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*** This post was actually written on March 16, 2011***


I work from home.  A lot of the work I do requires me to write and/or edit code on websites.  Sometimes I like to take a break.  When I take a break, I generally play Double Down Casino on Facebook.  If I’m trying to figure out why my code isn’t right, sometimes it’s easier if I go do something else for a bit and then come back and look at it again with “fresh eyes”.  I should be able to go play a slot game and not have to concentrate on anything.  I consider it a business expense because it helps me think and if it were not for taking these little breaks, I would have spent way more time “beating my head against a wall” trying to figure these things out.

But…there’s always a but…it got to the point where I would notice that I got 5 in a row and didn’t get the credits I was supposed to get.   I noticed that the game was “glitchy” and it would stall for a second or two then credits would be missing.  I noticed bonus rounds weren’t adding up right.  I started having to actually pay attention to the game.  After all, I’ve purchased credits to play this thing.  So I started watching.  I see that in a bonus round, the amounts I’m supposed to be getting aren’t adding up.  The game ended up stealing over THREE AND A HALF MILLION credits from me…just on that one bonus round!!  I was pissed.  I made a screen shot to prove it. I wrote to DDC and explained what happened.   I made sure to note that I am a PAYING customer and I have PROOF of what happened.

The email I received back from them was basically calling me a liar:

Hi Roxanne,

The behavior of our slots games during the
bonus round appears, from our end, to be
functioning correctly. However, the way it
works is confusing, even to me.  

The total number of chips won during the
bonus round will appear at the end correctly.
During the bonus round, the cumulative total
only adds a couple pots up at the beginning
and then it will add the remainder at the
very end of the bonus round. During the middle
of the bonus round, the cumulative total is not
accurate. (Emphasis added)

Hope that helps.

DoubleDown Casino

WOW…I was FLOORED when I read that.  What a load of BS they were trying to feed me.  So…me being me…I made a video of me playing the game.  The first two videos of the bonus round showed MAJOR glitches in the game, but they did not prove my point because I did not get past the first two pots before getting the leprechaun to end the bonus round.

Third time’s the charm!!  Here is the video to prove that they don’t know what they are talking about.

This was a week ago.  I showed them my proof video.  Between the time I emailed them and got their bogus answer and the time I made the video, I went to their facebook page and started commenting on their wall.  Whenever someone would complain about them, I would simply say “PLEASE go rate them ONE star if you don’t like something and note in the comments why you rated them that way.  This way they will be forced fix the games.”  Well…apparently they did not like that because they removed my posts and blocked me from posting on their wall.

So…when I emailed them the link to the video, I told them I wanted 3 things:

1.  Give me back the last $39 that I spent on credits and filed a dispute on
2.  Add 10,000,000 credits to my account

3.  I want a PERSONAL apology – in writing to this email address AND by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Well…within an hour I got a phone call.  They had viewed the video and now knew that I was NOT lying when I said I lost credits.  The rep made certain promises.  He agreed that I should NOT have been blocked from posting on their page.  He agreed that they were wrong and he said he couldn’t add 10,000,000 credits but agreed to add 5,000,000 to my account.  He also agreed that I know what I’m talking about and future emails notifying them of lost credits due to glitches in the game would be addressed right away.

In return, I would not upload the remaining two videos showing major glitches in the game, I would not follow through on the paypal claim against them and I would not write this blog post.  Well…they didn’t keep their part of the bargain.   The ONLY thing I got was the 5,000,000 credits.  Mind you they OWED ME over 3,500,000 of those due to the previous glitch in the game PLUS what the game stole that I couldn’t prove because I didn’t do screen shots.  So they GAVE me NOTHING, however, the rep kept saying “Well, we GAVE you 5,000,000 credits”.  I stopped the paypal claim and didn’t upload the other 2 videos.  And…until today…I had not written this blog post.  The problem, however, is that they have NOT unblocked me from posting on their page and they have NOT addressed my emails about missing credits since then.  They have ignored me since they got me to stop the paypal claim.

So…I have warned them…I will get this post to page one of the search engine results when someone searches for “Double Down Casino”.   They have NO IDEA the power of the internet.  We do not have to stand for being mistreated by ANY company.  they thought if they blocked me from posting on their facebook page, I wouldn’t be able to get the word out.  Boy were they wrong.  If you are here because you searched for DDC and found this post…go watch the video.  Look at my proof.  If you want the other 2 videos, just comment below and I will be happy to provide them for you.  If you’ve been cheated by them, comment here.  That way others will know what they are like and not spend money with them.  Hit them in the pocket where it really hurts.

Have a great day!!!




DDC is pissed.  I find that funny.  If they just learned to take care of their customers instead of treating them like crap, this wouldn’t be happening.


On Mar 29, 2011, at 2:01 PM, Roxanne Green wrote:

It’s unfortunate that you do not respect a paying customer.

On 3/29/2011 1:56 PM, Cooper DuBois wrote: it’s unfortunate you do not respect my right to privacy.


On Mar 29, 2011, at 10:02 AM, Roxanne Green wrote:

I’m sorry…I do not censor my posters.

On 3/29/2011 12:58 PM, Cooper DuBois wrote: Susan Vaughn posted my email and phone number on your blog. please remove it.

On Mar 29, 2011, at 9:43 AM, Roxanne Green wrote:


With all due respect, if you even REMOTELY think that I am going to be bullied into removing the truth, you better think again.  There is a constitutional right called “Freedom of Speech”.  You are a militant dictator who does not value his customers and I will be happy to share your bullying with my readers.  The post will not be removed and will eventually get to number one in the search engine rankings.  You have no clue as to the power of the internet.  Unfortunately, you can’t stop me because I’m only telling the TRUTH.  If I were spreading lies, it would be different, but I’m not.  I’m only saying what I can prove.

Good luck in shutting up all of your upset customers.


On 3/29/2011 12:33 PM, Cooper DuBois wrote:

I’m sorry your email has not been answered yet. We’ve grown a lot with users and when we have a hickup, we get 100x more emails than when we used to. We are digging our way out of the hill of emails. We’ve hired more customer service representatives. We are also working hard everyday to improve the game experience.
I read your blog. The usual procedure is to ban users that do this and you have been banned form playing our game until it’s removed.


On Mar 29, 2011, at 6:10 AM, Roxanne Green wrote:

You keep ignoring me and the traffic to my blog and upset commenters just keep rolling in….Can you say VIRAL!!!  Stop ignoring me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 21:26:08 -04 Roxanne Green wrote:

Ignoring any customer is ALWAYS a bad idea, however, ignoring one with the brains to make your life miserable is even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK.  A few things about this email correspondence…

We’ve grown a lot with users and when we have a hickup, we get 100x more emails than when we used to. We are digging our way out of the hill of emails.

OK…so you have 100x more emails than you used to.  SOMEONE read my email and SOMEONE could have responded.  How do I know that SOMEONE read my email?  Because I put tracking on it to see if it was opened.  Over a week to answer an email is ludicrous.

I read your blog. The usual procedure is to ban users that do this and you have been banned form playing our game until it’s removed.

OK…will give them that I told them unless they give me the credits I am OWED, this post will stay up.  I am asking for something they STOLE from me.  They are resorting to BLACKMAIL.  We have banned you from our game until you remove the truth about us.  HELLO????  In what world is that even remotely right?

On 3/29/2011 12:58 PM, Cooper DuBois wrote: Susan Vaughn posted my email and phone number on your blog. please remove it.

I’m sorry…I don’t EVER edit comments.  I moderate them to keep out spam, but would NEVER edit or censor what someone can comment here.  This is a safe place for everyone.  If someone wants to vent, they are welcome.  If someone has a complaint about me or my blog, I will allow the comment and reply to it.  I am NOT a militant dictator and I take the opinions of MY readers VERY seriously.  If this man didn’t want his “right to privacy” disrespected, he wouldn’t screw over so many people, now, would he?  Looks like “Captain Fantasy” needs to come back to the world of reality.


I received this email today and wanted to share it with my readers.

Hi Roxanne,

I live in Washington State and have filed a complaint against DoubleDown with the Washington Attorney General’s Office.  I spoke with them today and they said that if they receive enough complaints, they may consider a class action against this company.  But, they need organized, substantiated complaints.  My complaint is based on the fact that they collect lots of money ($500 in two days from me) for slots, and falsely advertise huge jackpots, which they are resetting and not awarding.  On their company website, they are bragging how they are taking the entire company to Mexico for spring break.  This is totally unregulated……. Please have people focus their complaints on how much real money they have lost and how customer service is not accessible and nonresponsive.

I don’t want my name on anything on your blog, but if you could post this info about the Wa ATG office with the following link for a complaint, it would be very helpful.  I hope you’ll file too!

Thank you!

They need to be sure and include address info for Double Down Interactive, which is as follows:

SEATTLE, WA, 98103-8901

This is their registered business address, although online articles state that they moved to 505 Union St., Seattle, in November.  (I don’t have that zip code.)

130 thoughts on “Double Down Casino on Facebook

  1. steven

    and i thought it was just me , in the last 8 weeks i have created atleast 4 accounts every day just to play doubledown on facebook, yep i have hundreds of email addresses , out of all of these accounts only 3 have made it past 10 million , the rest lost within30 mins , i have never won a tournament , i have come second once and won 10% of the advertised prize , i spent more on entry than what i won , as for the slot machines , well i have screen shots that prove they cheat , it pays out on nothing then wont pay out when i get 5 in a row , i have had 5 alice’s in a row , no jackpot and no win at all , this happens very frequently ( winning line with no payout ) , ive had many , many bonus spins that win nothing at all for the whole bonus round ,( $0 ) . One has to wonder what facebook is upto when they are allowing these scam pages for doubledown – surveys and the like , they are not free they cost far more than if you actually paid for chips – even though they advertise them as free surveys

  2. Josh

    Well there wheels are all messed up, this makes day 3 of it. Every single game is posting double. By this I mean, one above the other, both the same. I took some snap shots and sent them to DD and proved what I was say. They came back with
    —–Original Message—–
    From: DoubleDown Casino – Support []
    Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2012 4:04 PM
    To: jtaylor34@xxxxxx
    Subject: Contact #16049-348322 Response Provided

    Hi Josh J,

    A response for your issue has been provided.

    This issue is only a display issue, it does not affect payouts. We apologize for he inconvenience.

    Contact Information:
    Contact #: 16049-348322
    Date Created: 5/18/2012 11:28 PM PDT

    The problem is it did affect the payouts. And when in the “FREE SPIN” mode, it showed twice, faster then I could take a snap shot, that all 5 suns were in a row, but did not pay out. there were two suns showing, one over the other. The way it was layed out it should have produced 1.5 times 5 suns in a row alone.

    I really wish I knew how to contact someone in authority in the state they are in. When checking found the new owners to be in Calif but the site info states Washington state.

    If anyone has this info, please forward it to me because I have enough tunnies to go after them and file a legal complaint.



  3. Marian Munro

    I cant play the game anymore because there is only half a screen. Other people are complaining of the same problem. Any one know how to fix this problem????

  4. joe loos

    this nonsense with Doubledown casino is still happening, but it’s worse than ever since IGT bought them out for 500 million in Jan. 2012. Go to their app page and read some comments! They are crooks and should be off the internet! Joe

  5. Jeremy

    Selling doubledown casino chips 2$ per 1 mill. Must be a United States resident. Must be able to send payment via western union if more than a 50$ purchase.

    All payments less than 50$ can be payed for via paypal.

    Please email me before you buy so I can ensure a prompt and quick transfer of chips to you!

    Email me with quantity you’d like to order. I’m selling chips for an extremely low price compared to how much Double Down Casino sells for.

    Current stock: 2,199,147,273 chips.

    Email me at:

    Name’s Jeremy. 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. mike trussell

    I think it’s time players band together and file numerous complaints with the Washington State Attorney General’s office. DD Interactive or Double Down Casino is perhaps the most fraudulent site on the internet.

    Several of my family had accounts with ddc through facebook. All of us had multi billion dollar chip balances that disappeared overnight. One such account containing 43 billion chips disappeared within 1 hour of logging on and logging off the game.
    When contacted DDC claimed the audit of the account did not show that kind of chip balance. When i submitted a contact ticket in response, being polite and respectful, my account was blocked permanently.

    DDC needs to be removed from the internet and the streets of the united states of america permanently and their management, staff, and owners jailed.

  7. Roger Bradley

    I agree with you that DDC is an absolute scam. When I first started playing DD i won constantly and could play for a long time. Then I noticed that as soon as I started buying chips- stupid mistake on my part. They got tighter and tighter until my chips were gone. They also do not pay out on bonuses quite often or do not pay what it was supposed to be. I have tried to contact them but I have found it impossible. They are crooks and Would just like to recommend nobody ever spend a dime on their game. They should be shut down and fined for extremely questionable business practices.

  8. carole johnson

    I had either 86 or I really think it was 91 present’s on Double Down the Santa Claus one, that I love to play and I shut down to do something, and when I pulled it back up…I had 23…I am really upset, for I LOVE THIS particular game and want my 91 present’s back…PLEASE…I also ran out of chip’s, so want them back for when I play in the morning, which is alway’s a BUMMER also, to have to wait so long to play…………

  9. Mari Dauenhauer

    DDC has not only stolen my chips into the billions several times they have also stolen my money I have bought chips never received they have charged me double the price for half the chips on double chips sales and have double and tripled my purchases in a day as if I had bought several purchases in one day not just one I just looked at my payments and most have been run at least twice. These people deserve to be hung as far as I am concerned and when contacted they say oh it must be a glitch in your internet service or we are sorry you lost everything we are working on our system to fix any issues so come back later and good luck I got pissed and they said they would block if I cussed at them again oh please do me a favor and block me please I have been fighting with them over money for a year they tell me to go to facebook and facebook tells me to go to doubledown this is all bull and facebook should be shut down too for allowing such crap to keep going on there are a ton of people that are pissed at DDC but we need to stand together and do a class action law suit as alone we stand no chance the big corp. world will win if we don’t all get a place to organize together and take them down if anyone has any ideas on how I will do whatever it takes to make this triumphant for us little ones to take down the giants we can set up a meeting place to do chats and videos and emails and send them into washington’s atty. general gaming commision we stand strong together and that’s is our only means of fighting and winning please lets do this and prove that they are thieves
    you can contact me at my email I will check it daily and keep in touch if everyone will please help form this alliance against them to put them out of business and behind bars maybe we would all end up owning and running double down the right way. They don’t give a damn about us their customers who put money in their pockets to support their family’s they should all be ashamed of themselves they will rottttttt…….. in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jenny Day

    I would like to know if anyone can tell me how to file a claim with paypal in regards to my chip purchasses for Double Down Casino? Since I put negative comments on their facebook page they have decided that I can no longer win anything. I have spent way to much money in the last week (let’s just say 400 million plus!) and lost every penny in a matter of minutes and I am pissed!! I am no longer going to let them treat me like this. If you all want to get together with a law suit, I’m all in…
    It’s funny reading all these comments because I have also heard all their excuses and blah blah blah and I am sick of it. It just comes down to the fact that they are nothing but a bunch of crooks!!! I have also considered video taping what I have been going through. I spent all that money and did not get one bonus spin, went for long periods where I got nothing at all, then when I did win a little something, they took it all back in a snap. They state that we shouldn’t play the big money to win. Well if I purchase that many coins, I should be able to play anything I want and get something in return for may cash. They also told me they want it to be as much like a real casino as possible. Well guess what, IT’S NOT A REAL CASINO!! Guess why??? BECAUSE YOU ARE TAKING MY MONEY AND I DON’T GET A PENNY OF YOURS!!!
    Please advise about the paypal claim if anyone knows how. I’m doing it!

  11. leo

    hi 2 days ago i was playing wolf run on 80k stake and spun in a full screen of wilds and it paid me nothing at all so i took a screen shot and sent it to the took 72hours for a reply all they said was it looks like a display error there for they can not compensate me WHAT THE F**K im left thinking so the pictures now move on the reels lmao it took my credits and spun it in how is that a display error ddc are nothing but lieing cheating robbers.

  12. Linda

    I bought 750,000k chips last night and when i logged in after using the restroom, i had a negative balance of -401,000. I have also had a lot of problems with their bonus spins in candy shop. You are correct when you say their customer service sucks. I have sent three complaints and none have been resolved. I also took screenshots as proof, maybe next time i should video it.

  13. Stevey

    IGT now has bought DDC for 500million dollars ,and the bugs still arise.the game has got even worse payouts got less frequent, bonus rounds not even worth getting. i had 8billion chips have been offline for a while logged in after new owners took over and my 8billion chips gone .i put a support ticket in and the response was sorry for your loss but we dont reimburse free chips closed!! how is this fair

  14. Tami

    So true. Had over 600 million and gone in 2 days. Not a win or bonus to be had. Had 10 accounts to play their game and I’m down to the last one with 2 million. Just trying to get enough to play again. Had to move on to other sites for now. Your loss DDC.

  15. Sandra Mitchell

    I congratulate you on taking the time to challenge DDC. One problem that has developed over the past month or so is that some players are having $3 fees charged to their accounts for using the “Free” codes that DDC issues. One person in particular had a total of 213 charges to her credit card. I and others have advised all those who purchase chips from DDC to remove any and all credit card or Pay Pal card information from FB. They have also been advised to contact the Atty. General in Washington State. I will repost this blog so that they are able to use the contact information to the Atty. General.

  16. Suzaanne Groves

    They have to be the most fraudulent, misrepresenting game on the Internet. They offer all this free “money”, make you jump through hoops, complete surveys and then only to be stopped at the end before ever collecting by NORTON that it is an attack. What the heck, they were the best, now they are by far the worst and in my opinion what they are doing is illegal. We pay our own money to play their silly games expecting something (called gambling) back that is promised only to be misled or robbed of our existing credits. I don’t know if this message will do any good but it made me feel better to hopefully let someone above DDC of what they are doing which is abusing and taking advantage of the public.

    1. Wendy Ferris

      Suzanne all that survey stuff is not Doubledown. I hate DoubleDown probably more than most for their fraudulent practices,that is why I am at this site. BUT THE SITE YOU ARE GOING TO IS SPAM AND IS CAUSING VIRUSES IN A LOT OF PLAYERS COMPUTERS.DD WILL NOT ASK YOU TO COMPLETE ANY SURVEY THAT REQUIRES YOU TO GIVE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION. THERE ARE ONLY 2 ways to get chips from the Facebook page. When dd gives you a code that you put into BUY CHIPS. also sometimes other players get codes and share them with us. THEY TOO JUST GO INTO BUY CHIPS so don’t touch anything else.

  17. Claudia Young

    Our IP address has been banned from DD. My son was very angry about being ripped off by DD for over 50 million chips he was due from a tournament and he sent them numerous emails with requests for them to fix the problem and they of course refused, so he ended up sending some real nasty email to them. In turn, they have banned not only my son’s account but anyone who has ever signed into their facebook account from our house. We have a lot of friends and even my daughter who visits here from her home in LA which is over 3000 miles from here. When she logged into her FB account today her DD account was gone. DD has let the activity of one person at our IP address cause them to block our IP address. Perhaps my son shouldn’t have written nasty email but DD shouldn’t block our IP address due to one person. Although we will get a new IP address and our friends can open new accounts at their own IP addresses we shouldnt have to deal with this stuff. Oh we will play again, no worries there, we are smart enough to override anything DD tries to do, but fact is they banned players who had nothing to do with things and that had chips they had paid for in their accounts. I hope that FB gets enough complaints to close DD and that a new and better casino takes over. Lets band together and get them closed down.

  18. Gloria Montoya

    I have been a good customer on DDC and last week bought the 38.00 gave it to me ..then took it all back

  19. sumi g. holmen

    Well I glad to to see that ddc has pissed off enough people to finally have their site checked out. I have been playing ddc and actually got my sisters to play. How ever, after several double charges, I finally got FB to credit me back 3 from one day. After that I started monitoring my charges and noticed it was continuing to happen periodically. FB said in their email response that they will only allow this one time and now I must deal with ddc. I have a few of their rude response emails saved including the one I just received yesterday after purchasing the 3X chips so spent the $99. pkg. I was doing well and hit bonus on Garden Party (10 spins/15x) with 6 mill betting. I hit a additional bonus as well, so my first round was $140.mill and 2nd bonus started. I had added 30 mill more and 4th spin hit waterfalls in all rows with 2-3 per second third & 4th rows. I could see the game but when it hit that I suddenly get that disconnection screen. clicked reconnect and went through all the sign in/pick slot stuff but the game came up and no bonus retrieved and all bonus chips gone. They said sorry but cant give lost chips or bonus round to customer. They have blamed all issues on customer internet problems and act like I am computer illiterate. But I have the emails saved with their threats and rudeness. Please let me know if there will be a class action suit because I am done with their mistreatment and theft of chips which is the same as embezzlement of money by this company. I live in California and have played at ddc for over a year, it passes the time while out irrigating my trees and vines (I am a farmer of 20 ac).
    Sumi Grimes Holmen


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