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Facebook Website is Down

According to, facebook has been experiencing a service interruption since 5:33 am this morning 12/14/12.

Apparently this outage only applies to the regular website and not the mobile version.  Mobile users are still able to get on.

I will report more later as more details become available.

UPDATE:  Apparently anyone using Frontier for DSL is unable to connect to and has to use instead until they fix the issue.  It appears that other ISPs are able to connect.  More info here.  Call Frontier to report the problem so they get it fixed ASAP.  800-921-8101

Fake It Till You Make It?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Fake it till you make it”.  Should you pretend to be successful even if you aren’t?

One reason many people love the internet is anonymity.  But, you never know who you are really talking to online.

I don’t condone flat out lying about how successful you are.  For example, this and similar phrasing has been going around lately on the internet:

Before 10:00 am I made more money online than some people make in their entire 8 hour shift. —>>>NOT BRAGGING JUST BEING HONEST!

Come on!!!  I am amazed at the number of people who fall for this crap.  MAYBE one day you did that, but not on a daily basis.  I know for a fact that some of the people using this have never made a dime online.  Now, maybe if they are not employed and their 8 hour shift is sitting home watching TV, it may be true.

What I do recommend is that you NEVER say, online in a public space, how UNSUCCESSFUL you are.  NEVER complain that you are broke.  You can talk to your coach about it, but that’s it.

In all public spaces, you have to at least give the appearance that you are successful or no one will take you seriously.  That does not mean put up pics of gorgeous houses and expensive vehicles and pretend they are yours.  It simply means do not complain or broadcast that you are UNsuccessful.


Send a Heartfelt Card with Send Out Cards?

A little over a year ago my husband had a sub arachnoid brain hemorrhage.  At the time I was working a network marketing company called Send Out Cards (SOC).  SOC touts their philosophy of sending “heartfelt cards”.  When this happened with my husband, three of my upline team members knew of the brain hemorrhage.  My husband spent 15 days in the neuro ICU.   We didn’t know if he was going to make it or not.

One of my upline team members has a yahoo group where they post people’s names and addresses who need cards for one reason or another.  The group is run by one of my upline team members.  She called me to ask if there was anything she could do to help me with my business.  I explained what was going on  with my husband and she said “I’m sorry to hear that.  OK…let me know when you are ready to get back to start working again”.  WHAT?? And, to top it all off, because I did not SPECIFICALLY ask her to ask the group to send me cards, no one sent cards.  I got six cards and well wishes and they were all from people who were in a previous company with me and/or knew me prior to SOC.  NOT ONE PERSON from Send Out Cards sent a card or a note or anything.  It seems all this lady upline from me cared about is HER check and HER bottom line.  And her upline too.  He knew what happened with my husband.  Did he send a card?  NO.

Send Out Cards reps are only concerned with sending cards when it benefits them.  This is MY opinion and based on what I’ve experienced.  Needless to say, that is when I stopped working SOC.

It Appears that Zimmerman Really IS A Murderer

As stated in the past, all posts on this blog are MY OPINIONS.

With that said, I just listened to a statement George Zimmerman’s attorney made after Mr. Zimmerman turned himself in (as ordered by the court).  The attorney stated that Mrs. Zimmerman and her husband “were scared of what was going to happen” so they LIED about their financial situation at the original bond hearing.  I believe that.

Just like I believe Zimmerman was scared after he chased down and got into an altercation with Trayvon Martin, ending in Zimmerman shooting and KILLING Trayvon Martin.  I believe that Mr. Zimmerman made up the story of Trayvon coming back after him based on the position of Trayvon’s body and the position of Zimmerman’s truck.  (See previous post here)

Based on the number of lies told so far by Mr. Zimmerman (also in post referenced above), I believe Zimmerman needs to have a speedy trial and go to jail for the rest of his life.  The longer it drags out, the more opportunities he has to spew more lies.  Lock him up and throw away the key.

At first I thought this was a case of manslaughter, not murder.  However, hearing all of the lies and scrambling, I now believe the second degree murder charge is correct.  If Zimmeman had not chased down Trayvon, none of this would have happened and that boy would be alive today.  It was Zimmerman’s direct actions that caused Trayvon’s death.

His credibility is SHOT…I believe that if George Zimmerman’s mouth is moving or the mouths of his family member are moving, lies are what is coming out.


Looks Like George Zimmerman is Headed Back to Jail

Today a judge ordered George Zimmerman”s bail revoked.  Seems he has 48 hours to surrender himself to the jail.

According to HLN News, there was a recorded jail conversation between Zimmerman and his wife, where they “allegedly conspired to transfer money in an attempt to hide certain funds from the court.”

Also, according to the prosecutor, Zimmerman has a second passport that he failed to disclose to the court.  One of the conditions of his bond was that he surrender his passport.  Apparently he surrendered ONE of them, but not the other one.  Why would someone have two passports anyway?

Just like I’ve said in the past, it seems like every time George Zimmerman or his family open their mouths, the lies just spill out.  Maybe they are pathological liars?

Anyway…this does NOT look good for his credibility in the Trayvon Martin shooting trial.  I wouldn’t believe anything the guy says.  And, in my opinion, in order for Zimmerman to prove self defense, he will have to take the stand.  The jurors shouldn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth.