My Journey Back to Religion

For some time now, I’ve been quite conflicted about my “religion”.

Now don’t get me wrong…I believe in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I know that Jesus died on the cross to save sinners like me. I think I memorized John 3:16 at age 5 or younger. I can still remember sitting down as a young child and reading the children’s bible that my Grandma W gave me.

My core beliefs are not what I’ve been conflicted about. It’s religion. The only church I’ve ever really known is a Baptist or Christian church. I’ve been to many churches over the years, but never felt like I really belonged anywhere. Most had congregations where they don’t really welcome new people. They say they do, but they don’t make new people FEEL welcome. Upon entering, I felt like a new kid on the first day at a new school. I gave it time…sat in the church for weeks and listened to the sermons, tried introducing myself to the members of the church, but never really felt like I belonged.

A few years ago, I said to myself, “Forget it! I don’t need to go to church to talk to God and to spend time with Him.” But, over time I realized that I wanted that fellowship. I wanted to find a place where I could learn & grow and have discussions with others who believe what I believe.

The main thing I was looking for is a good, Bible believing, Bible teaching church. That may sound odd, but many churches these days do a lot of singing, read a verse or two out of the bible and then tell a story that supposedly relates the verse to now. There is not really a lot of substance to the message. At least that’s what I observed.

A year or so ago, I found myself praying to find a good, Bible believing church where I could feel like I belonged and where I could deepen my relationship with the Lord.

A few months later, I noticed a steady decline in my home based business income. I had worked from home for the past 15 years or so and always made enough money to not have to worry about a lot. All of a sudden, we were struggling to make ends meet even though I was coaching clients and seeing their businesses thrive under my direction and help.

Looking back, I realize that God’s hand was guiding me right along the path He had chosen for me. My declining income forced me to begin looking for a “real” job. One where I could get out of the house and meet people. It just so happened that a friend of mine was looking for a caretaker for his wife. I knew her and we got along great, so I took the position. After about a month of working there, they began having Bible study with some people they knew. I sat in on the groups and was amazed at what I was hearing. Everything they were teaching was biblical fact. Nothing embellished, nothing added, nothing removed. They encouraged us to go ahead and read the surrounding verses of the chapters on our own so we would be sure we had the whole truth.

After a few weeks of Bible Study, I am happy to say that I have attended their church for two weeks in a row now and was met both times with people who all came up to me and welcomed me and introduced themselves. They made me feel like I belonged and not like a “visitor”.

In future blog posts, I will be sharing with you what I’m learning, insights I’ve had and many other things relating to my deepening relationship with the Lord. Hopefully you’ll stay tuned. 🙂


WordPress – It’s More than Just a Blog

Introducing Coach Roxanne’s 3 Week Course – WordPress – It’s More than Just a Blog.

WordPress is not JUST a blog platform. You can set it up as a blog, a static website, a membership site, a combination of more than one of these, and much more.

The biggest decision you have to make is where to blog. Some have started out at I recommend a WordPress blog hosted on your own site. The reason I recommend this is because you control your site. If you use the free blogging platform, the cost is great, but you get what you pay for. THEY control your site. You do not. If they don’t like what your site is about, they can shut it down. You could wake up one day and your entire site could be gone.

But setting up a WordPress blog isn’t something that just anyone can do, right? WRONG

3 Week Course Begins October 30
You will receive one lesson per week via email

What we will cover:


Installation on your hosted URL (I recommend GoDaddy to purchase your URL and HostGator to host your site)
How to choose the best theme (layout)
Optimization for search engines
Best plugins to use
Blogging terminology


How to set up a static website
Other great things you can do with WordPress
The very important backlinks. What they are and how to get them
How to get traffic to your blog/site


How to best optimize the plugins you installed in week one
How to customize your theme based on the purpose of your blog
The best way to make your blog fit your voice
More on backlinks, link juice, etc…
How to get blog comments and why they are so important.
Why clearly defining your target market is so important.
How to create know, like and trust with your readers


By the end of the course you will be able to have a fully functioning blog (with website, membership site and MORE if you wish) up and running and you will know what to blog about and how to get traffic to your site.

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New Internet Marketing Training Site

You may or may not know that I stepped away from my generic coaching for about a year. I’ve recently rethought that decision based on feedback from my peeps. Many whom I’ve coached in the past expressed that they would like to be able to coach with me again.

So…I decided to go back to generic coaching!! This is what I’m good at and what I love to do. And, after all, I have always taught people to do what they love and find a way to monetize that.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been setting up a member training site for you! Inside there is lots of great info. Some is free for beginners, some is for paid members only. It’s all generic and can be used by anyone in any company.

Here’s a little about the new site:

Feeling Overwhelmed? New to Internet Marketing?

If you have a business, you’ve probably realized by now that you need to be online. You need to be marketing your business in a space where people go when they are looking for a product or service. Then you must find a way to be seen amongst the growing number of products or services just like yours who are all vying for the same space.

How in the world do you make that happen?

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Can You Really Do What You Love And Make Money?

Is that possible?

It’s been said that when we do what we love, the money will follow.

Well…that’s KINDA true.  You can have fun all day long, but if you don’t take the proper steps to monetize it, you’re dead in the water.

You will be having fun, but the fun will be over soon because you won’t be able to EAT.  😉


What if I could show you a way to really do what you love AND make money doing it?

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Begin Building Your Secure Future Today

At the end of their life, no one ever says “I wish I had spent more time at my job.” 

They say things like:

“I wish I spent more time with my loved ones.” and

“I wish I had taken that trip.” and

“I wish I had more time.”

Does that sound like you?

Time is one commodity that we all get the same amount of.  We all have 24 hours in a day.   It’s up to us how we spend them.  Once time has passed, we can not get it back. 

What would you do if time and money were no object?

  • What types of things would you do with your loved ones?
  • Would you travel?  If so, where would you go?
  • What causes would you donate your time to?  

Take a few minutes and answer these questions. 

Next, figure out what is stopping you from doing these things.

For 90% of you, the answer will be money!

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