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What is Your Biggest Struggle Building a Business?


I need your help with some market research.

What one thing do you struggle with most when trying to build your business online?

Leave your answer here in the comments.

One lucky commenter* will win a FREE Strategy Session with me.


 *In order to be eligible to win, you MUST comment here on this blog post.  Do not email me your comments.  This contest is open to all.   You do NOT have to be a previous customer to participate.

How Can I Get More Personalized Help for My Business?

I am loving all of the questions I’ve been getting.  Some are the same as others are asking so I’m just going to either pick one or consolidate the similar ones into one.  Keep the questions coming.  Email to roxanne@roxannegreen.com and put NEWSLETTER QUESTION in the subject line.

Here is today’s Q&A:

Hi Roxanne,

I’ve taken a couple of your classes and love your teaching style.  Thank you for keeping it real and not “sugar coating” things for us. 

I have a hard time when it comes to making the examples you give into specifics for my business.  What would you suggest?


Hi CJ,

Thank you!  I’m glad you are enjoying the classes. 

Unfortunately, I have people from all different businesses and industries on my calls so I can’t possibly tailor examples for every one of them or the classes would be WAY longer than they are now.  If you need help crafting your clear, concise “About Me” statement, clearly defining your target market, or knowing what to say when someone contacts you, you might want to consider having a VIP Day with me. The VIP Days are for serious entrepreneurs only. It’s a concentrated day with me where we go over your business and get into specifics of marketing tailored for you. Every person is different and every business is different. I help you figure out exactly what to say and exactly what to do. No generic examples there.