I was born and raised in upstate NY. My dad died when I was 7 and my mother remarried. I grew up on a dairy farm in upstate NY. Yes…I milked cows and shoveled poo and helped harvest crops and did everything that is required on a dairy farm…and more I think. There were no days off. I have two brothers and two step-sisters. Any of our friends that came to the house did chores right along with us.

After high school I entered the work force. I hated it. I worked all my life and wanted to be FREE. I would work for a few months and take “time off” to have fun and only got another job when the money ran out. I took an adult ed class in data processing where I learned how computers work and how to program them. I graduated top in my class. A couple years later, I went to a business college and got my Associate’s Degree in Accounting. I graduated with honors when I was 8 months pregnant with my son.

At age 24 I gave birth to my son and at age 25 my daughter was born and I knew that lifestyle wasn’t going to work anymore. I got a “real job” and kept it for a few years. But I wasn’t happy. I wanted to be home with my kids. That’s when I started looking for a way to make money from home.

I met my husband in 1998 and we got married and started a construction company in 2001. I was finally working from home. I took care of everything but the actual building for the company. We decided to do the business legal and not do any “under the table” work so between insurances, workers comp and taxes we weren’t making a whole lot. That’s when I started looking into network marketing as a way to make money from home. I’ve been doing network marketing off and on since around 2003. At first I struggled and bought products and made no money. Then once I learned how to build a network marketing business, I made good money at it.

During the high school years, I homeschooled both of my kids. They have both graduated now and I’m very proud of them.

What I realized through the whole process is that I was born to teach. In school I remember overhearing my 8th grade science teacher telling another teacher, “Roxanne was born to be a leader. She’s so natural at it.” I love teaching others. I tutored younger grade students in high school and during college, I tutored other students in the same classes I was taking. During my many years of network marketing, I’ve taught many teleclasses and love teaching adults. I decided I want to make a business of doing what I’ve been doing for free for years.

Now I teach people how to make money working from home, just like me. My specialty is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs market online using social spaces. Ask me how I can help you make money from home.

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