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Good Monday Morning

It’s Monday again.  I get to see all of my facebook and twitter friends complain (starting Sunday nights) that today is Monday and they have to go back to work.  I can’t imagine going to a job anymore.  I have been blessed to work from home while my husband has needed me due to health issues.   I’ve been blessed to work from home while my children were growing up so I could homeschool them and be here for them when they needed me.  I’ve been blessed to be able to sleep until I wake up on Monday mornings (and every other morning for that matter).

Don’t get me wrong…it has NOT always been easy and my family has struggles just like any other family.  Working from home is NOT an answer for all of your problems.  It is not right for everyone either.  It is, however, a great way for you to alleviate some of the financial burden and a way to control your own future.

Many companies are even finding that they get more productivity in less time when they allow their employees to telecommute.  Why?  Because when you are paid based on productivity instead of hours you go to a physical building,, you tend to get more done in less time.

I will caution you…the time to start making money from home is NOT after you lose a job and have no income.  You need to get things in place while you still have a job and transition into working from home.  Wondering what you can do to make money from home?  Check out my Cash in on Your Passion series and find out how to make money AND have fun doing it.



Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends and family who are moms.

I had a good weekend with my family.

On another note…

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Breastfeeding A Four Year Old?

When to stop breastfeeding is a highly personal decision.

I was appalled that Time Magazine decided to feature a mom on the cover who was breastfeeding her son, who appears to be about 4 years old.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not against the mother breastfeeding this child.  I am against the photo on the cover of the magazine.

The mom supposedly did this to draw attention to something called “attachment parenting”.  Take a look at the cover and tell me if this mother and child appear to be attached in any way OTHER than his mouth on her breast?  To me, the photo does not depict a loving, attached mom.  She (and the child, frankly) appears rather UNattached.

If you want to breastfeed your three, four, five, six, seven year old, that is YOUR business.  But…you do not have to do it in public.  By two or three years old, a child is old enough to understand that they would have to wait a few minutes to get “fed”.   If your child is older than two and you are using this “attachment parenting” excuse to continue breastfeeding, go to a room by yourselves and bond with your child.  Your child is NOT getting “attachment” by having a boob stuck into his or her mouth in public.  That is not a bonding thing.  It should be a private time between mom and child, not a public spectacle.

When you breastfeed a baby, you hold them and nurture them.  You don’t stand them on a chair and stick your boob in their mouth.



What is The Cloud Online

The Cloud or Cloud Computing is not a new concept.  It is just recently becoming more prominent.  My number one advice to computer owners is to get an external hard drive.  An external hard drive allows you to store all of your important files on it.  In the event of a computer crash your information stays safely on the external hard drive.

In very simple terms, The Cloud acts like an external hard drive.  You do not, however, have a physical external device attached to your computer.   You can access The Cloud from any computer, anywhere you are.  I can’t recall the number of times that I’ve been out at doctor appointments or sitting in waiting rooms somewhere with my laptop and wished I had a file from my external hard drive.

Had I stored those files on The Cloud, I would have been able to access them anywhere that I had an internet connection.  I would not have had to wait until I got home to access the file.

Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies

I bought a large amount of Girl Scout cookies from a friend’s daughter.  One I really looked forward to was the new Savannah Smiles Lemon Crunch Cookie.

After a long day of running around to doctor’s appointments and grocery stores, I sat down to relax in front of the TV with a box of these cookies.  I opened them and after the first bite thought “What?  There is no lemon taste.”  I figured maybe the next one would taste more lemony.  It did not.

I am severely disappointed in the Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies.  If you like a VERY LIGHT lemon flavor, these are great cookies.  They can either be crunchy or “melt in your mouth”.  BUT…if you are looking for a LEMON flavored cookie, these really are not what they are advertised as.  Still good.  Don’t get me wrong, just not lemon.