Looks Like George Zimmerman is Headed Back to Jail

Today a judge ordered George Zimmerman”s bail revoked.  Seems he has 48 hours to surrender himself to the jail.

According to HLN News, there was a recorded jail conversation between Zimmerman and his wife, where they “allegedly conspired to transfer money in an attempt to hide certain funds from the court.”

Also, according to the prosecutor, Zimmerman has a second passport that he failed to disclose to the court.  One of the conditions of his bond was that he surrender his passport.  Apparently he surrendered ONE of them, but not the other one.  Why would someone have two passports anyway?

Just like I’ve said in the past, it seems like every time George Zimmerman or his family open their mouths, the lies just spill out.  Maybe they are pathological liars?

Anyway…this does NOT look good for his credibility in the Trayvon Martin shooting trial.  I wouldn’t believe anything the guy says.  And, in my opinion, in order for Zimmerman to prove self defense, he will have to take the stand.  The jurors shouldn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth.




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