Start 2013 The Right Way

Group coaching begins January  7 and goes through February 28 - It's not too late to join us!! 

Are you committed to building your business?

Do you want to learn how to properly market your business online?

Can you commit to spending at least 4 hours per week on your business?

Do you want to make 2013 a better year?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, this group coaching is for you.  

This is a group you must participate in.  Do NOT sign up if you simply want to listen to recordings and are not seriously planning on participating. It's not fair to those who are serious.  

This is NOT a generic coaching.  Specific companies will be mentioned and everyone will be receiving help for their specific business.  There will be NO pitching of your business to others.  

What is Included?

Weekly webinars that will be recorded for later review.  Homework will be given.  Do not email asking what times the webinars will be.  That will be determined at the start of the coaching based on available times of the participants.  It is not mandatory, but highly suggested that you participate in these webinars. 

A private group online where everyone will be able to ask questions and get answers.  (Participation in this group is highly suggested as spaces are limited and you will be taking a spot from someone who wants to move their business forward if you are not participating.)

Personalized business plan to move forward.  Everyone will receive help and personalization tailored to their specific business.     

Social Networking Generic Self Study Course.  This is the basis for the entire coaching. 

This Course is currently in progress, however, it's not too late to join us.  Previous calls have been recorded and we have a very interactive private facebook group ready to help you brainstorm and move forward.  

Here is what other course participants are saying:


  • I love this class. Its the first time I've felt like I was really moving in the right direction!

  • really good class like how you make it simple and can understand

  • I am learning so much Roxanne, and it makes so much sense what your are telling us.

  • Excellent call last night.

  • good call. this is so different from what most companies teach.

  • Excellent comment Roxanne. U R Makin' me think!

  • Some very good lessons taught tonight.

  • I Like your thoughts


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