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Why Are You Promoting Empower??

I’ve received this question from a number of my readers and newsletter subscribers so I wanted to address it here in public.  I’ve combined all of the questions into one and will post the question(s) and my response.


You have said that you never want to promote a system, you always want to promote yourself.  You have also told us that using blog systems like Empower is promoting them and not us.  It has also been said that we should host our own blog so we control it, not someone else.  It seems like you are going against everything you’ve taught by promoting Empower Network.  Why is that?

These are all great questions and you are correct.  Generally I say that you should host and control your own blog.  However…that has stopped many of you from blogging because you don’t know and/or don’t want to learn how to do that.  Empower is the next best option IF you don’t want the hassle of setting everything up yourself.

You can certainly use the Empower system to promote yourself.   They actually encourage you to do that.  If you don’t have a company, you can certainly promote EN.  And, if you don’t want the hassles of teaching blogging to your team, you can always just plug them into EN to get the blog all set up and optimized for them and the training to go with it.

It’s all totally up to you.   I’m only suggesting the Empower Network system as the next best option for those of you who don’t want the hassle of setting up and hosting your own blog.   I will always say that controlling your own is best.  No question.  But that does require learning what to do and how to do it.



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Is Building Your Business Work or Luck?

Last night on facebook, Kim Klaver asked a question. She asked

Do You Control It All?

Frank Kern is an Internet marketer who earns in the millions per year. So far, none of his students have come really close to his income. And many of them work what he teaches around the clock. Same for MLM. Top earners like Jordan Dreamon or Donna Johnson are what inspire the masses to join. Yet no I know of – on their teams and trained by them and putting in similar hours – has come close to their income.

So my question:

Regarding giant success – say $50,000/mo in MLM – how much do you believe you control? If you don’t get there in say the ten years or whatever it took them – is that your fault?

I’m just talking about folks who are working around the clock the way the top person did or does. Not those who spend a few hours a week.

What say you? Is it under your control or are there other factors in play?

Around 2005 I found an MLM trainer named Kim Klaver. Kim is a brilliant lady that I was eager to learn from. I went on every call that she had. Ms. Klaver started a new website for MLMers. On her calls, many people were asking technical questions about navigating the website that Kim couldn’t answer. After all, she is a marketing expert and not a techie. I spoke up and started answering the questions for her and helping people. After a few calls like this, Kim asked “Roxanne, can I just hire you?” I thought “Pay me for what I do naturally anyway? Sure…why not.” and I began working for her.

Through the course of my working with Kim, I met a lot of wonderful people. Over 200 of those people ended up signing up for my newsletter. During my time with Kim Klaver, 43 of those 200+ people ended up joining me in my network marketing company. I did not “prospect” one of them. Every one of them came to me and asked me what I was doing and told me they wanted to be in my organization.

Was this luck? Was this “being in the right place at the right time”?

I was working my business every hour of every day. I worked, ate and slept MLM. I dreamed about it. It consumed my life. I was in the right place at the right time, but NOT because of luck. I positioned myself there. I was learning skills to better my business.

Was it “luck” that these 43 people asked to join my business? NO…I did not go after them and “prospect” them, but I smartly positioned myself in a way where THEY ASKED ME if they could join my business. It was calculated and planned. I was working with my upline at the time and we spent many, many hours going over how I could use this position to build my business without being unethical and chasing after people. I was simply myself. I was a person who they wanted to be doing business with.

In addition, 4 other MLM trainers heard of my work with Kim and wanted me to come work for them. Was that luck? NO…I’m good at what I do and others hear about it.

I now teach others how to place themselves in the position where they have people asking to join their business instead of constantly being out there chasing after people.