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What Does Empower Network Sell?

OK…here goes…I’m going to break this down for you. Many people seem to think that Empower Network is a scam because there is no physical product that they can touch, eat, put on their body, etc… Before I get into exactly what the products are, I’d like to talk to you a bit about other online products that you can’t touch. Here is just a brief list:

Kindle books
Audible audio books
Online education from Universities
Website hosting
Coach Roxanne’s online education
Any downloadable audio or ebook

In the past, socializing and network marketing were done face to face. You see someone, get in a conversation with them and introduce them to your products or business. Today, a lot of that interaction is done online.

Many traditional businesses are going out of business. Think of Borders books. They are done. No more. Very few people buy physical books anymore. They buy books they can download to their Kindles, Nooks, iPads, even their phones. Physical book stores are going out of business in record numbers.

Many jobs that existed just a few short years ago don’t exist anymore. Physical newspapers are going out of business because people now get their news and information much quicker online.

The online world is here and it’s here to stay. There is no denying that.

YOU have a choice….

Learn to roll WITH the changes or be left behind.

That is where Empower Network comes in. Two brilliant, kinda quirky guys decided to put together information products to help people who want to embrace the future. They have come up with training that will help marketers get the word out about their products or services in this new online world.

You do not have to market Empower’s products.  You can use the training and systems to market YOUR products, business opportunity or services. 

It’s way more than just a blogging system.

Prior to joining, I checked out EN and thought it was mainly a blogging system. However, I’m finding out that it’s OH SO MUCH MORE. The training that they offer is amazing. Even someone like me (I’ve been doing and teaching this stuff for years) can learn a lot from their training.

Contrary to what you see some reps doing, they teach you to NOT go out there and scream in everyone’s faces and yell about how great your business is. They teach you effective ways to get in front of people without being a slimy salesperson. Without pressuring anyone. They teach you how to have people coming to you instead of chasing after them.

Unfortunately… some just have a hard time losing their typical network marketer or slimy salesperson attitude. You know them. They are the ones that give every company out there a bad name. They are everywhere.

If you are someone who wants to learn how to market online, the Empower Network products are for you.  If you want to continue doing what you’ve always done, do me a favor and don’t join Empower Network. You won’t succeed and you will blame it on me or them. However, if you want to learn the right way to market your business online, go sign up. Go through the training.

Worst case… you sign up, do nothing and don’t continue.

Best case… you sign up, learn how to properly market your business online and make money.

If you were to buy every product Empower Network has, you would spend $ 5,100. Some MLM companies are charging that just to get in these days. I don’t suggest you jump in with every product right away. You will get overwhelmed and you will quit. Start out with the $25/mo. blogging system. Or add in the $100/mo. Inner Circle trainings. These are only products that are recurring monthly products. All others are a one time investment.  Make those investments as you go so you can learn in a step by step process.  There is no inventory loading here because you can’t buy more than one of each product.  If you want to be an affiliate and get paid when others buy EN’s products (like I do) there is an additional monthly investment for the affiliate side of it.

What are you waiting for?  It’s here for you on a silver platter.  Click here and join (ONLY if you are willing to learn and coachable).  😉  I’ll see you inside.





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How Dare You Charge So Much?

I’m am doing something new with my newsletters and blog.  I will be answering readers’ questions.  Send any questions you have to me at roxanne@roxannegreen.com

I got an email yesterday that I am going to answer here.


You claim to love helping people, but you charge for information.  How can you say that?  I am flat broke and would love to hire you for a strategy session but there’s no way I can.  Why do you have to charge so much?

Upset in CT

Hi Upset,

That’s a great question.  Here is what I’ve realized over the years:

You have two choices.  1.  Pay for someone to help you. or 2.  Take the time to learn what you need to know on your own. 

I chose to go the 2nd route when I first started and decided that since I’m good at researching and pick things up quickly, I could do that.  Boy was I wrong!!  You can learn a lot for free.  But…there is a LOT that people just do not give away.  I realized that if I wanted to be successful, I needed to pay for information and I also needed a coach. 

We all get stuck at times.  Running your business is kind of like being in a marriage.  Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what is really going on.  When you are in the middle of a situation, you really don’t see it clearly.  A coach can get a view from an impartial standpoint.  They can see things that you can’t see.  The same person who sent me the email is on facebook.  I see him all the time posting quotes and not much else.  That is NOT how to use social media to build your business.  If he had spend a measly $12.95 for my facebook class, he would know that. 

Let me ask you…what is your business worth?  Is it worth 12.95 or even 97.00 or even 297.00 to get on track and be making a lot more than that?  What kind of investment are you willing to make into your business?  Because if you are not willing to invest in your business, don’t expect your business to give back to you. 

Every time you look at your iphone or your cable bill or how many times you eat out instead of cooking at home, etc… ask yourself where you can cut back so you can invest in your future.

The second part of my answer…I would LOVE to be able to help the world for free.  However, my family needs to eat and pay bills and have a roof over their head as well.  I would never recommend that you do what you love and not get paid for it.  I teach people how to make money doing what they love.  Not how to go broke and live on the street to do what they love.  How would you feel if I asked you to come to my house and do a whole bunch of work for me for free?  No meals, no money, nothing in return…just do it?  Now…what if 10, 20, or even 30 people were asking you to work for them for free.  Put in a few hours/day at each person’s house doing yard work.  You would think that is a ridiculous proposition. 

So, Upset in CT, I understand where you are coming from.  But…you must be willing to invest in your business or it may never show you a return. 

Fake It Till You Make It?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Fake it till you make it”.  Should you pretend to be successful even if you aren’t?

One reason many people love the internet is anonymity.  But, you never know who you are really talking to online.

I don’t condone flat out lying about how successful you are.  For example, this and similar phrasing has been going around lately on the internet:

Before 10:00 am I made more money online than some people make in their entire 8 hour shift. —>>>NOT BRAGGING JUST BEING HONEST!

Come on!!!  I am amazed at the number of people who fall for this crap.  MAYBE one day you did that, but not on a daily basis.  I know for a fact that some of the people using this have never made a dime online.  Now, maybe if they are not employed and their 8 hour shift is sitting home watching TV, it may be true.

What I do recommend is that you NEVER say, online in a public space, how UNSUCCESSFUL you are.  NEVER complain that you are broke.  You can talk to your coach about it, but that’s it.

In all public spaces, you have to at least give the appearance that you are successful or no one will take you seriously.  That does not mean put up pics of gorgeous houses and expensive vehicles and pretend they are yours.  It simply means do not complain or broadcast that you are UNsuccessful.


Main Reason for Failure Online

I recently opened up some coaching slots. My intent was to offer this at a great discount to those who could FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.  If someone is unable to follow directions, it is a waste of my time and their money to hire me because they are NOT COACHABLE.

I sent an email to my list that clearly said

Many of you have asked me for one on one coaching.  I’ve decided to open up a few spots.  Unfortunately, I can not work one on one with everyone.  I can, however, fit a handful of you into my schedule.  If you want to apply for coaching with me, email roxanne at coachroxanne dot com and put “APPLICATION FOR COACHING” in the subject line.  Tell me what you are working on, where you are now and what you need help with.  Life or business…I can help.

Eight people replied.  Here are a few of the responses (the rest were similar);

  • I want to work with you.
  • Will you coach me for free please.
  • I love your trainings but have no money.  Can you work with me free?
  • Since I bought a course from you in the past can you teach me everything you know.

Now….I’m not in business for charity.  My prices are VERY reasonable compared to what others charge.  I have given away a LOT of free trainings in the past.

I am totally shocked at the online mentality of people.  Everyone wants something for NOTHING.  Life does not happen that way.  You spend time or you spend money.  Everything I’ve learned, I’ve paid for with time and/or money.  It makes me very sad when I see these people struggling.  Many of them I’ve been acquainted with for years.  And years later they are still wondering why they are not successful.

HELLOOOO???  Are you serious?

If just ONE of them had replied and actually followed the instructions in the email, I probably would have been so excited to find someone who is coachable that I would have given them a huge discount and given them way more value than they paid for.


I recently told people about a program online that costs ONE MEASLY DOLLAR for the first 30 days.  They walk you through step by step how to make money online.  There are videos showing you EXACTLY what to do and EXACTLY what to say.   If people can simply FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, you can be successful making money online.  I am amazed (I SHOULDN’T BE) at the number of people who replied to say “I can’t afford $1” or “I don’t have the time to do this”.  OMG…really??  Are you kidding me?  Some of those people who have no time are playing facebook games for HOURS every day.


A couple months ago, I had someone purchase a 6 WEEK self study course from me.  This course is clearly delivered in 6 WEEKLY lessons.  That was stated on the order page.  This particular woman had multiple failures to follow through.  First, she was directed by my payment processor to a page that clearly said



Just one more step.  In order to receive the modules, you will need to fill out the form below. 

My payment processor verified that she was, indeed, directed to this page.  My stat counter verified that her IP address visited that page immediately after payment.  She emailed me to say that she did not get access to the course.  The reason was that she did not follow directions and did not fill out the form.  I did not tell her that, I simply apologized and gave her access to the form to fill out.  She then emailed me to tell me that the links in my email do not work.  I verified that the correct links were in my autoresponder series and send her the link to the first weekly lesson.  At that point I suspected her email was stripping the links so I said “If you can’t get the remaining weeks, just email me.”  I did not hear back from her.  Now, at this point, I know for a fact that this person received module ONE.  However, she did not send in homework from module ONE.  This was her SECOND failure to follow directions on her part.  Over the next few weeks, I checked with my autoresponder periodically to be sure the lessons were being sent to her.  They were.  I did not hear from her so I assumed she was getting the lessons.  She did not send in homework from lesson one, which I know she received so her failure to follow directions and send in homework was not an indication of anything.

WEEKS LATER…after the entire course was sent to her and I took the course down to redo it….she emailed me to say that she never received anything beyond week one and she wanted a refund.  ???????  I was very nice and let her know that my terms are 30 days on refunds and since it had been well beyond the 30 days, I could not do that.  I offered her a couple different options, one being a free one hour coaching session (worth well over $500) .  She wanted NOTHING but a refund.  We have multiple failures to follow through on her part.

In conclusion, failure to follow directions and failure to actually WANT to better your life are the main reasons that you are not successful at making money from home.