’t?

One reason many people love the internet is anonymity.  But, you never know who you are really talking to online.

I don’t condone flat out lying about how successful you are.  For example, this and similar phrasing has been going around lately on the internet:

Before 10:00 am I made more money online than some people make in their entire 8 hour shift. —>>>NOT BRAGGING JUST BEING HONEST!

Come on!!!  I am amazed at the number of people who fall for this crap.  MAYBE one day you did that, but not on a daily basis.  I know for a fact that some of the people using this have never made a dime online.  Now, maybe if they are not employed and their 8 hour shift is sitting home watching TV, it may be true.

What I do recommend is that you NEVER say, online in a public space, how UNSUCCESSFUL you are.  NEVER complain that you are broke.  You can talk to your coach about it, but that’s it.

In all public spaces, you have to at least give the appearance that you are successful or no one will take you seriously.  That does not mean put up pics of gorgeous houses and expensive vehicles and pretend they are yours.  It simply means do not complain or broadcast that you are UNsuccessful.


Why Not Join Me and Start Your Home Business Today?

I am so excited!! I loved my home based business! It’s so easy.

All I have to do is show people how to turn an everyday household expense into an income. It’s unlike any other business I’ve done. I don’t have to ask people to spend ANY new money out of their budget. I simply show them how to shop at a different store for the same products they are buying now and my company pays me for showing them the new store. That’s it. It’s so simple.

In the past I’ve built businesses talking people into buying overpriced miracle juice and magic supplements. No more. The products at the new store I help people shop at are competitively priced.

How can we do that? How can we sell competitively priced products that people are already using on a daily basis? My business partner is the manufacturer of the products.

In a traditional MLM type structure, the products are manufactured by a manufacturer. They are then sold to the company. The company pays reps to sell them to the end consumer. This one extra step adds to the cost of the product to the end consumer.

In a traditional business, the products are manufactured by a manufacturer, then sold through reps to a store, then the store advertises to get the word out and then the products are sold to the end consumer.

Let’s take a look:

Traditional Business = Manufacturer => Wholesaler => Store => Advertising => End Consumer

Traditional MLM = Manufacturer => Company => End Consumer (Commission goes to MLM Rep)

My business = Manufacturer => End Consumer (Commission goes to Direct Marketing Rep)

So…the cost of products in my company can be competitive with major brands. This is very important. One of the major tests that is looked at when determining if a business is reputable is to ask this question:

Would you buy your products for the price you pay for them even if there were no business opportunity attached?

If the answer is no, then you are not in a good business model. Many people in traditional MLMs are forced to buy a lot of products to qualify to earn commission. Many people in traditional MLMs are forced to buy a bunch of product up front and then hope and pray they can sell it to someone and make money. That’s so sad. No matter what, don’t get roped into one of these types of businesses. You will be struggling forever and gaining very little ground.

Look for a business with a low cost to enter. Many charge hundreds or even thousands to join. Look for a business where you are not forced to load your garage with product just to qualify for bonuses. Many of them make you buy hundreds of dollars of stuff you would never buy otherwise EVERY month.

I love that I simply purchase better quality products that I would have bought elsewhere anyway AND I save money doing it. Then I make money showing others how to do the same thing. That is (for me) the PERFECT business. No spending money on stuff I don’t really need or want. No buying tons of stuff only to hope that I can sell it.

If you are interested in finding out more about what I do, just drop me an email at roxanne@roxannegreen.com or call me at 315.236.2119 I’m happy to help.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

Is Social Spark a Scam?

I haven’t completely figured that out yet, but I’m working on it for you.  SocialSpark is a company that matches bloggers with advertisers.  Advertisers have products or services that they want to get the word out about.  They go to Social Spark to find bloggers who will review their products and/or services and get matched up. The blogger writes a review, gives SocialSpark permission to post it to their blog and they review it and post it.  The blogger gets paid a pre-determined amount for the post.

One HUGE problem that I see is they use Google Analytics to make the determination of which and how many offers the blogger gets.  As you may know, I do NOT like Google Analytics.  My visitor rankings are way higher than GA puts them at.  At the time of writing this post, my PR is 2.  It’s not easy to get to a PR2.  I write a post and within minutes it is indexed in the search engines.

I’ve been signed up for SocialSpark for over a week or so and have referred two bloggers to them but have received NO offers.  Supposedly offers come in on a daily basis.  But…the advertiser does not choose the blogger, Social Spark does.  And they do not take the entire picture into consideration when making you offers.  I’d hold off on this one for a bit.  It can be frustrating if you are counting on getting paid in the near future for writing blog posts.

There are many other ways to make money with your blog.  Don’t do this one unless you are an established blogger and just want to try something different like I’m doing.

UPDATE – Unless you are the type of person who likes to sit around, do nothing and NOT make money, do not get involved with SocialSpark. They have visited my blog via numerous google searches and KNOW that I can write a post and have it indexed ON PAGE ONE in google search results in a matter of minutes and STILL will not give me offers because they are too dependent on something that does not work properly (Google Analytics).


UPDATE 2 – It’s been a little over a month since I joined Social Spark and they are STILL not giving me offers.  Why?  Because they are depending on Google Analytics to tell them how good my blog is.  LOL…that’s a JOKE.  You most likely found this post because you did a search for information about Social Spark.  It’s on page ONE of the search results in google and has been since about 12 minutes after I wrote the post.  BUT…I still get no offers.  I don’t think they are a scam per se, but they are not a good company to try to make money with.  That’s MY opinion. 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

I Suck at Decorating

I get so upset with myself sometimes because I have absolutely NO sense of style and NO sense of how to decorate. We’ve moved into this nice house and I want it to look nice. I have been cleaning every day. Sweeping and mopping floors and keeping the dishes done up on a daily basis. That’s a big step for me. In the past I would do a once a week cleaning and that was a PAIN. It’s not easy balancing working from home and keeping house and kids and husband and etc… But… Now, I’m realizing if I do it daily, it only takes a short amount of time out of my day and it’s much easier. My vacuum isn’t used to every day use so it broke down on me. Gotta go grab a new one today. 😉

Now I want to start decorating. I want to decorate my porch for each holiday. I want to make my home look nice and comfortable for visitors. So…wish me luck. Maybe…just maybe…I will have pictures soon. I am going to take a decorating course. AAAHHHHH… I’ve always wanted to take one, but I never did because I wasn’t sure I could do it.

That’s a whole other blog post, though. I’ve never really done anything that I could or thought I might fail at. I’ve always been a success at everything because I’ve never stepped out of my comfort zone into an area where I could fail.

So…decorating my new home is an area where I could fail. I know NOTHING about it. We shall see how this turns out. I’ll keep you posted. Feel free to leave any decorating suggestions in the comments.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?