Building a Business is Like Raising a Child

Think about it.  If you are a good parent, you don’t just give birth to your child and expect him to grow up on his own.  You feed him and bathe him and nurture him.  You teach him and love him.  You give him the attention and care he needs and deserves.

And…just like raising a child isn’t always easy, growing a business isn’t either.  However, if you give them the care and attention they deserve, both are highly rewarding after they mature.  And, just like children, some businesses mature faster than others.  It’s all in how you raise them.

How are you raising your business?  Did you go into business thinking you would throw a tiny little bit of money at it and have financial and time freedom?  Maybe someone told you that’s the way it is.  I’m here to tell you different.

  • It’s not always easy!
  • It’s not going to take “just a couple hours a week”.
  • It’s not going to build itself and your products won’t “sell themselves”.
  • It is going to take time.
  • It is going to take money.
  • It is going to require love and nurturing from you.
  • You WILL feel like throwing in the towel at times.

When you first begin a business, expect to put in long hours with little reward.  Just know that over time, your efforts will be rewarded and you will see growth you never thought possible.

This is one reason I recommend people build a business doing what they love.  If you are doing what you love, it won’t seem like work.  Just like raising a child.  You don’t give up on your child when they do something you don’t like.  You redirect them and educate them.

If you are ready to raise a business, you have a couple choices.

A.  If you are already doing something you love, get together with me for a strategy session today and find out how you can move your business forward.


B.  If you aren’t doing something you love, get my free eBook “Cash in on Your Passion” and find out how you can make money doing what you love.




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One thought on “Building a Business is Like Raising a Child

  1. Ivan Widjaya

    Having a business is not always easy at the beginning. It will be slow. At times, it may feel like it is not getting anywhere. But no matter what happens, it will still bear fruit as long as you are willing to give it your all.


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