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Marketing Your Business Online

Here is a perfect example of why most people fail miserably when marketing their business online.  I recently wrote a post where I was comparing my initial viewpoint of two new affiliate marketing companies that both offer the same type of products.  This post showed up in the search engine results within 7 minutes of writing it.  A rep of one of the companies found my post in the search engine results.  She made a comment on it.  I replied to her comment and asked her for more information as well as issued a challenge (to ANY members of Empower and/or Level One, including her) which may have proven her point…who knows.

I gave her my email address and told her I wanted more information.  It is now over 10 days later and she has not replied to my comment in any way.


Those are the most important words any online marketer can remember.  You can be out there all day long posting in different places on the internet, but if you don’t follow up on those posts, you are dead in the water.  You will just keep struggling and struggling and continue to get nowhere.  The goal for any online marketer should be to get more users of your product or service and/or get more business partners.  If you aren’t following up with those who ask you for information, you are on the losing end.

I recently looked into the basic packages of both Empower and Level One networks so I could evaluate their material and see which company (if either) is in line with what I teach and beneficial to my readers/subscribers.

I have chosen one over the other.  There are a few very simple reasons why.

1.  I like Empower’s blogging platform better than Level One’s.  I feel it will be easier for the people I recommend it to.

2.  The residual (monthly commission) potential is greater with Empower than Level One.

3.  The training for Empower is more simplified than the Level One training.  My tribe is used to simple because it’s how I teach.

4.  When I was looking online for comparisons between the two, the majority of what I found was Level One affiliates bashing Empower.

5.  I love that Empower gives you information right up front (during signup) regarding the compensation plan and the legalities of your business.


Get Your Business In the Search Engines

I’ve been running a test for the past two weeks and I’m VERY EXCITED!!  I set up a blog, threw a few posts up and went to an online site that pays you to write blog posts.  They pay $10 per post and only accept your blog if they can find it in the search engines.  I’ve made $60 so far.

Think about that for a minute.  I set the blog up just two weeks ago and it needs to appear in the search engines before they will even consider offering you payment for a post.  THEN you need to write the post, THEN get it approved, THEN get paid.

In the Blogging with WordPress class I showed you exactly what I do to set up a blog and get it search engine ready.  These are the same steps I took to get my blog up and appearing in the search engines.

In the Advanced Blogging with WordPress class I will show you more about getting those posts into the search engines, what to write about, how to optimize everything, etc…

What will this mean to you?  If you write a post about your product or service and it ends up on the first or second page when someone is searching for that type of product or service, how much more money do you think you could make?  Bloggers are showing up on news programs, talk shows, getting their own TV shows, and more.  Blogging is the information wave of the future.  Learn how to position your blog so YOU are the one your target market finds before anyone else.  Learn how to write so you are the trusted one and not just someone they pass by and forget about.

The basic Blogging with WordPress class is done and the recordings are available now.  3 full hours.  The Advanced class will be taking place on March 10 and the recording will be made available to all who register.  Grab one or both now and get YOUR place in the search engines. 


Advanced Blogging with WordPress Class

On February 17, I conducted a Blogging with WordPress class.  This class covered the basics from setting up your blog on your own hosted URL to getting visitors to your blog.

Many class participants have contacted me to say they want more.  More information.  More in depth training.

So…I’ve set up an ADVANCED Blogging with WordPress class.  This class will build on what you learned in the basic Blogging with WordPress class.

We will cover:

  • How to best optimize the plugins you installed in the basic class
  • How to choose and customize your theme based on the purpose of your blog
  • The best way to make your blog fit your voice
  • More on backlinks, link juice, etc…
  • How to get blog comments and why they are so important.
  • Why clearly defining your target market is so important.
  • How to create know, like and trust with your readers

If you liked the first class, you will LOVE the advanced class.

Don’t wait…sign up today.   Seating is limited. Class takes place on March 24 at 3 pm EST. The recording will be made available to those who take the class.

What is the Best Social Space to Use to Build a Business

QandAsmallHere is another great question sent in by a newsletter reader.  If you have a question, send it to me at roxanne at roxannegreen.com and put NEWSLETTER QUESTION in the subject line.


You teach social networking to build a business. What is the best social space to use?


J.V. in NJ

Hi J.V.

This is a tricky question.  Social spaces are all over the internet.  The most popular ones are facebook, twitter and pinterest.  But…don’t forget blogging and forums and OPB (other people’s blogs).  The best social space for you will be determined by YOU based on the knowledge you gain about each one.   I give an overview of each one and how to use it in my Social Network Your Way to Cash Self Study Course.

Have an Awesome Day,
Roxanne Green