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Empower Network’s New Viral Blogging System

Some of my readers have asked me what I think of the new ENv2 Empower Network Viral Blogging System.  I haven’t said much about the new blogging system because, frankly, there are major flaws in my opinion.

First, I will address the flaws.  Here is what I see:

  • System is not set up for the serious blogger
  • Public commenting not allowed on blogs at this time.
    This is a huge part of what makes a blog a blog.  You must be able to interact with your readers.  If you have to make them go elsewhere (facebook, twitter, email, etc…) to comment on what you are writing about, you cut your interaction rate drastically.
  • HTML coding or WYSIWYG editor not allowed. 
    The only formatting allowed is bold, italics, underline and lists.  You are not able to have headings in the posts.  You are not able to add a form to a post.  You are not able to align images (left, centered, right).
  • There is NO “Save Draft” feature and the Empower Network website times out frequently.
    This has caused MANY lost blog posts and LOTS of frustration among EN bloggers.
  • Very limited customization is allowed.
    Only one sidebar banner, header and footer are customizable…or rather…exchangeable.  You can change out these banners with different banners, but are not allowed to add other “widgets” to the sidebar.  I always teach to have your contact info right on the sidebar because many people will not click on a contact page.  That is not allowed.  I also teach to add a tracking code (separate from Google Analytics, which is allowed) to the sidebar of your blog.  The sidebar should appear on every post and page, therefore, that tracking code will track where your visitor comes from, how long they stay on each page, what they click on, where they go, etc…  That is not possible with this blogging system the way it is at this time.  If you are promoting multiple things on your blog, you can’t add multiple banners (images) in the sidebar. This cuts down drastically on your income producing ability.
  • The mobile app only works on Apple devices or the most recent version of Android. 
    Older Android versions are not supported on the app.

These are just the major (BASIC) things that I feel every blogging platform should have or allow.  Until these things are fixed, I can not and WILL NOT promote the Empower Network (EN) Viral Blogging System (ENV2).

Now the good news:

If you are beginning blogging and want a blog that is optimized for the search engines, ENV2 is the way to go.  The blog is there, no bells and whistles, all set up for you.  You can either change out the 3 banners I referenced above (if you are promoting something other than EN) or leave the banners as they are (if you are going to be promoting EN) and begin blogging.

If you are using an iPhone, iPad, other Apple device or the latest version of Android, you can blog right from your phone.  Shoot a video and with one touch you can upload it to your blog.  This EN app truly gives new meaning to the terms “mobile blogging” and “mobile lifestyle”.

If you are wanting to learn internet marketing, the Empower Network Products are the best!  What you will learn (even with just the basic Viral Blogging System bonuses) is outstanding, solid content.

So…bottom line…YES…I am still promoting Empower Network.  Do I think you should join if you are a serious blogger?  YES.  Not for the blogging platform.  I rarely use it myself.  However, you should join for the PRODUCTS.  The information you will get from the products alone is worth ten times what your investment will be.

If you are ready to get going and start making some serious money (either by promoting EN products or your own opportunity), join my Empower team here.  (First see our income disclosure here)

If you decide to join my team, be sure you see this under step 4:




Let me know if you have any questions.  As always, I’m happy to answer them.




How Can I Have the Success I See Others Having?

I’ve done a lot of soul searching the past few months.  Everyone says “Tell your story”.  Tell people where you came from and all about your path to success.  I didn’t think I had a story.  I’ve never really “failed my way to success”.  Things have always come natural to me.

When I was in school, I would sit in class, rarely take notes, NEVER do homework and pass every single test with at least a 90% or above.  Most times 100%.  People always envied me.  Even in college.  I would take classes in the morning in Accounting and tutor other students that same afternoon on what I learned that morning.

I’m smart, damnit!! 

I grew up on a working dairy farm and know what hard work is.  4:30 every morning and 4:30 every afternoon the cows had to be milked.  Our barn was the cleanest I’ve ever seen because we didn’t wait until it was horrendous to clean it.  It was cleaned on a daily basis.  I worked in the fields picking rocks and harvesting crops and emptying hay wagons and staking hay in the barn.   I think I was the only girl I know that could throw a hay bale around just as well as the boys.

So why?  Why are all of these other people who started working from home long after I did successful today and I’m still making just enough.  Just enough to cover the rent and just enough to get by?  Sure…our NEEDS are always taken care of.  But there isn’t much left over after the needs and a few minimal wants to do much else.

I can teach anyone to be successful online.  It’s satisfying, yet frustrating to see those I’ve coached finally having success.  If I can teach others to be successful, why am I still sitting at “just enough”?

There are two things that came to mind when I reflected on this.  


My kids grew up hearing me say “Don’t worry…God always makes sure we have what we need.”  HOLY CRAP!!!  That’s what I’ve always said and always told myself.  But…God doesn’t promise just needs will be taken care of.  He promises ABUNDANCE!!  (If you don’t believe in God, that’s OK.  You don’t have to.  Replace God with Universe or whatever higher power YOU believe in)  He promises abundance, but all I’ve ever expected or asked for is “just enough”.

That changes TODAY!!  I am asking for AND EXPECTING abundance!!  I am asking for and expecting that I always have more than I need and want!


Growing up, my dad died when I was 7.  My mother remarried shortly after that.  My step father was a perfectionist.  Everything had to be done the right way.  He always said “If you’re not going to do it right, don’t do it at all”  So…that’s how I’ve lived my life.  I only did things I knew I would succeed at.  I never step out of my comfort zone.

Here’s one example…  If I’m teaching something, I do it by audio or screencast.  I am RARELY on camera.  I’ve gotten way overweight the past few years and recently had my teeth pulled so I wasn’t comfortable on camera.  And, of course, working from home, I tend to not worry about things like dying my gray hair and putting on makeup, etc…   That is going to change this coming Thursday.  My good friend, Kim Klaver, has challenged me to share LIVE on a google hangout this week.  It’s a private team hangout, but will be seen by quite a few people, so this first step is huge for me.  I’m doing it!!  Jumping in with both feet.

So…my lessons from today…in order for ME to be successful I need to:

1.  Ask for, and expect, what I really want, not just enough to get by.  What we focus on expands.  If I focus on always having my needs covered, that’s where I will stay.  My focus from this point forward will be on having MORE than what I want and need.  The universe is abundant!!  I deserve success!!

2.  Step out of my comfort zone and be willing to risk failure.  I don’t always have to be the best at what I do and I don’t always have to succeed.  Sometimes it’s a good thing to not do it perfect the first time.  That’s how we learn!


How to Market Your Business Using Social Spaces

SocialSpaceMarketingI see so many people trying to market their business online using social spaces.  Many have come to me saying “Social space marketing doesn’t work for me!”  I look at what they are doing and think “It’s no wonder it’s not working”.

If you’re sick of struggling and trying to figure out what the heck you are supposed to be doing to actually make money online, I have a solution for you!

About 6 months ago I did a three week webinar series on Social Space Marketing.  We covered the basics of Social Space Marketing and then went more in depth on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs and Forums.

I’ve decided to offer this course at a HUGE discount over what it originally sold for.  The specific examples may be different because social spaces evolve, however, all of the concepts and strategies are still valid today.

Go here and get the course at a huge discount.  (Discount ends at midnight EST on Friday, October 25)



Empower Network Version 2 Blog Beast Launch

Exciting things are happening at Empower Network right now!

Last night we had an affiliate only webinar to tell us what to expect over the next few weeks during the launch of the NEW EN blogging platform.   (See why I’m excited about the new ENv2 here)

First of all, the shopping cart will shut down on Monday, October 7.  If you are not grandfathered in by then, you will not have access to the new blogging platform right away.

So…if you’ve been on the fence about joining, don’t waitSign up today!  That way you can access the new blogging system before anyone else who hasn’t made the decision to join us.

UPDATE – The shopping cart is now closed!  But…you can still sign up as and affiliate only (SSSHHHHH…this is a “back door” in) and participate in the launch.  If you are going to go this route, you will need to speak to me ASAP so I can explain how it will work once the cart is back up.

What can you do with this blogging system? 

You can:

  • Market your existing business
  • Start a new business marketing Empower Network’s products
  • Start a blog about that thing you love to do (Cash in on Your Passion)
  • The possibilities are endless

If you need help figuring out what to use your new blogging system for, just let me know after you sign up and I will help you figure it all out.



Empower Network Top Income Earners

What do the following people have in common:

Tony Rush
Lisa Kitter
John Lavenia
Kristian Hoenicke
Tracey Walker
Lawrence Tam
Kim Klaver
Vick Strizheus
Aaron Rashkin
Carlos Aponte Jr.
Justin Verrengia
David Wood
David Sharpe
Chris Campbell
Shaqir Hussyin
Chuck & Christie Marshall
Jon Mroz
Chris Record
Layla Staats

These are just some of the top income earners in Empower Network. These people are earning huge incomes with EN. In most companies, $10,000/mo. is huge. Every one of these people have far surpassed $10,000/mo. (Results not typical.  See income disclosure here)

Empower Network is just a baby – only two years old. Having so many people create that type of income certainly says something about this great business model.  100% commissions!  You sell a product, you make that money.  To find out more about how the compensation plan works, visit here.

images_MobileMoney-1Within a few weeks, ENv2 will be released.  This is Empower Network’s VERSION 2 of the blogging system.  It’s easier.  It’s better.  It’s more user friendly.  It’s what we have no on steroids!!  And it will be here before we know it!!

Get in now to be grandfathered into the blogging system at just $25/mo.  I’m not sure how long the system will stay this low once ENv2 comes out.  there are no promises.   Also, after launch, we will be shutting down any new subscribers for a bit so we don’t overload the system right off the bat.  This is why it’s important to get in today and secure your spot before launch!