What is Your Biggest Struggle Building a Business?


I need your help with some market research.

What one thing do you struggle with most when trying to build your business online?

Leave your answer here in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “What is Your Biggest Struggle Building a Business?

  1. Louise Shickle

    I don’t connect enough with lots of people! I try too many different things before I’m successful at one!

  2. Phyllis turpen

    My biggest problems learning all the social sites and how to communicate. I have problem wanting to jump around from one thing to another not staying on track learning and doing one thing well. Your class is helping me with this. It is also helping get really clear on who I am …..focus.

  3. Scott Lucas

    Automating as many tasks as possible. I work 10-12 hrs a day as an IT Manager and when I come home to my family who I haven’t seen all day in addition to sleep, I have hardly to zero time to build my business. It’s been like this for quite sometime as my wife is also going to school on average the same amt of time I’m working.

    I know automation doesn’t and won’t build a business. However, I do know it could simplify the tasks involved and speed up the completion of tasks and projects. That’s we’re I need help in with such a savvy and intelligent entrepreneur as you are, Mommy Roxy 🙂

  4. Sylvia

    Finding leads. I subscribed to a website to collect leads for my business, promoted it, and then found out that my leads were being sold to people that were paying for them. Bummer!

  5. Veronica Lowe

    I struggle with communicating with others, knowing the right thing to tell people and not pitching my business.

  6. Gloria Zabala

    My biggest struggle is finding the time to work ON my business. I am always working IN my business — daily unimportant stuff — that takes time away from growing my business, building new programs and services and adding value that people need and want.

  7. Marie Hall

    My problem is working persistently and consistently on my pipeline to ensure that there is a constant throughput of people to contact and discuss my business with and balancing maintenance acitivities with prospecting for new business.

  8. Cyndee

    My problem is I receive several emails from each team member,
    Regarding the same info. Then I don’t know who’s who on what team.
    Then my focusing is bad too, go to one thing to another n never get
    To next step.


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