Results Based Income

People always tell me I’m a natural at teaching things in plain language that anyone can understand.

When I was going through school, I was one of those kids everyone loves to hate. I never studied a day in my life. I could be in a classroom and not even really pay attention and soak up the information. As a matter of fact, I’ve never written a term paper, very rarely did my homework, and as long as I was physically in the classroom, I passed every test with flying colors. I was on High Honor Roll almost every marking period.

I don’t tell you this to show you that I’m really smart, but to tell you how I learn. I could take what was being taught and basically translate it into language that my friends could understand. Many of them would come to me because they just couldn’t understand things the way they were being taught by the teachers.

When I went out into the work force, I realized this was a bad thing. I would get my work done fast and employers would expect me to do more and more. I quickly noticed that I was doing two or three times the work of other employees for the same pay.

I realized that I wanted to get paid based on my efforts, not based on time I put in at a job. I remembered my science teacher in 7th grade telling me that I was a natural leader and I should be a teacher.

School teachers make the same amount of money whether they are exceptional or barely effective at their job. I knew I needed to find another way of teaching where I could get paid based on my results and not on the time I put in.

Results based income. I like that.

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One thought on “Results Based Income

  1. Ivan Widjaya

    Results based income sounds great. But it will sound greater if it is scaleable. Sure, you want to work at the beginning. But you want to know that you can somehow scale that in the future.


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