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How Dare you, Phil Robertson…

PhilRobertsonHere are my thoughts on the whole Phil Robertson interview thing.


An actor has an opinion.  WOW…who woulda thunk it?

A&E is all up in arms over his statements.  But…doesn’t he have a right to make them?  We don’t have to agree with the statements.  We don’t have to even watch Duck Dynasty if that’s what we decide.

Let Phil stay on the show.  Let the public decide if they want to watch or not.  But…when networks start censoring what actors can and can not say, they end up being the “bad guy”.

All they needed to do is put a disclaimer at the beginning of Duck Dynasty saying “The views of this show or it’s actors are not necessarily the views of A&E”.  Done…  no big fuss.

It’s been said there is no such thing as bad press.  I have to disagree in this case.  I think this is a huge negative on A&E.  Probably a good thing for Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson, though.


Now…with that said…

I am a Christian and I don’t agree with Phil.

OUCH…WAIT…don’t throw the rotten tomatoes yet!!

As Christians, we are to strive to be “Christ like”.  I honestly don’t believe that Jesus would spew hatred toward ANYONE.  I have many friends who are GLBT and I couldn’t imagine being hateful toward any of them based on their sexual or lifestyle preference.  That’s crazy.

Now…let’s say that I believe being gay is a sin.  The Bible tells us not to judge.  It also says that there are no “degrees” of sin.  There is no sin better or worse than another.  It also says “We have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”.  Not some of us.  Not most of us.  ALL of us.  So…if there is no degree of sin, and we are not supposed to judge, why should a Christian spew hatred toward anyone for their lifestyle?  Or anything else for that matter.

Let’s band together as Christians and show “sinners” (again…EVERYONE including us) that we are not the hypocritical, judgmental, horse’s ass that many Christians are being on this matter.




Feel free to comment below, however, know that if you can’t disagree without attacking me or other commenters, your comments won’t make it through moderation.  I love a good debate, but not one where anyone is mean, hateful and attacks others.  This is NOT a “free speech” community, it’s MY blog.  😉 

How Can I Have the Success I See Others Having?

I’ve done a lot of soul searching the past few months.  Everyone says “Tell your story”.  Tell people where you came from and all about your path to success.  I didn’t think I had a story.  I’ve never really “failed my way to success”.  Things have always come natural to me.

When I was in school, I would sit in class, rarely take notes, NEVER do homework and pass every single test with at least a 90% or above.  Most times 100%.  People always envied me.  Even in college.  I would take classes in the morning in Accounting and tutor other students that same afternoon on what I learned that morning.

I’m smart, damnit!! 

I grew up on a working dairy farm and know what hard work is.  4:30 every morning and 4:30 every afternoon the cows had to be milked.  Our barn was the cleanest I’ve ever seen because we didn’t wait until it was horrendous to clean it.  It was cleaned on a daily basis.  I worked in the fields picking rocks and harvesting crops and emptying hay wagons and staking hay in the barn.   I think I was the only girl I know that could throw a hay bale around just as well as the boys.

So why?  Why are all of these other people who started working from home long after I did successful today and I’m still making just enough.  Just enough to cover the rent and just enough to get by?  Sure…our NEEDS are always taken care of.  But there isn’t much left over after the needs and a few minimal wants to do much else.

I can teach anyone to be successful online.  It’s satisfying, yet frustrating to see those I’ve coached finally having success.  If I can teach others to be successful, why am I still sitting at “just enough”?

There are two things that came to mind when I reflected on this.  


My kids grew up hearing me say “Don’t worry…God always makes sure we have what we need.”  HOLY CRAP!!!  That’s what I’ve always said and always told myself.  But…God doesn’t promise just needs will be taken care of.  He promises ABUNDANCE!!  (If you don’t believe in God, that’s OK.  You don’t have to.  Replace God with Universe or whatever higher power YOU believe in)  He promises abundance, but all I’ve ever expected or asked for is “just enough”.

That changes TODAY!!  I am asking for AND EXPECTING abundance!!  I am asking for and expecting that I always have more than I need and want!


Growing up, my dad died when I was 7.  My mother remarried shortly after that.  My step father was a perfectionist.  Everything had to be done the right way.  He always said “If you’re not going to do it right, don’t do it at all”  So…that’s how I’ve lived my life.  I only did things I knew I would succeed at.  I never step out of my comfort zone.

Here’s one example…  If I’m teaching something, I do it by audio or screencast.  I am RARELY on camera.  I’ve gotten way overweight the past few years and recently had my teeth pulled so I wasn’t comfortable on camera.  And, of course, working from home, I tend to not worry about things like dying my gray hair and putting on makeup, etc…   That is going to change this coming Thursday.  My good friend, Kim Klaver, has challenged me to share LIVE on a google hangout this week.  It’s a private team hangout, but will be seen by quite a few people, so this first step is huge for me.  I’m doing it!!  Jumping in with both feet.

So…my lessons from today…in order for ME to be successful I need to:

1.  Ask for, and expect, what I really want, not just enough to get by.  What we focus on expands.  If I focus on always having my needs covered, that’s where I will stay.  My focus from this point forward will be on having MORE than what I want and need.  The universe is abundant!!  I deserve success!!

2.  Step out of my comfort zone and be willing to risk failure.  I don’t always have to be the best at what I do and I don’t always have to succeed.  Sometimes it’s a good thing to not do it perfect the first time.  That’s how we learn!


My Final Thoughts on the Zimmerman / Martin Case

The following is my OPINION.  It is how I see this case.  You can agree with it or not.  That’s up to you.  As always, I welcome an educated debate, but will not tolerate name calling, nastiness, etc…

OK…here goes…

First, I believe that, at minimum, Zimmerman should have been found guilty of manslaughter, however, a second degree murder conviction would have been more up the alley of what I would push for.

Second,  I do not believe this is a racial thing on Zimmerman’s part.

Third, I do, however, believe that if George Zimmerman were a black man and Trayvon Martin were a white teenager,  Zimmerman would have been charged and convicted of murder and most likely received the death penalty. THAT is why (I believe) it has become a racial thing across America.

Let me clarify all of this…

I think if the burglaries in the neighborhood were being perpetrated by white teenagers and Trayvon was white, Zimmerman would have done the same thing. He profiled Trayvon as a criminal. I don’t know that it was about race.

He kept referring to Trayvon as “the suspect”. Suspected of what? Buying skittles and tea?   Now…some of you might say “Well…he was suspended from school and he had trace amounts of THC in his system and…” None of that matters.  This is about what happened that horrible night, not Trayvon’s past.  Zimmerman knew none of that when he went after Trayvon Martin that night.

I think Zimmerman honestly did think he was going after one of the “fucking punks” who was burglarizing the neighborhood and he thought he would be a hero for catching him. I think things went horribly wrong when he confronted Trayvon because that child fought back.   Some have said that Trayvon should have “just run home”.  Trayvon did not want to lead this “creepy ass cracker” back to his 12 year old brother who was home alone.  He thought George Zimmerman was a pervert who was following him.  He was scared.  A scared 17 year old who had no clue what to do or where to go for help so he stood HIS ground and confronted Zimmerman.

I don’t doubt that Trayvon punched Zimmerman and Zimmerman fell and bumped his head on the concrete.  But…those wounds are NOT wounds from “repeated blows to the sidewalk”.  And, before you ask…YES…I’ve seen a head that’s gotten forcefully smashed only twice into the concrete.  Head wounds bleed.  They bleed A LOT.  From one gash, the amount of blood that comes from a head wound is unlike any other wound I’ve ever seen.  These were more like scratches, just as the medical examiner said.

I think Zimmerman was wrong…oh so wrong and should have been found guilty. But, I’m not convinced it was all about race. I think it was about a self centered jerk who wanted to be a hero.

Unfortunately, the jury apparently wanted the prosecution to give them a neat little story like Zimmerman did. The prosecution wasn’t willing to stand up there and lie like the defense was. They didn’t know exactly what happened, but…regardless…it was perpetrated by Zimmerman. How do you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was not self defense when the victim is dead? It’s a hard case. Had I been on the jury, hearing that those screams stopped as soon as the gunshot rang out, I would have no problem convicting him. But…

Juries expect things to come to them like they do on television… everything wrapped up and delivered to them in a nice little package with a huge bow on it.  It does not happen that way in real life.  When you are making the story up, you can deliver it wrapped up nice and neat.  However, if you’ve ever been in a fight before, you know that you do not remember every single move, every single blow, every single step, every single…  Most people remember the beginning, bits of the middle and maybe the end.   Zimmerman supposedly recalled every tiny little move.  That’s not recall, that’s a story.  And every time he told the story, it got a little worse.  That’s not because he was “remembering” things, it’s because he had a law background and knew what to say to make it appear that Trayvon was more of a threat than he actually was.  George had to make it sound that way.  Otherwise, he knew he would be found guilty of murder.

Unfortunately, most people are unable to separate what they think they have “learned” on crime TV shows like CSI and NCIS, etc… and reality.

I listened to the interview with juror B37.  She sounds like a snob when she says she couldn’t understand Rachel Jeantel.  Rachel Jeantel was REAL.  She didn’t wrap things up and package them nicely.  I listened to this juror reference Zimmerman as “George” and Trayvon as “the kid”.  She also said she thought Zimmerman “got displaced by the vandalism in the neighborhood” and “had poor judgement”.  A child is DEAD because of George Zimmerman’s poor judgement!!  It seems even the jurors profiled Trayvon as one of “those assholes” who “always get away”.  Juror B37 hopes George “learned his lesson” and “will be more careful with a gun now”.  WHAT???  Learned what lesson?  Send his ass to jail and he will really learn his lesson!!

A VERY sad case!!

UPDATE – More on Juror B-37 – She says at one point in the interview:

“I feel sorry for Trayvon because of the situation he got put in and I feel sorry for George for the situation he put himself in.”

WOW…even that statement proves that the jurors knew George Zimmerman was guilty, but CHOSE not to “punish” him by finding him guilty.  And then I found out this juror was going to write a book, but she and her publisher decided not to after hearing the backlash from the public.  HELLO???  The trial just got over two days ago.  You decided in two days to write a book, got a publisher, then decided to NOT write a book in all that time???  I don’t think so.  She got herself on that jury somehow.  BOGUS…


Birthday Sale on My Products

My 46th birthday is on Saturday.  About a month ago, I realized I was turning 46 and not 45 like I had thought.  Somehow I skipped a year.  LOL…  I’m actually excited to be turning 46.  I started over at 40 so I’m really going to be 6 years old.  🙂

Some awesome things are happening in my business.  I’m doing what I’ve always loved.  I’m teaching and helping others have success.  That is the most fulfilling feeling in the world!

I feel like I’m wasting my time when I’m just selling courses or coaching and people aren’t implementing what they are taught.  The majority of people I’ve worked with recently are implementing and having great success!  I love it!!

Have you been wanting to take a class or two of mine?  Now is your chance.  I’ve got some great new things coming up in the next month, so I’ve decided to discount the majority of my programs through Sunday (the end of my birthday weekend).  Check them out here.  Low investments will be reflected when you check out.  Enjoy!!

Was 2012 Your Best Year Yet?

WOW…what a year this has been.  It seems every year in my life just gets better and better.  I am excited to be starting a new year on Tuesday.  Are you?

I hear people complaining about the economy all the time.  What they don’t realize is that the economy is not what’s bad.  It’s the nature of the jobs today.  We are moving more toward an electronic age.  Everything is online.  There are more home based millionaires today than there were total millionaires about ten years ago. But…how can that be with such a horrible economy?  It’s all a lie!!

The people willing to put out the time, effort and money to learn how to work WITH this changing world.  More people are shopping online than ever before.  More people are working online than ever before.

Where are you at the end of 2012?  Was it a better or worse year than 2011?  You can’t continue to do what you’ve always done and claim that life and the economy are getting worse.  The economy is great for people who are willing to work WITH the changes that come along instead of doing the same things that no longer work.

Make 2013 your best year ever.  Get started right with my “name your own price” New Year Group Coaching special.

Happy New Year!!  Here’s to making 2013 your greatest year!!