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Do You Suffer From Business Building ADHD?

adhdI’ve seen this way too many times recently.  Even from “leaders” who have good sized teams.  They are building a business.  They get their team headed in one direction.  Maybe they even start a group for people who want to work with them and go in one particular direction.


They get on another training or another call/webinar and the next best idea comes along.  All of a sudden, the people who joined group A are left and group B starts.  The leader abandons what they were doing with group A to start working with group B.


They get on another training or another call/webinar and the next best idea comes along.  All of a sudden…

You get the picture.

This is happening all over the place.

People are trying to market their business online, but they don’t focus on one thing first.  They want to do everything.

That’s the problem.  That’s the reason the majority of people online aren’t successful.  They don’t find one thing and stick with it long enough for it to work.  Then, any team they have (if they have one at all) gets confused because they were doing A and all of a sudden, they are doing F.  They’ve gone through B, C, D, E…began working on each of those ideas, then directions got changed.   Their focus went in another direction.

Sure…you may get some customers or team members this way, but chances are you will basically be getting people who end up confused and quitting.

Are you ready to get your business headed in the right direction?  Sign up today for a strategy session and end the ADHD of building your business today.

I look forward to working with you.

The Wonderful Team of People I Work With

In yesterday’s blog post, I said I would tell you today about the team of people I work with.

Our team inside Empower Network is called the eBananas.  We are a group of people all working together toward one goal…to build our businesses and help others in the process.

When you join a team, you know you will have support, even if the person who signed you up ends up quitting.  This actually happens more times than not in these types of home businesses.  Many times, you sign up, invest your hard earned money, and the person who you signed up with disappears.  They aren’t there to help you either because they are new themselves or some other reason.

You can rest assured, if you join our team, you won’t have that problem.  I am one of the people who help make the tutorials and help documents for team members so I know what I’m doing.  Even if I do leave, which I have NO PLANS of doing, you will still have the support of everyone else on the team.

We have a private facebook group where we all mastermind together and help each other.  It’s really a great community to be part of.  We have systems in place for success that you can tap into.

If you are ready to get going and start making some serious money (either by promoting EN products or your own opportunity), join my Empower team here.  (First see our income disclosure here)

If you decide to join my team, be sure you see this under step 4:






Wish You Could Live the Laptop Lifestyle?


No matter what people tell you, there are only two ways to make money online.

1.  Sell something


2.  Find others to join your team in selling something

You can do #1 without #2, but, in order for an opportunity to be legal, you can not do #2 without #1.

When you sell something, you earn commission.  Some companies will pay you 5%, some will pay 30%.  Some even pay as high as 40%.  How is that possible?  Well…generally, the product goes from the manufacturer through a bunch of middle men (who mark up the price at each step), and eventually is sold to the end consumer.

Generally, when you buy into a home based business, the product goes from the manufacturer through the company to the end consumer.  This way, the end price can be marked up, but there is no mark up from the middle men, so the company can pay you a commission for bringing them the end consumer.

I’m sure you’ve heard that some colleges are offering online education.  Convenience learning is a huge market in this day and age.  People love the idea of learning from the comfort of their home.

The products that I sell are online education for people who want to market their businesses on the internet.  Because they are made and delivered electronically, the manufacturing and delivery costs are very low.  The company, charges an affiliate fee of $20/mo., which covers these costs.  The commission that I make is 100% on what I sell.

100% is unheard of in the affiliate marketing arena.

To find out more about what I do from home, VISIT HERE

Tomorrow, I will tell you a little about the team of wonderful people that I work with to build my business.  We are called the eBananas.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Education for Serious Entrepreneurs Only


(NOT for the Faint of Heart)



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Results Based Income

People always tell me I’m a natural at teaching things in plain language that anyone can understand.

When I was going through school, I was one of those kids everyone loves to hate. I never studied a day in my life. I could be in a classroom and not even really pay attention and soak up the information. As a matter of fact, I’ve never written a term paper, very rarely did my homework, and as long as I was physically in the classroom, I passed every test with flying colors. I was on High Honor Roll almost every marking period.

I don’t tell you this to show you that I’m really smart, but to tell you how I learn. I could take what was being taught and basically translate it into language that my friends could understand. Many of them would come to me because they just couldn’t understand things the way they were being taught by the teachers.

When I went out into the work force, I realized this was a bad thing. I would get my work done fast and employers would expect me to do more and more. I quickly noticed that I was doing two or three times the work of other employees for the same pay.

I realized that I wanted to get paid based on my efforts, not based on time I put in at a job. I remembered my science teacher in 7th grade telling me that I was a natural leader and I should be a teacher.

School teachers make the same amount of money whether they are exceptional or barely effective at their job. I knew I needed to find another way of teaching where I could get paid based on my results and not on the time I put in.

Results based income. I like that.

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