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Starting a New Business

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a business coach since 2009 teaching entrepreneurs how to market their business online using social spaces.

Prior to that, I spent about 10 years building a home based network marketing business.  Well…about 7 to 8 years were spent in a trial and error phase learning what works and what doesn’t and about 2 to 3 years were actually spent building a business.

I decided that I wanted to help more people and follow my passion of teaching, so I left my business to teach others what I had learned.  I’ve been having a great time doing that, however, I’m seeing the people that I’ve coached have success in their business and I feel that I’m leaving money on the table.

With that said, I have decided to join a company called Forever Living.

The first question I will probably get is “Why Forever Living?”  Here’s what I saw:

Great products at reasonable prices
Once you qualify for a certain pay level, you never have to re-qualify
I can sell products to someone without making them join the business
Worldwide distribution facilities
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE aloe and they have aloe!!
They have been in business since 1978 so obviously they are doing something right

These are just a few reasons why I chose Forever Living as my new “home”.

Why is it Taking So Darn Long To Build My Business?

I was having a conversation with a coaching client the other day.  He’s been working his own business for about 10 years now and he’s frustrated!  Here’s what he said to me:

It used to be so easy to market my business online.  I would buy an email list and send out a few emails telling them how having their own business can allow them to fire their boss and have financial freedom.  Next think I knew, I had a whole bunch of people replying wanting more information.  Quite a few of those would join my business.

I asked him “Where are all of those people now?”  He replied that only a small amount of them were still involved in the business.  None were actually working it.  Those who did stay, stayed for the products.

HHMMM…so, those things that you thought were working years ago really didn’t work after all, did they?

People today have heard all of the promises and B.S.  Most people have either been burned by MLM/network marketing or they know someone who has.

So…how do you get past that?

1.  Create relationships with people before they buy your product or join your business.  Social networking is a great way to accomplish this.

2.  Don’t make promises.  Be honest with people.   You are building a business to last a lifetime, not running a “Get Rich Quick” scam.  Let people know up front that this is a real business.  It takes time, money and effort to build.  Financial and time freedom only come AFTER years of hard work.

Those methods may not see instant results, but they will see LASTING results.People will be more likely to stick it out knowing that they are going to have to put in work and time to get results.

I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve talked to that tell me things like “I’ve been talking to everyone for 3 months and am not making any money yet” or “I’ve been putting my business on facebook and twitter and no one is joining.”

That’s because a real business takes time to build and because you can’t just shove your business in people’s faces and expect them to join.

Have an Awesome Day,
Roxanne Green

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How to Turn an Everyday Expense into an Income

I’ve found a great way to make money from home. In the past, I have tried selling all kinds of things from nutritional supplements to lingerie. Loved the lingerie home parties, but people can only buy so much of the stuff and then they are done. Nutritional supplements are great but they are one of the first things to go when people start cutting back on their budget.

Before I go any further, let me tell you…I LOVE residual income and leveraging the efforts of others. I love the idea of getting paid from not only my efforts, but the efforts of others. I had someone ask me once…”Would you rather get paid for only 100% of the effort you put into something or 10% of the efforts of a few hundred people?” Well…it makes sense that 10% of the efforts of a few hundred people will pay more than 100% of the effort I put in. And my love of network marketing was born. (If you are unsure what I’m talking about, view the brochure “Are You Walking Past a Fortune?” here. This was written by my good friend, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.)

Many network marketing/direct sales companies have great products. I, however, was looking for a company with products that people buy anyway. This way, all I have to do is show them how to shop at a different store and help them show others. The company I found has everything you would find at a department/drug store. Toothpaste, shampoo, first aid supplies, household cleaners, candles, and a wide range of everything.

Here’s how it works…between everyone you talk to and everyone they talk to and everyone they talk to, eventually have 8 to 10 regular users of the product and 1 out of those who wants to build their own business. Then you will be making around $500 extra per month.

What could you do with an extra $500/mo?

I learned early on that it was best to leverage the time and effort of others as well as my own time and effort. Once I build my business big enough, I will be able to sit back and relax and collect a check for the rest of my life. Build it once, build it big and retire.

Do you think you could ever work for 10 years and retire with an income for life from your job? I doubt that would ever happen. Join me in business. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do with it?

Christianity and Homosexuality

I am a happily married woman.  Married to a wonderful man for the past 10 years.  We’ve been together for 13 years.

I am also a Christian.  I love the Lord.  He is my savior, my father, my friend.

So…why does it upset me so much when people (especially fellow Christians) bash homosexuals?  Doesn’t the bible say that homosexuality is wrong?

Here’s my take on this.  The bible also says in Romans 3:23 that we have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  ALL…not some, not most, not many…ALL.  We are all sinners.  The bible also says in Matthew 7:1 that we are not to judge others.

So…if we are not to judge and we are all sinners, how can a Christian judge a homosexual?  How can a Christian make a determination that one sin is worse than another?  Didn’t Jesus love EVERYONE?  Aren’t we supposed to be Christ like?

NY state recently passed a law that same sex couples can marry.  There is a HUGE controversy over that here.  I watch the social networks and see what is being said by others about homosexuals.  It’s scary to think that some of these people profess to be Christians.  (See…I did it…I judged them…I’m not perfect and do not profess to be.  I try, but it’s not always easy.)  They are out there calling people names and telling them they are going to hell and all kinds of things.  They are NOT doing it in a loving manner.  They are being downright mean, rude and sometimes disgusting.  Calling homosexual people pedophiles (which, by the way, is the most ridiculous thing I’ve EVER heard)  And the reactions?  I think one I read the other day sums it up best.

“Why would anyone want to follow a God who teaches you to have such disgust and HATE toward others?”

THAT is what non-Christians think when they hear those who profess to be Christians slamming others.  If we, as followers of Christ, ever want others to take us seriously, we need to strive to be more like Him.  Can you REALLY imagine Jesus coming back to Earth and bashing gays?  Can you really imagine Jesus coming back to Earth and telling all gays they are banned to hell for eternity? Can you really imagine Jesus coming back to Earth and calling all of the homosexuals pedophiles and sexual predators?  Really?  Seriously?  I think not.  At least the Jesus I know would not do that.  He loves everyone.

John 3:16 – (the first verse I ever memorized when I was very little)  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

HHMMM…For God so loved the world.  The world.  Not For God so loved heterosexuals.  Not For God so loved certain people.  For God so loved the world.  God loved EVERYONE so much that he allowed His son to die on the cross so our sins would be forgiven.  And remember…we have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

The bible also tells us that we must follow the law of the land.  Here in NY state, it is now a law that same sex couples have the right to be married.  Since that law was passed, many town clerks are refusing to sign the marriage certificates for same sex couples because they are under the false impression that it goes against their religion to do so.  But…in reality, they are going against God’s instructions in Romans 13:1-7.

When they sign a marriage license, all they are attesting to is the fact that it is legal for these two people to marry.  They are not saying “These two people are gay and I want to be just like them”.  They are not saying “These two people are gay and I condone their marriage”.  They are not saying “These two people are gay and I want to be gay with them”.  They are simply stating that BY LAW (which God tells us to follow) these two people have the right to get married.   Their signature does not condone the marriage.

Some town clerks are asking their deputy clerks to sign the certificates if they refuse to do it.  That’s like saying “I want to kill Bob, but God says that is wrong and you aren’t a Christian, so, you kill him for me” (if they truly believe signing the certificate is a sin).

I am proud to be a Christian and proud to say that I love all people no matter what their sexual orientation may be.  I may not condone or even want their lifestyle, but I refuse to condemn them or judge them. They are all children of God just like me!!


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