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How to Choose a Home Based Business

WOW…the backlash I’ve received since joining Empower Network is quite amazing!

First of all…let me tell you why I joined now and why I joined with who I did.

Just like anything else, it takes 7 – 10 exposures to something for someone to even notice that thing. I was approached by a couple Empower reps back when I was looking for a company, however, at that time, these people were so vague, I actually saw the word Empower and the logo and thought they were promoting one of the electricity things. I discount those simply for the way the reps in this area go around door to door harassing people…but that’s a whole other story…anyway…back to my story. 😉


Casey Anthony Verdict – My Take On It

OK…I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing about Casey Anthony, but it seems to be what everyone wants to read about. I may take a lot of flack for this, but here’s how I see it….

I agree with the jury’s verdict.

OH NO…here comes the backlash. I can feel the uproar as I type this. Don’t get me wrong. That does not mean I think she’s INNOCENT. I don’t think the jury thinks she’s innocent either. However, I, for one, am glad that in this country we are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Let’s look at a few things here:

Casey spent 31 days partying while her daughter was DEAD. She KNEW her daughter was dead. Little Caylee was not off with the nanny. She was not visiting anyone. She was dead. No longer here on this Earth.

What mother in their right mind would act this way? There are a few key words in this question. “in their right mind” In order to answer that question, you must understand one thing. When someone suffers from some kind of abuse as a child (verbal, physical or sexual) they learn to put on a facade and pretend the “bad thing” didn’t happen. Casey’s behavior is classic behavior of an abused person. SOMETHING bad happened to Caylee. She DIED. We don’t know how that happened because it was never proven. It could have been that she was given chloroform, or duct tape could have been placed on her mouth or she could have fallen, hit her head and died or she could have drown in a pool or……..(insert any number of things here). SOMETHING happened to cause little Caylee’s death. Casey (doing what MANY abused people do) acted as if the bad thing didn’t happen.

I don’t know if you saw George Anthony on the witness stand, but he was a classic control freak. HE wanted to be in charge of the questioning. He kept saying things like “You need to be more clear”, “You didn’t clarify your question”, “I don’t know exactly what you are referring to”, “I’ve answered that before” and all kinds of things like that. His demeanor made it clear that he is not a man that is at all used to being questioned. He’s used to being the one in charge. What he says goes. No ifs, ands or buts. If you’ve never lived with a control freak, you can’t possibly understand what it’s like, but that is a form of abuse.

Bottom line…we only know that SOMETHING happened that caused Caylee to die. We don’t know WHAT THAT SOMETHING WAS. It was never proven. Even the prosecution will tell you they THINK it could have been chloroform and duct tape. They don’t even know for sure. If the prosecution doesn’t know for sure a murder occurred, how can a jury send someone to her death for murder??

And that brings me to the chloroform searches. Right now…before you read any further…go to google and begin typing chlorophyll. Before you get too far, when you get to “chloro” all of the results are for chloroform. Even though it was your intent to search for chlorophyll. HHHMMM….interesting is all I will say about that.

Now…let’s say we believe that there was duct tape…old duct tape that is no longer even sold anywhere…on the skull of this decomposed child…even though that’s hard to fathom knowing that duct tape loses it’s stickiness over time. Plus, the duct tape was supposedly originally on SKIN, and the skin decomposed and then the duct tape stuck to the skull? OK. Let’s say we believe that. There is no evidence whatsoever that CASEY put the duct tape on the child. I don’t know about you, but when I use duct tape, it sticks to everything unless I’m VERY careful. So…are we to believe that there was not a shred of DNA on this duct tape to tie Casey to it? Not a shred of DNA inside the bag to tie Casey to it??

Decades old murders have been solved with DNA evidence. Do they really expect us to believe that there was NO DNA left inside the bag or on the duct tape?

Here’s my take on it. The prosecution thought they had a good circumstantial case. They never bothered to get ANY physical evidence. No evidence of a murder. It could just as well have been an accident. No evidence to tie Casey to disposing of little Caylee’s body. If there is no evidence that a murder occurred, how can you charge someone with murder that carries a death sentence????

And then we have seemingly intelligent people…judges even…who just can’t figure out why the jury said “NOT GUILTY”. We have seemingly intelligent people in the public who are making death threats against Casey. We have one judge (Nancy Grace) for whom I’ve lost ALL respect. Judges are supposed to be UNBIASED. They are supposed to uphold the law, not mock it. Nancy Grace is so horribly rude and biased about this case that there is a new drinking game going around. Turn on Nancy Grace and do a shot every time she says “Tot Mom” in her snide nasty tone. You’ll be drunk in no time. Not that I know because I haven’t drank in years, but I know friends who are playing it. There is one reason and one reason only that the jury said NOT GUILTY. It’s called REASONABLE DOUBT. I don’t think Jose Baez was any huge, successful lawyer. It’s simply that the prosecution had NO EVIDENCE of anything other than Casey is a very sick person and needs lots and lots of mental help.

HLN is supposed to be a news station. They are so nasty and biased it’s unreal. For quite a while, Casey Anthony was ONE HUNDRED percent of what they aired. Now it’s dwindled down to about 80% of their programming a week later. They want to know…When and how Casey will be released?…Where will she go?…Will she get plastic surgery?…Will she get a book deal?…Will she get a movie deal?…Will she have more children?….Will she possibly adopt?… It’s all CRAZY. And they CLAIM that Casey shouldn’t profit from a movie or book. LOL…There are plenty of people who “claim” they won’t see a movie or buy a book about her. But…you most likely got here by doing a google search for her or something about the case. You were curious enough to go looking for info. Or maybe someone shared the link to this post with you and you clicked it because you were curious. You will probably be curious enough to buy the book or see the movie. When the announcement is made that Casey will be telling her story, you will most likely tune in because you can’t just leave it without hearing what she has to say. You may find her a vile and disgusting human being, but you will tune in. That’s why the news stations and rag mags are running Casey Anthony all over the place. It gets viewers and readers. Sad, but TRUE.

Note to the jurors in this case…YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. You did the ONLY thing you could do. There was NO EVIDENCE to prove a murder was even committed, let alone committed by Casey Anthony. The prosecution did not prove their case BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. They gave you NO EVIDENCE of anything. Even most of us who agree with your ruling feel that she is guilty of SOMETHING, but there is no evidence of what that something is other than LYING, which you found her guilty of.

PS – If you want to leave an intelligent comment that is not calling me (or someone else) names and not being ridiculous, feel free. All comments are moderated and I will not approve any hateful comments. If you want to debate the issue like an adult feel free. Even if you want to agree with me, it must be done like an adult without name calling or I will not approve it.