Online Marketers Finally Making Money?

Over the years I’ve seen many online marketers who have been struggling for years to make money with their companies.   These people faithfully purchase the required products every month and continue to struggle and struggle to find that elusive financial freedom.  Most fight to even come up with enough money to take care of their monthly financial budget so they have gone back to a traditional job while they toil away in a feeble attempt to get free from that job.

For many, it’s a never ending circle of doom.  But, they keep on because they know it’s possible to make money from home.

If that’s you, I’ve found a solution!!

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2 thoughts on “Online Marketers Finally Making Money?

  1. Alan

    Hi Roxanne,

    I see that you chose to join Empower Network over Level One network.
    Please enlighten me here. How did you reach that decision? Did you make enough comparison between the two companies as far as the cost to maintain your membership status and be able to make commissions and did you really compared the two blogging systems that they have as well as the other products they are offering. I seemed more inclined to choose Level One over Empower and that was based on an educated decision. Can you actually give me an impartial or unbiased opinion especially now that you have already joined Empower?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Roxanne Post author

      Hi Alan,

      I did choose Empower over Level One. Here are a few reasons why:

      1. The residual (monthly commission) potential is greater with Empower than Level One.

      2. The training for Empower is more simplified than the Level One training. My tribe is used to simple because it’s how I teach. I like the down to Earth style that Dave & Dave bring forth in their trainings. Plus, Tony Rush and Kim Klaver are in my upline and they are two of the most straight forward, simplify things, type of trainers that I know.

      3. When I was looking online for comparisons between the two, the majority of what I found was Level One affiliates bashing Empower.

      4. I love that Empower gives you information right up front (during signup) regarding the compensation plan and the legalities of your business.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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