6 Week Social Network Your Way To Cash



Module 1 - Intro to Social Networking

Defining social networking via social media and redefining online marketing

What if you don't have a product or service and have never worked online before?

What to do BEFORE you begin

How will you brand yourself?

Define your marketing wheel


Module 2 - Intro to facebook

Profile vs Page - What is the difference and do you need both?

Facebook terminology

How to best use facebook for YOUR business

What to do about facebook's constant changes

What things to avoid doing on facebook 

Module 3 - Intro to Forum Marketing

Using forms to find high quality targeted prospects for your business

How to find the best forums

The best way to interact on forums

Module 4 - Intro to Blogging

What is the best blog platform to use?

How to structure your blog

How to get your blog indexed in the search engines

Getting high quality, targeted visitors to your blog


Module 5 - Intro to Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

How to market your business using pictures


Module 6 - Intro to Twitter

How and why to tweet

Who to follow

How to get your target market to follow your tweets

Using hashtags in your twitter marketing