The Wonderful Team of People I Work With

In yesterday’s blog post, I said I would tell you today about the team of people I work with.

Our team inside Empower Network is called the eBananas.  We are a group of people all working together toward one goal…to build our businesses and help others in the process.

When you join a team, you know you will have support, even if the person who signed you up ends up quitting.  This actually happens more times than not in these types of home businesses.  Many times, you sign up, invest your hard earned money, and the person who you signed up with disappears.  They aren’t there to help you either because they are new themselves or some other reason.

You can rest assured, if you join our team, you won’t have that problem.  I am one of the people who help make the tutorials and help documents for team members so I know what I’m doing.  Even if I do leave, which I have NO PLANS of doing, you will still have the support of everyone else on the team.

We have a private facebook group where we all mastermind together and help each other.  It’s really a great community to be part of.  We have systems in place for success that you can tap into.

If you are ready to get going and start making some serious money (either by promoting EN products or your own opportunity), join my Empower team here.  (First see our income disclosure here)

If you decide to join my team, be sure you see this under step 4:






One thought on “The Wonderful Team of People I Work With

  1. Ivan Widjaya

    That’s true. It is always better to work with a team especially if you have the same goal. This way, you can work together to fulfill that goal and encourage each other when one falls.


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