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If You Are Not Coachable, I Can NOT Help You

In order to succeed in business, you MUST be coachable.  What do I mean by coachable?  You must be able to follow simple instructions.  If you ask me about my business and I direct you to a post or video or audio that answers your questions, you must actually go there and check it out.  If you do not, then come back to ask me again about my business, you will get the same answer!  I can not do the work for you.  YOU have to show some initiative and show that you are going to be a good business partner.

I do NOT want to work with you if you can’t follow simple instructions.

Why?  Because if you can’t follow simple instructions before you partner with me in business, you are going to be the type of person who wants something for nothing and that’s not what I’m offering here.  I’m offering you your own home based BUSINESS.  Businesses take work.  They take time and effort.  If you aren’t willing to put in time and effort into building a future, I can’t help you.


What is MLM or Network Marketing?

I had not intended to actually begin my business until December 1, 2012.  I had a few things that I needed to finish up during the month of November before I could concentrate fully on getting my new business up and running.

That plan, however, was derailed, but it was derailed in a good way.  I have had quite a few people already ask if they could join my new business.

THIS  is what I teach people.  People join people they know, like and trust.  I’ve positioned myself over the years in front of these people.  They didn’t even know yet what company I was joining, but said “I want to be on your team”.   That is powerful.  My new business is an MLM (Network Marketing) company.

What is MLM or Network Marketing?

Let me first explain what happened to me in 1985 shortly after I graduated high school.  I was approached by a gentleman who was involved in a company called Amway.  He explained the business to me by drawing a bunch of circles on a white board and talking about leveraging the time and efforts of others.  He explained a business where you not only get paid on your efforts but on the efforts of everyone you bring in as a business partner and everyone they partner with and so forth.   I LOVED that concept.  I’m always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder.

However, I was young and didn’t really understand what I had.  I tried this whole thing called Network Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and it just didn’t work so I quit.  I joined a few different companies over the years, but really didn’t know what I was doing or how to do it.  About 12 years ago I decided to buckle down and really learn this business.  I got involved with a home party company called Petra Fashions.   I would go to people’s homes and do parties for them and sell lingerie.  I loved it!!  I had fun, I made money and it was great.  After a few years, my friends and their friends and everyone I talked to had more lingerie than they knew what to do with and the business just kind of fizzled out.

That’s when I realized if I was going to do this and have it last, I needed products that people would want to purchase over and over again.  Consumable products.  Over the past 10 years, I joined a couple different companies and learned a LOT through trial and error.  Most was error, but that taught me what doesn’t work.  In 2005 I joined a company and took all that I learned over the years and implemented some strategies (still learning more as time went by) and built a good sized business.  I was having fun and making money and it was the best of both worlds.  During that time, I was also teaching classes for people who were building businesses just like me.

In 2010, I decided that teaching was what I felt led to do.  I also, however, felt that being involved in my own MLM company while coaching others would be a conflict of interest.  I didn’t want my clients to feel uncomfortable thinking I may want them to join my business.  So, I left my network marketing company and began my coaching business.  Over the past two years I realized something.  I was teaching others to be successful in THEIR businesses and they were making more money than I was doing coaching.

So…after some soul searching and talking to others, I decided to get back into MLM because I was leaving a lot of money on the table.

Here’s the best part about working an MLM company…I get paid a commission on anything that people purchase from my site.  Just like any other sales person in the world.  The difference is that I get a larger commission than most salespeople do.  Most times, a salesperson sells a product and they get a very low percentage of the cost of the product.  This is because in order to bring the product to market, the product generally goes through channels.  The more people and advertising involved in bringing a  product to the end consumer, the less commission can be paid to the salesperson.  Even large stores like Walmart or Target or Wegmans, etc… have costs involved with bringing their products to the end consumer.  This means either the price goes up or the store gets less money.   With MLM, the product generally goes direct from the manufacturer to the consumer.  The person who introduces the consumer to the product gets a bigger portion of the pie because there are no other channels involved.  No advertising.  It’s all word of mouth by the independent representative (rep) to the consumer.

There is a popular program out there by Direct TV.  If a Direct TV customer recommends the company to a friend and the friend starts their own service, Direct TV gives a $10 credit for 10 months to the person who referred the new customer.  BUT…in this case, they are capped at the amount of their bill.   If their bill is $50/mo and they refer 10 friends, they only get a $50 credit for 10 months.  After the 10 months, they are done.  But…with MLM, I continue to get paid a commission (actual money, not just a credit on my products) as long as the person remains a customer or a rep.

How Do You Find Your Target Market

First, let’s define “Target Market”.  Your target market is your perfect client, customer or business partner.

In order to find them, you must first define them.  Think of your perfect customer, client or business partner.  What do they look like?  What do they do?  What qualities do they posses?  Be specific.  The more specific, the better.  “Someone who wants my product/service/to join my business” is NOT specific enough.  You must define who that person is.  For example, if you have a product that helps regulate blood sugar, your target market would be someone with diabetes.  You might find them in a diabetes support group.

Once you have CLEARLY defined your target market, you can find them easily by asking yourself “Where might this person “hang out” online?

Now that you know who they are and where they hang out, go find them.  DO NOT pitch your product/service/business to them.  Simply interact with them online.  Make sure your profile clearly states what you do and who you are looking for.  Let them ask you once they get to know you.

Want to find out more about social networking to build your business?  It’s not too late to join my 6 Week Social Network Your Way to Cash course.  It’s already underway, but you can listen to the recordings.  (Week two was delayed a week due to a family emergency on my part, so the course will run one week longer than expected.)

Why Not Join Me and Start Your Home Business Today?

I am so excited!! I loved my home based business! It’s so easy.

All I have to do is show people how to turn an everyday household expense into an income. It’s unlike any other business I’ve done. I don’t have to ask people to spend ANY new money out of their budget. I simply show them how to shop at a different store for the same products they are buying now and my company pays me for showing them the new store. That’s it. It’s so simple.

In the past I’ve built businesses talking people into buying overpriced miracle juice and magic supplements. No more. The products at the new store I help people shop at are competitively priced.

How can we do that? How can we sell competitively priced products that people are already using on a daily basis? My business partner is the manufacturer of the products.

In a traditional MLM type structure, the products are manufactured by a manufacturer. They are then sold to the company. The company pays reps to sell them to the end consumer. This one extra step adds to the cost of the product to the end consumer.

In a traditional business, the products are manufactured by a manufacturer, then sold through reps to a store, then the store advertises to get the word out and then the products are sold to the end consumer.

Let’s take a look:

Traditional Business = Manufacturer => Wholesaler => Store => Advertising => End Consumer

Traditional MLM = Manufacturer => Company => End Consumer (Commission goes to MLM Rep)

My business = Manufacturer => End Consumer (Commission goes to Direct Marketing Rep)

So…the cost of products in my company can be competitive with major brands. This is very important. One of the major tests that is looked at when determining if a business is reputable is to ask this question:

Would you buy your products for the price you pay for them even if there were no business opportunity attached?

If the answer is no, then you are not in a good business model. Many people in traditional MLMs are forced to buy a lot of products to qualify to earn commission. Many people in traditional MLMs are forced to buy a bunch of product up front and then hope and pray they can sell it to someone and make money. That’s so sad. No matter what, don’t get roped into one of these types of businesses. You will be struggling forever and gaining very little ground.

Look for a business with a low cost to enter. Many charge hundreds or even thousands to join. Look for a business where you are not forced to load your garage with product just to qualify for bonuses. Many of them make you buy hundreds of dollars of stuff you would never buy otherwise EVERY month.

I love that I simply purchase better quality products that I would have bought elsewhere anyway AND I save money doing it. Then I make money showing others how to do the same thing. That is (for me) the PERFECT business. No spending money on stuff I don’t really need or want. No buying tons of stuff only to hope that I can sell it.

If you are interested in finding out more about what I do, just drop me an email at roxanne@roxannegreen.com or call me at 315.236.2119 I’m happy to help.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

How to NOT Get What You Want

How to NOT get what you want. Call up the person you want something from and talk non stop about how great you are. Then insult them when they have an opinion that differs from yours.

A friend recently asked me if I would be open to hearing about a win-win business proposal from her business partner. She said she thought of me because I have a decent sized contact list. I guard my contact list very closely and don’t pitch them with every offer that comes along, so I told my friend that I don’t know if it will do any good, but she can have her business partner call me with the details. I assumed that they wanted me to go to my contact list with some kind of offer that would benefit both of us.

This morning, I get a phone call from a guy who says hello, verifies that it’s me who answered the phone and immediately launches into a 3 minute diatribe about how wonderful he and XYZ company are. He was babbling so fast that I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. After about 3 minutes I yelled “BREATHE” into the phone. I told him that the desperation was showing in his voice and asked him to “PLEASE take a breath before you pass out”. I was literally scared that this guy was going to pass out from not breathing. He would ask a question and then answer it without even pausing!!! Why did he even need me?

I had been in XYZ company before and left for a reason. I explained why I left XYZ company and asked if the thing causing me to want to leave had changed. It had not but this guy began to tell me why it’s not a problem. HELLO????? It’s a problem for ME. I don’t want to do business with a company that doesn’t allow certain things. That’s MY prerogative.

He began to shout at me that I’m wrong and he’s right. He got very angry and loud because I stated my opinion. I was blown away. This is NOT how you treat someone you want something from. I’m told this guy is successful in his company, however, I googled him and couldn’t even find much about him. Well…I’m sure there are people out there (victims of abuse maybe) that like being treated that way, but those of us who are entrepreneurial minded and make our own decisions and have our own opinions do not like to be treated that way.

I see this type of thing all the time on the social spaces that I’m on. People are thinking that they can simply babble on and on incessantly about how wonderful they are and everyone will flock to join them. This does NOT work!! It may get you a few people who are down in the dumps and used to being talked down to, but it will NOT get you quality people.

Stop the madness!!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
What will you do with it?