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Incompetent Customer Service from the US Postal Service

Postal carriers are complaining that the government wants to close physical locations. They will be out of jobs. Let me tell you…when your job is on the line, you SHOULD provide excellent customer service so people will WANT to do business with you.

I ship packages out on an almost daily basis. When I lived in KY, I never had a problem with a carrier coming to the house and picking up the packages. I would notify them online that there is a pickup for the next day and VOILA! they would show up and pick up the packages.

Since I’ve been in NY, I’ve had pickups through 2 different post offices. I have had problems with both of them. The Sterling NY post office is SEVERELY lacking in it’s customer service. The postal carrier on my route was rude, obnoxious and missed pickups all the time.   Now, in Cato, I have a carrier who is CLUELESS when it comes to pickups.  I put notes on the order when I put it in and he doesn’t read them.  This past weekend, I put in a pickup order for Saturday and it said to pick up the packages “at the front door” just like always.  His reasoning to his boss as to why he did not pick up the packages was “I didn’t see them on the porch”.  HELLO????  Come to the front door and VOILA! you would have seen them sitting next to the door ready to go.

Customer service everywhere needs to step it up!!


I’ve Been Away for a While

On October 1, 2011, our family finally moved back to our hometown of Cato NY so we could be closer to friends and family. I am so happy that we aren’t stuck out at the end of the Earth in a tiny little house in Fair Haven anymore. Our new home is about twice the size of our old one. If I must be in NY (I would prefer to be in a warmer climate) I prefer to live in Cato. It’s a small town…one of the ones where you blink, you miss it…and I love living where I know almost everyone and almost everyone knows me. I go to the store and meet up with at least 5 or 6 people I haven’t seen in a while and am happy to catch up with.

Anyway…We are pretty much settled in and I’m back up and running as a full time work at home mom.

Many of you know that I am a business coach. I help technologically challenged entrepreneurs and small businesses market online using social spaces. I’ve been helping people create an income from home for around 12 years now.

Among others, I teach a course called “Cash in on Your Passion” where I help people figure out what their passion is and how to make money doing what they love. That course is one of my best sellers. Many people who go through the course decide that they either don’t want to build a business from scratch or they just want something where they can basically “paint by numbers” and build a business. For these people, I had nothing to offer them.

That has changed!! I am beginning a new business where I can help people have their own business and all they have to do is “paint by numbers”. Follow the steps, in sequence, and they will be successful. Now…don’t get me wrong…this is NOT something where you can sign up, do nothing and make money. Notice I said “follow the steps, in sequence”. This means there is going to be work that you have to do in order to find success. Honestly, anything that is worth investing time, effort and money into is going to take work. Not one person has ever had a successful business magically appear with their name on the checks. There are unscrupulous people out there that will try to convince you if you give them your hard earned money, you can sit back and do nothing and get paid. If you live in fantasy land, that may work. 😉

I will be updating my blog and letting you know when I am ready to begin accepting business partners to “paint by numbers” with me. In the meantime, if you just can’t wait for the announcement, fill out the form HERE to be put on the Priority Notification List and you will be in the first group to get information about this new business venture.

Stay tuned!! I will be posting updates on a regular basis now that I’m settled in and actually have an office to work in. 🙂

We Are Moving

I am very excited!! We have finally found the perfect place and are moving back to Cato, NY. I can’t wait. Fairhaven (where we are living now) seems like the end of the earth. It takes forever to do anything. No one visits way out here.

I have lived in Cato since I turned 21. We moved to KY for 3 years and came back to help out my in-laws. My friends and family are all in the Cato area. If everything works out as we hope with this house, we will be staying in NY for quite a while. We planned on another year or so, but…

The house is actually a half a house. It’s an old, big farmhouse type that’s been redone and now houses a wonderful family with 8 kids. The family is moving out of state. They have added on to the original house that was there. Currently, they are in the process of converting part of the garage and the addition into another half of a house. The part we are moving into is what was the original house so it’s good sized.

I will finally have my own home office again. That’s the best part. I’m so much more productive when I have an office where I can close the door and just get to work. For a year and a half, I’ve been working out of our livingroom. We have no livingroom anymore. When my son came home we gave him the sleeper sofa and that has since wore out. It was old anyway. I just realized…we have no livingroom furniture. LOL…..That’s OK. We will get some I’m sure.

Two bathrooms…we will have two bathrooms again. 🙂 I told the kids they can stay as long as they want, but they have to work and they have to pay rent. I remember when I was growing up…I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. Kids these days just don’t want to move out. That’s OK. Don’t tell them, but I kind of like having them around. I’m glad they don’t read my blog.

Clayton is doing better, but still has a long way to go in his recovery. He keeps trying to do more than he should. Yesterday I thought that I was going to end up in the ER with him. He tried helping out a friend the day before and overdid it. Not good. Today is a better day, but he has to realize that he is not invincible.

Anyway…things are looking up. I feel better already just knowing we are moving closer to friends and family. I can’t wait!!! Everything always works out as it should. God always takes care of us and makes sure we end up where we belong.