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Empower Network Version 2 Blog Beast Launch

Exciting things are happening at Empower Network right now!

Last night we had an affiliate only webinar to tell us what to expect over the next few weeks during the launch of the NEW EN blogging platform.   (See why I’m excited about the new ENv2 here)

First of all, the shopping cart will shut down on Monday, October 7.  If you are not grandfathered in by then, you will not have access to the new blogging platform right away.

So…if you’ve been on the fence about joining, don’t waitSign up today!  That way you can access the new blogging system before anyone else who hasn’t made the decision to join us.

UPDATE – The shopping cart is now closed!  But…you can still sign up as and affiliate only (SSSHHHHH…this is a “back door” in) and participate in the launch.  If you are going to go this route, you will need to speak to me ASAP so I can explain how it will work once the cart is back up.

What can you do with this blogging system? 

You can:

  • Market your existing business
  • Start a new business marketing Empower Network’s products
  • Start a blog about that thing you love to do (Cash in on Your Passion)
  • The possibilities are endless

If you need help figuring out what to use your new blogging system for, just let me know after you sign up and I will help you figure it all out.



What is This BlogBeast Thing People are Talking About?


Blog Beast!!  It’s coming!!

It’s coming. The blogging system built to make YOU money. The ability to blog from your phone. The bottom line… The “Beast” is coming.

Is your BeastMode: ON? If so, go here and register for early access.

What is this system?  We call it ENv2.  You may have heard of Empower Network by now.  It’s all over the internet.  The Empower blogging system as it stands is so darn powerful!  But…version 2 will be oh so much more powerful!!!

What is coming with the new system?

Here are just a few things that I am excited about:

  • A “grandma proof” system that ANYONE can use
  • Use your custom domain name
  • MOBILE APPS – Fully functional – No computer needed anymore! (Apps for iphone, ipad, android and android tablet)
  • MUCH, much more!

This is HUGE!!

If you are unsure how Empower Network works, visit here.

Don’t forget…for BlogBeast Beast Mode updates, fill out the form HERE.

I look forward to helping you achieve success!!





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