Empower Network vs Level One Network

I’ve been approached by reps of both Empower Network and Level One Network recently.  I see a lot of Empower and Level One reps posting on facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc…

I decided to take a glance at both companies.  They both claim to have a blogging system that gets indexed into the search engines quickly and easily.  So…me being me…I tested that theory.  I went to Level One Network’s home page and picked a couple of the bloggers on page one to test with.  I also went to Empower Network’s facebook page and couple of the more interactive people there and went to their blogs.

So, at this point, I’m using two random blogs from Level One and two random blogs from Empower.  This should be a fair test.  I looked for posts on each blog where the titles had nothing to do with either company.  I know that when I write a post, I can generally google the title within hours and have it show up on page one of the results.  When searching for the titles of these four blogs, I found something very interesting.

NEITHER the Empower blogs nor the Level One blogs were showing up on page one of the results.  What I did find is a bunch of Level One reps bashing Empower on their blogs and on social spaces.  I also found that every blog from each company looks just like the other.  I always say “Brand YOURSELF…not some company”.  With these companies, however, in order to take advantage of their search engine positioning (if they really have any) you must have your blog be TheirCompayURL.yourusername.com  You are not really branding yourself, you are branding THEM.

What is looks like to me is the reps from each company are competing with other reps from that company for the search engine results when people search for the company name.  However, posts about something OTHER than the companies aren’t even on the radar.  Maybe later down the road I will be able to do more research and have something concrete to report for those of you who want a blogging company like this that works.  SEO is not a “set it and forget it” thing.  It takes work to get your blog to page one of the search engine results.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Whether you are using a blog from one of these companies or your own blog, you need to do the work.  Just like I taught in my blogging courses, there are a number of things you need to do to get listed in the search engines and maintain those listings.

Maybe one of these companies can make it a bit easier, but I don’t see it at this time.  I was actually hoping that I could promote one or the other of these systems to my readers who don’t want to start from scratch.

The opinions here are MINE.  They are opinions and my personal conclusions.  I did not do an in depth study, just took a cursory look based on the claims of both companies.

I will review more when I have more time.

UPDATE – 7 minutes later, MY blog post (THIS ONE) was listed first on page two of a google search.  Very interesting.  Page 2 of about 5,530,000 results. (Click the image below to see full size.)

Just 7 minutes after writing my post, I was ranking high for my post.

8 thoughts on “Empower Network vs Level One Network

  1. Becky


    I am with Level One Network. I joined to help my personal business site with rankings. I am applying the training to that site and blog about other things too. While I respect your opinion, I do think it would have been fair if you would have put what keywords people were targeting. I have team mates that are ranking on page one for other MLM businesses they are with.

    I am also with MLSP and agree with the commenter above, however just because we use another vehicle to promote and also make a residual income from does not mean we still cannot still brand ourselves.

    I have been working from home for over 16 years. Way back in the html days before blogs 🙂 I am still learning tidbits from the training at Level One for SEO. The company is only 3 months old so it will only go forward and grow I believe.


    1. Roxanne Post author

      Hi Becky,

      All valid points. However, to prove my point, you got here through a search engine, so I decided to go back to google and do another search on my blog post title. This blog post is now ranked #4 on the FIRST page of the results. Unlike you, I did not think it fair to list keywords on the random blogs because I’m a generic trainer and if I listed the random blogs I chose with keywords, that may offend the blog owners.

      If anyone with either Empower or Level One wants to do a public test, all they have to do is contact me. We will come up with search terms together of what to blog about. We will both write the posts at the same time and 10 minutes later, do a google search on the search terms we came up with. We will see which blog ranks higher in the results. (UPDATE – This challenge was only issued to help me make a decision on which system to promote to my people. I have made that decision, so the challenge is closed. Thank you!)

      My main objective in looking at Empower and Level One was to find a blogging system that I can promote to my people. But…it has to do what it says AND it has to be in line with my philosophy of branding yourself or I can’t promote it. I’m not saying Empower and Level One reps don’t brand themselves because some certainly do. However, the majority are branding those two companies and, as proven by this post, aren’t doing it as successfully as they could be. I don’t want to promote a system where I’m going to have to promote that they train you what to do, then retrain them because they weren’t trained right in the first place. That’s the situation with most people I’m working with now. I have to protect my readers and followers. I have to be able to help them find something that is beneficial to them.

      I would like to talk to you more about the SEO strategies you’ve learned through LO. If you want to email me and we can set up a time to discuss that, I’d be happy to chat with you. Who knows…maybe you can change my mind? roxanne at roxannegreen.com


      1. Freddie B.


        There are 4 level one blogs out ranking you for “Empower Network vs level One network”. Not to mention I am consistently getting first page rankings with Level One. I would love to test out your theory on SEO. You pick the keyword and we can see who will rank better!


        1. Roxanne Post author

          Hi Freddie,

          First of all, I did not EVER say I didn’t get outranked by ANY Level One blogs. What I said was, the only results I found were LO people bashing Empower. With the hundreds of thousands of LO reps out there, you would think that more than 4 of these would outrank me.

          This test that I did was NOT about the keywords “Empower Network vs Level One Network”. That ranking was something I found about 7 minutes AFTER I wrote the post. It was not the point of the post nor was it the criteria I used to do the test. I did find, AFTER I wrote the post and during the course of my research, that many Empower reps are actually using their blogs to promote themselves and their MLM companies and many are very successful doing it. 95% of the LO blogs I found were promoting LO. I found the Empower blogs and the Level One blogs in the same way. I searched social media, I searched through commenters on both companies pages, etc. I did not go to a “heavy hitter”. I wanted to know that the average person could get ranked when using the SYSTEM to promote their own company. What I found was that (IN MY PROFESSIONAL OPINION) Empower is a lot better at teaching this and doing it.

          Thank you for addressing the challenge, however, it’s no longer an issue. The challenge was in response to one rep who never followed up on her comment. I have since made a decision on which system to promote to my tribe. I have chosen Empower for a number of reasons. I did my own independent research because no LO or Empower reps stepped up to the plate when I was in the decision making process to take me up on the challenge. I am not changing my mind now so a challenge at this point is moot.

          Have a great day!

          1. Roxanne Post author


            After writing my reply, I went back and looked at how you found this post. You were doing a search on google for “Level One Network Vs Empower Network”, which is the title of YOUR blog post that you link to. What you found was that your post (written back in the beginning of May) isn’t even ranked on page one. You did find, however that for the title of YOUR post, MY blog post ranked even higher. You also found that there are only 3 LO blogs outranking me when we use YOUR blog post title instead of mine. I think we’re done here. 😉 Enjoy your day!

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  3. Nita

    Very interesting point Roxanne. I think thats what many people should do is brand themselves. Overall I think most of us will find the individuals themselves interesting not their company.


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