Put Your Income Tax Refund to Good Use

What will you do with your income tax refund this year? Why not invest a bit of it into making a better future instead of frivolous spending?

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Anatomy of a Facebook Page

Do you have a business page on facebook? If not…why not? If so…is it set up to best benefit you?

Here is what my business page looks like to the person who has not yet “liked” it:

And here is what it looks like after someone “likes” it:



Notice how the content changes once someone clicks the Like button. That’s called a “reveal tab”. Content on that tab can not be accessed until that person Likes the page. Some page owners have an opt in form for a free product and some offer a free video, audio, and/or report. In order for your facebook business page to perform at it’s best, this is the most effective way to set up your business page.

There are other parts of a business page that are equally important. I’ve circled them in the image below and will explain each piece at the bottom of the image.


1. Business page banner – Facebook allows you a much larger area for this banner than you have on your personal profile. I recommend using ALL of the space you are allowed. You should have a photo of YOU in here. Even if your business has a logo, you should also show people the PERSON behind the business. Also use this space to tell your visitors a little about your business/product. Maybe a company slogan or catch phrase. I always include the top and bottom of this banner when I build one (unless the client doesn’t want it). The top reminds them to click the LIKE button and the bottom reminds them to share the page with their friends.

2. Business page photo strip – The images you choose for this photo strip can be anything, however, remember…they are random. Each image must be able to stand on it’s own because they will show up in a different spot every time you refresh the page.

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